Images courtesy Paul Thompson/Getty Images & Special Collections/Michigan State University Libraries

A treat from our archives for Election Day – did you know that American suffragettes funded their cause by publishing cookbooks?

“These books were the descendants of the post-Civil War charity cookbooks,” writes Nina Martyris, “published to raise funds for war victims and church-related issues.”

The suffrage cookbooks came garnished with propaganda for the Great Cause: the fight for getting women the right to vote. Recipes ranged from basic guidelines on brewing tea and boiling rice, to epicurean ones for Almond Parfait and the ever-popular Lady Baltimore Cake, a layered Southern confection draped in boiled meringue frosting. Occasionally, there was a startling entry, such as that for Emergency Salad: one-tenth onion and nine-tenths apple with any salad dressing. But the bulk comprised a soothing flow of soups, gravies, breads, roasts, pies, omelets, salads, pickles and puddings.

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– Petra