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anonymous asked:

What was your high school resume applying to Columbia?

This is the worst question I have ever received. I’m answering because you’re not gonna like my answer and I’m happy to brag.

3.96 unweighted GPA, 2400 SAT score. Another 800 in Math II Subject SAT. Out of 9 APs, got less than a 5 on three of them. Did IB, graduated with an IB diploma as well as a high school diploma.

President of French Honors Society. Vice President of Music Honors Society. National Merit Scholarship finalist and winner. Native fluency in three languages.

Concertmaster of nearly every youth orchestra I’ve graced with my presence since the seventh grade. Including All-County Festival Orchestra, All-State Festival Orchestra (Senior), school orchestra, and the best orchestras in the state. Soloed with professional orchestras in the state, won countless solo competitions at the state and national level. 

Toured internationally with the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America. Played with artists including Charles Dutoit and Marin Alsop. Played for Martin O’Malley, Henry Kissinger, and Obama. Did Aspen Music Festival. (Studied with Sylvia Rosenberg.) Performed on NBC and Voice of America. Gave a TEDx Talk. Won prizes at competitions for chamber music at the national level.

And in my off-time I played soccer, taught myself guitar and piano, danced, beatboxed, did acapella, composed, arranged, volunteered at my local hospital, volunteered at orchestra auditions, became lifeguard/CPR certified, and literally planted trees.

None of this is fucking exaggerated. None. So the next time you ask a shitty question like this to reassure yourself that you’re qualified to be an Ivy leaguer, think the fuck again. Everyone here is too overqualified for your shit.

This photo was taken in a small Southern Indian village during the Mayana Soora Thiruvizha festival. The festival is devoted to Angalamman, a guardian deity worshiped in Southern India. It was the merit prize winner of the National Geographic Travelers photo contest.

Mahesh Balasubramanian / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Via BusinessInsider


Presenter Robert Downey Jr. for the American Music Awards 2016. Award of Merit winner Sting.

UPDATED: Inksoldiers is holding another writing contest!

Hey guys! We’re back with another submission competition!! 

It’s going to run for two weeks. All submissions must be sent before Friday, August 7th 2015. Anything after that date will not be accepted.

The prompt is:

Write a short story or a poem about anything that involves Greek mythology because we here at Inksoldiers are very fond of the Gods and Goddesses. 

Just as every good writing contest should, we’ll keep the rules to a minimum so your creativity can flow. Your submission:

1. Must be between 100-400 words if it is a short story. No more and no less. There is no word count if you decide to write a poem.  

2. Include no sexually explicit scenes.

3. Must be an original work.

4. Must be a non-anonymous entry. 

5. And finally, you must be following us.

The short story or poem that we consider holds the best literary merit will be the winner of this competition.

And now for the prizes! If you win, you will: 

Be published on our blog with a message of your choosing. 

Be featured on our Contest tab. 

Get a chance to have me (Inara) edit the first 5 chapters of a manuscript of your choosing. 

Have a third eye look at your query letter and help out if you’re in the publication process.

Go ahead! Reblog this to help get the word out to other interested writers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Happy writing! 

- Inara

By the Guardians, this number I’ve accumulated is one of dreams. Surely I will come to wake and find the mere hundred I had only some months ago. Whatever lands you have hailed from to find my humble abode, I simply wish to give great thanks to all of ye. There is no kingdom quite as supportive and adventurous as this one. I do believe this calls for some fun, aye? Firstly, some rules. For what is a gomen [game] without some conditions to play?

  • Ye must be a resident of this kingdom. [mbf me]
  • Do not flee the walls of these lands after the gomen has come to an end, for that is a high form of treason punishable by death! [Please don’t follow and then unfollow after the giveaway. It’s rude.]
  • Ye must spread this about on parcel, not merely tuck it into your selfish pocket. [Reblogs only to enter, no likes will be accepted.]
  • Ye must hail from the House of Muses. Tricksters will not be tolerated. [Roleplaying blogs only. No giveaway blogs. I will be checking.]
  • This gomen will run its course through the fifteenth of March. Only then will our champions will be crowned! [Ends on 3/15/2014 @ 11:59 EST; winners announced shortly after.]
  • Said champions will be chosen by their merit and valiance! [Winners will be chosen via random number generator.]

one noble prince will receive:

  • 2500+ word drabble on an adventure involving our characters. You can specify what you would like it to be about, and the only thing off-limits is smut and its implications.
  • blog of the year link on my sidebar
  • graphic promo reblogged once a week for one month
  • art doodle of some sort or blog review
  • 20 icons
  • 10 gif icons

two valiant knights will each receive:

  • 1000-1500 word drabble about our characters going on an adventure. You decide the theme. No smut/implications.
  • graphic promo reblogged once a week for two weeks. 
  • 10 icons
  • 5 gif icons
  • url doodle or blog review

three honorable squires will each receive:

  • 500-1000 word drabble about our characters going on an adventure. I decide the theme/adventure. 
  • link promo.
  • url doodle
  • 10 icons

ten darling pages will receive:

  • group promo
  • url doodle each