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Yekaterina Krysanova Екатерина Крысанова and Andrey Merkuriev Андрей Меркурьев (Bolshoi Ballet), “Gala pdd” choreography by Andrey Merkuriev, 2015 Christmas Gala, The Kremlin Palace (December 15, 2015)

Svetlana Zakharova (Bolshoi Ballet) rehearsing Distant Cries at Stars of the 21st Century. Photographer Walter McBride.

An enchanting performance celebrating the 20th anniversary of Stars of the 21st Century took place October 18, 2012, at Lincoln Center. Among the featured performers were the Bolshoi’s Zakharova and Andrei Merkuriev in Edwaard Liang’s Distant Cries, about which DM editor in chief Wendy Perron wrote “fit Zakharova’s elegant, slippery way of moving like a glove." 

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Andrei Merkuriev?

I think people can look upon him and get inspired by his story: he studied in Ufa and made it to Mikhailovsky, Mariinsky and then finally Bolshoi! I like Andrei a lot, though he’s not my favorite dancer. it’s hard to believe he’s grown professionally so much. he’s a great artist.

P.S.: I think, he’s a wonderful Basilio, especially with Ekaterina Krysanova (they had their debuts in DQ together, and they both said in an interview that they consider each other perfect partners in this ballet).