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Interview with Michael Rooker - Speakeasy  [x]

“I discovered that actually I`m quite a introverted person.” - about playing Henry in `Henry portrait of a serial killer`.

“Double prosthetic hand job…Oh, wow, did I just say that?!” - the time he got offered to play the role of a sniper killer with two prosthetic hands. 

“I`m probably the only man alive who had the opportunity to mount Al Pacino - about playing against Pacino in `Sea of Love.

“Ten year olds climbing pass me like it`s nothing. It was sad. I was blown away, I went back to my hotel, got a drink, sat down; I`m never climbing again!” - about his training for Cliffhanger.

“Oh my god! He`s got a gun!” -  the time when Michael got skunked (too funny!)