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holy crap vance man… but see that’s what happens when you post and repost things I have already liked once upon a time. 

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Tumblr Crushes:

see that top one there, that is dennis and you can find him here…

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Tumblr Crushes:

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As Days Grow Shorter

I feel the weather coming on, the kind that makes my bones ache

and long for someone kind to hold me when the cold seeps in again.

The fall that brings my need to nest and cook some stews and soups and such, the stuff of life and comfort

that which I can make and find.

I hear the sound of fall in birds and crickets singing sweet dark songs

reminders of the gifts that pass each year as I grow old,

and looking forward looking back I see the road I’m on and maybe this year some new wind will come to claim me…

I feel that darkness slipping in, the kind that makes me cry sometimes

and long for someone kind to catch my heartbeats.

Sunday, November 1st

A day of quiet
the day of the dead
a somber fall back of orange and black
the green grass a backdrop for colors gone duller with sparseness and hues turned contiguous.
And balmy warm air under grey cotton skies
find solace, reflection, and ways to give in
let that heaviness lift off your shoulders again
as the wind picks the leaves off the ground.