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the quality of mercy (1/1)

Summary: In which Killian confesses to David and Emma. Spoilers for 6x12.

Rated: T

Warnings: None

Words: ~4.3k

Notes: I had a lot of feelings about the end of 6x12.  Title from The Quality of Mercy by William Shakespeare.  Much love and gratitude to my instrumental wife @ripplestitchskein for reading this through for me.

Also on ff and ao3

The worst of it, Killian thinks, is that for a moment, he doesn’t recall the man’s face.

He was nothing but a liability, standing between his crew and enough riches to carry him from one day to the next, bleeding out a living until he could sink his hook into the crocodile’s neck. And he doesn’t recognize David’s father at first, because he’d been merely one in the stream, one of the nameless voices that whispers to him late at night, or early in the morning, growing louder and louder, until he’s forced out of bed – and out of the endearingly tight circle of Emma’s arms – to wander along the line where the town meets the sea.

Only now, this one has a name, and the longer and harder he peers down at the drawing, the more familiar he seems. Not only from a hazy memory, but from the set of his brow, the swell of his cheeks, features he sees in the man he now calls his friend, and in the woman he longs to call his wife. And here, in the midnight shadows of the home he shares with her, he holds tight to the incriminating pages, a wisp of the darkness still stirring in his heart suggesting he surrender them to the sea.

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TRAOD Live Stream Stuff


Nahhh not really. I mean I’m gonna take them from the sewers and you know it.

Now that I have your attention: change of plans, cookies. As we’ve managed to 

1. Schedule a meeting with most of my Lartis bitches

2. Fix the cutscenes 

3. Implement the chat into the final video stream

4. Include a little surprise thingie in the blackout screen

I will be streaming tomorrow by 5 pm, just like last time. I know Monday is not the best day to do it - for more people to attend - but I just couldn’t fix this/schedule a meeting with some people before. And I will be parting on journey this Friday, as you know… so after tomorrow, next time streaming will be, anyway, after 25th July, as promised in previous post. That doesn’t change.

So, if you can attend, see you tomorrow at 5 pm (Spanish hour) and I hope we can have fun just as in the previous stream!! Let’s beat Louvre Stormdrains!

I also promise to stream less hours too. Anyway, I’ve created an event in YouTube that will be visible in few hours. Will reblog it later. See ya!

Memories Are Being Recycled Using The AGRA Acronym

There is nothing new under the sun.”

A.G.R.A is an Acronym for:

A: A Study in Pink / A Scandal in Belgravia

G: Great Game

R: Reichenback Fall

A: A Scandal in Belgravia / A Study in Pink

TST gave us a new acronym order on screen during Mary’s flashback in Georgia: GARA.

Oh good. I love acronyms. All the best secret societies have them.”

G.A.R.A is an Acronym for:

G: Great Game

A: A Study in Pink

R: Reichenback Fall

A: A Scandal in Belgravia

How it Works: Callbacks/memories from these four episodes repeat continuously in a pattern starting with MHR and ending with TFP. It’s like a stream of consciousness on the screen.  

Is this merely a stream of consciousness abuse?”


A: Anderson wearing a similar sweater to John in ASIP

G: The pink phone from TGG

R: Sherlock faking his death

A: Sherlock winking

G: Sherlock’s return in Series 3 is a cliffhanger


R: Flashback to TRF, Richard Brook, Sherlock’s Grave

A: Mycroft saves Sherlock from being killed by a lead pipe vs Sherlock saving Irene from being killed with a sword

G: Trains Trains Trains. John on a train vs John on train tracks

A: Flashback to ASIP “You invaded Afghanistan!”

R: Reference to Moriarty and his network

A: “I am not gay” to Mrs. Hudson vs “I’m not actually gay” to Irene Adler

G: Sherlock disguised as a waiter vs. Sherlock disguised as a security guard

R: Moriarty’s fake kiss. Sherlock begins to explain the fall to John

A: 13 possibilities vs 13 rows in Bond Air plane. “I’m not lonely.” “How would you know…” vs (“Sex doesn’t alarm me.” “How would you know…”). Sherlock’s shadow on door when Mrs. Hudson sees him again for the first time also happens in ASIB

G: Bomb in train car vs bomb strapped to John in TGG

A: Anderson’s sweater similar to John’s in ASIP

R: Sherlock’s explanation of the fall to Anderson. We see Moriarty again.

A: 1:29 on the bomb

G: Bomb doesn’t go off just like the bomb in TGG doesn’t go off

R: John asks Sherlock if he will tell him how he survived the fall. “I asked you for one more miracle”

A: Sherlock putting on the deerstalker and walking out to meet the press

G: TEH has a cliffhanger (Cam watching the video at the end).


A: Mrs. Hudson’s husband. “I’m a high functioning sociopath.” Harry’s alcoholism. Mike Stanford. “So hard not smoking.” Eyeball in cup of tea vs eyeballs in the microwave

R: “Tragic Loss. Sorry about that one.” Reference to Sherlock faking his death.

A: “I know Ash.” vs “I know human ash.” And his partner, John Hamish Watson.” Sherlock using sliding magnifying glass when cluing for looks (this is a callback to TGG as well)

G: The stag night is similar to Joe Harrison and Westie’s stag night at a bar. Alka-Seltzer fuzz is similar to the fuzz when Sherlock is testing blood from Janus Cars in lab. Also used in the show’s opening titles.

R: Courtroom for MP scene vs courtroom for Moriarty’s trial

A: “John Hamish Watson” “The Woman she knew.” Irene Adler. Vatican Cameos

G: “I have to delete something,” on the steps to Sholtos’ room vs “I’ve must have deleted it” in the beginning of TGG where Sherlock explains he only remembers information he finds relevant


R: CAM’s pressure points vs Moriarty saying “Everyone has their pressure points.” Same red writing is used on the hotel video for the jurors as on screen during CAM’s pressure point scenes

A: John dreaming (flashbacks) of the first time he met Sherlock in ASIP while in bed with Mary

G: John has started riding his bike, and goes to a crack house. Joe Harrison rides his bike and sells drugs.

A: “The Game is on!” Anderson looking for drugs in Baker Street

R: Sherlock is a celebrity in the newspapers

A: Janine in Sherlock’s bedroom vs. Irene in Sherlock’s bedroom. Sherlock trying to obtain Lady’s Smallwood’s letters about an affair from CAM’s safe vs Sherlock trying to get pictures of an affair from Irene’s safe. Fireplace parallels as well.

G: Sherlock telling John he’s put on weight since getting married vs Sherlock telling Molly she put on weight since dating Jim from IT.

R: Sherlock explaining to John about the keycard to get in CAM’s Tower vs. Sherlock explaining to John about Moriarty’s keycode to break into the Tower of London.

A: Sherlock falling backwards after being shot by Mary is similar to him falling backwards after being drugged by Irene

G: Louis Moffat playing young Sherlock Holmes. He was the voice of the kidnapped kid in TGG

A: Stairs from ASIP and the hallway where John shot the cabby and saved Sherlock’s life

R: Moriarty. “Off you pop”

A: “The Woman will cry.”

G: John hugs Mary vs John “hugging” Moriarty at the end of TGG

R: Tabloids. Janine in tabloids wearing the hat vs tabloid newspapers in TRF “Why is it always the hat, John.” Beehives vs The Bee Gees (Stayin’ Alive)

A: Red rose from Irene Adler in Sherlock’s hospital room. Lestrade saying he will take video of Sherlock in the hospital.

G: Sherlock vanishes through window vs Joe Harrison going through a window

A: The lie (Mary) hidden in plain sight

R: Mary faked her death vs Sherlock faking his death.

A: Christmas with the parents vs Christmas at Baker Street

G: “The Watsons are about to have a domestic” vs “Did you two have a little domestic?”

A: Irene’s theme is played so dramatically, it’s hard to ignore. Flashback to Christmas with the parents.

G: The AGRA memory stick vs the memory stick at the end of TGG. Mary’s past is similar to Westies (top secret spy)

A: Mary saying to John, “You don’t even know my name” vs John saying to Sherlock in ASIP “I don’t even know your name”

R: “Sodded lawn.” vs “Sod this”

A: “Low tar.” “Your loss would break my heart” vs “Caring is not an advantage. All hearts are broken in the end.”

G: “I’m not a hero.”

A: “Do your research, I’m a high-functioning sociopath.”

G: Red laser lights from snipers on Sherlock. Louis Moffat playing young Sherlock Holmes.

A: The plane on the tarmac vs Bond Air plane on the tarmac. “If you’re looking for baby names.”

R: Moriarty’s return. His face on TV screens vs his face on the TV in the cab


Opening Montage of TAB

A: Unzipping the body bag

G: Dressed up as a security guard

A: Riding crop, John meets Mycroft, “The Game is on!”

G: “Don’t make people into heroes, John.” Bomb strapped to John. “I’ll burn the heart out of you.”

A: Naked Irene Adler. “Are you wearing any pants?” “This is how I want you to remember me.”

R: Moriarty killing himself on the roof

A: Sherlock and John running through streets of London after the cab

R: John and Sherlock handcuffed. “We are going to need to coordinate.” Sherlock’s grave. “I asked you for one more miracle. Don’t be dead.” “I heard you.”

TAB Begins:

A: Recreation of John and Sherlock meeting for the first time in ASIP

G: Sherlock looking out the window, “The curtain rises…”

R: Emelia Ricoletti shooting herself in the mouth vs Moriarty shooting herself. Peter Ricoletti. “How could he survive…”

A: “Come when convenient…”

G: Sherlock doesn’t know how the solar system works

R: Diogenes Club

A: “I thought I looked rather enormous” vs “Putting on weight again?”

G: “You see but you don’t observe.” “Legwork”

R: Orange pips sent to Eustace in envelop vs Breadcrumbs sent to John in envelop. “Means death”

A: “A dead woman walking the earth” vs “you’re a dead man walking” (Jeff Hope)

G: “The Orange pips were a reminder.”

A:  Picture of Irene Adler. “You’re human.” vs “People want to know your human.”

R: Breaking glass vs. Moriarty breaking the glass at the Tower of London

A: Lestrade saying the body (Eustace) had a note vs. Jennifer Wilson having left behind a note. Sherlock rushing down a staircase.

G: “Putting on weight?” vs “How’s the diet going?”

R: Moriarty scene at Baker Street. Emelia Ricoletti vs Peter Ricoletti

A: “Dead is the new sexy” vs “Brainy is the new sexy”

G: “Putting on weight?

R: Ricoletti and Moriarty.

A: The deerstalker is introduced. “You’re Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn hat!”

G: Spies

R: Ricoletti shooing herself. A substitute corpse. “You can’t kill an idea once it’s exist” vs “you can’t kill an idea, can you?” “Molly Hooper found a body for me when I…” The waterfall with Moriarty.

A: Sherlock looks out the window, exterior shot vs the same exterior shot at the end of ASIB


G: Moriarty. Classified top secret with Mycroft.

A: “High functioning sociopath”

R: “I’m glad to be alive” vs “staying alive.” Moriarty’s revenge after dying on roof

A: Sherlock stabbing the mantel vs stabbing the mantel the first time him and John visit Baker Street

G: John blogging

R: “The spider makes his move” vs “Moriarty is a spider with a web, etc.”

A: “Come back, it’s the wrong thumb” vs Mrs. Hudson saying “Ugh, thumbs!”

G: “You see, Watson, but you don’t observe.” (Baby Rosie throwing the toy in Sherlock’s face)

A: The Six Thatchers case from John’s blog. Using magnifying glass. Dead body in car.

R: Moriarty flashes on screen. Black pearl vs Moriarty’s diamond in the Tower of London

A: “Then he becomes a pirate for some reason.” vs “But initially he wanted to be a pirate.”

G: Sherlock looking into his white microscope, testing blood vs testing blood in Carl Power’s case. Pets are so loyal. “A noose to hang my neck in” vs “Hanged, yes.” “Like hiding a tree in a forest.”

R: Mentions of Moriarty. Glass breaking.

A: “Tell her she’s a dead woman walking” vs “You’re a dead man walking” (Jeff Hope)

G: The memory stick

A: Ajay falls backwards as he is drinking and lands in his room, passed out vs Sherlock falling backwards and landing in his bed after being drugged

R: “Ammunition” vs John tells Mycroft he gave Moriarty ammunition

A: Mary drugs Sherlock vs Irene drugging Sherlock

G: Memory stick

R: A note to John

A: Plane vs Bond Air plane. “You’re at my mercy” vs “Beg for mercy”

G: The curtain rises (text to Mary)

R: Mary’s DVD’s vs “I’m a storyteller. It’s on DVD.” John’s note to Sherlock vs Sherlock’s note to John

A: 13 on the post-it note on the refrigerator vs. 13th row on Bond Air plane

G: Cliffhanger with John’s note and Mary saying “Go to hell, Sherlock.”


(The opening shot of a gun firing could fit in here as John’s gun from ASIP)

R: John’s therapy session with Eurus looks similar to his sessions with Ella in TRF

A: Faith with walking cane vs John with walking cane

G: Sherlock looking out of window onto the street vs Sherlock looking out the window watching John crossing the street

A: Flashback to John with his cane. The whole scene with Faith Smith. Walking around London, eating, Mycroft spying on them. “Amazing” Gun in handbag vs gun in drawer. Throwing the gun in the Thames. Serial killer. 

R: Talk of suicide. Sherlock on the ledge of a bridge vs Sherlock on the ledge of Bart’s Hospital

G: Sherlock shooting the wall

A: Sherlock in the boot of the car vs the dead guy in the boot of the car in ASIB

R: Mrs. Hudson’s having a slow-motion “earthquake” with the tea spilling vs the man at the Bank of London in TRF in slow-motion with his tea rumbling and spilling. Handcuffs vs Sherlock and John handcuffed. Therapy.

A: “I’m not your housekeeper!”

R: “You pretended to be dead for two years!”

A: “The game is on,” said Mrs. Hudson

R: “Thought this was some sort of trick…”

A: Hiding in plain sight. Texting Faith vs Texting Hope

R: Nurse Cornish is a big fan vs Kitty Riley being “a fan.” Both take place in and near the restroom

A: Wear the hat. The queen, her majesty.

R: Bliss vs Domestic bliss

A: The game is on.

R: Return to Bart’s Hospital

A: Morgue with dead woman vs Morgue with “Speckled Blonde” or Morgue scene with Irene’s fake dead body.

R: Culverton’s keys vs Moriarty’s keycode. They can both go anywhere they like.

A: Faith with walking cane. John leaves behind his walking cane as he did in ASIP. Mycroft sends car to pick up John. Mycroft looking for drugs vs Lestrade looking for drugs at Baker Street. John deduces there is a secret brother vs Sherlock deducing John’s sister

R: Mary’s DVD vs Moriarty’s DVD

A: John rushes to save Sherlock from killing himself

R: “Off you pop.” John uses a fire extinguisher to break down the door vs Moriarty using a fire extinguisher to break the glass at the Tower of London. “There must be something comforting about three” vs “Your three friends in the whole world will die.” Molly is the fourth.

A: Irene’s text message. Sherlock wearing the hat

R: The “Miss Me” in black light vs “Help Us” in black light. John in therapy. Eurus with gun on John =  Moriarty’s snipers on John


A: Eye opens vs. John’s eye opening in ASIP

G: TLD left us with a cliffhanger, and John in danger

A: Bond Air plane with sleeping/dead people and the same child actress.

R: Moriarty’s voice “Welcome to The Final Problem.”

A: “John might like to call his daughter vs Why would Jennifer Wilson still care about her daughter

G: The bomb at Baker Street

A: “The pirate.” vs “But initially he wanted to be a pirate.”

R: The guards and the security cameras. Sherrinford Prison = Pentonville Prison. Sherlock walks into Eurus’ cell while she plays the violin, her back is turned vs Moriarty walking into Baker Street as Sherlock plays the violin, his back is turned. Moriarty says Bach would be appalled vs Eurus saying “Not Bach, play you.”

A: Sherlock plays Irene’s theme. Vatican Cameos.

R: Moriarty with head phones and dancing vs the entire sequence of him at the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels. The guards escorting him. The security cameras are similar.

A: Christmas. Moriarty.

R: Five minutes between Sherlock and Moriarty. Moriarty in front of the glass cell vs Moriarty in front of the glass with the Crown Jewels. Sherlock and Moriarty shown next to each other in a cell in TRF.

A: Little girl on plane

R: Moriarty’s Final Problem

A: Little girl on the plane

G: Moriarty going “Choo Choo…” trains and more trains

A: The walls of the second room are red and gray, and similar to the walls where Jennifer Wilson was found dead.

R: Moriarty

A: Bond Air plane and little girl. John says Irene Adler loves Sherlock

G: Molly’s “I love you,” scene is set up like the scene in TGG with the painting and the Super Nova.

R: Moriarty. “Took her only five minutes to do this to us.”

A: Little Eurus in John’s sweater from ASIP

G: Little girl on the plane says, “You mean where the driver is?” vs John talking to the train guy in TGG: “What about the drivers?” “They’ve gotta live with it, haven’t they?”

R: Moriarty’s revenge

A: The plane!

R: Time to solve the final problem

A: Young Eurus wearing John’s sweater from ASIP

G: Shot of pool from the TGG

A: Young Eurus in John’s sweater from ASIP

R: Gravestones. Cemetery vs the cemetery at the end of TRF. Arresting Eurus vs arresting Moriarty.

A: John in shock blanket. Lestrade saying his line “He’s a good one.” Shot of Sherlock opening the body bag and John in bed from ASIP. “You know where to find me…” text.

G: Sherlock shooting the wall

A: Sherlock stabbing the mantel

The Lost Special: The pattern ends with Sherlock shooting the wall and stabbing the mantel. Mrs. Hudson told us what these two actions mean. The case is still unsolved and there are still unanswered questions.

How far will an addict go?

I wrote this a few days ago and the response to this mere stream of consciousness was overwhelming, “What if next season once Megan is out of the hospital she moves into Omelias home? Amelia moves back in but then struggles with having Megan around as there are prescription drugs (oxy) in the house and that challenges her sobriety? Her dealing with that in front of Owen is something we haven’t seen before and would be so interesting… Thoughts? Should I write a fic on this?” So I wrote a fic and here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Reviews and feedback are always welcome. 

Shards of glass covered the cracks of the very thin ice I was walking on; they shredded my feet, inflicting a pain in me I had never felt before. I was in my own house but this definitely did not feel like home. The air was cold and heavy, making each breath more laboured and more desperate; you could say I was suffocating in my own home. Was it even my home anymore? It had been months since we had slept side by side, our touch keeping each other warm and safe; the faint sound of the person besides you breathing, would lie over the room like a child’s comfort blanket, but none of that existed anymore. I ran out on him, I ran out on us; I had no one to blame but myself. Had Megan not of been found alive, I honestly don’t know if I would be sitting on my side of our bed right now – it breaks my heart to admit that. When my father, Ryan, Unicorn Baby, Mark and Derek all died they all took a piece of me with them; they broke off pieces of me, little by little until I was barely a person anymore. I was the one who clawed myself back from that, from the dark abyss I had become accustomed to. But Owen was different, Owen reignited my soul. He helped patch together what was left to be salvaged and little by little he took a piece of me as well. Well, I gave him a piece of me; a piece of me I had never given to anyone else before. So when I left, when I ran away from him I left that piece behind, leaving a gaping hole in it’s midst. A hole which I have yet to fill, yet to put the missing piece back in. That being if Owen ever gave me that piece back.  

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“Too Much of a Good Thing”

From the art segment of the 4/22 to 4/23 DKC2 stream, Vinny remarked: “I think people sometimes want so much of a thing, that they don’t realize that too much of a good thing isn’t… isn’t all that great. I’ll give you an example – Episode 57, of Tomodachi Life. … and it was all well and good, but it was still all the same stuff… over and over and over again … there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.”

I know and totally respect that Vinny was run dry as he head towards the famous Part 50 of the original run (much less any of the additional bonus / spin-off parts that followed.) I know that not all of his audience was as into it as some of us were. Obviously the game is repetitive and gets boring for a lot of people. It is the same limited set of situations, same mundane mini games, same phrases over and over. When it first came out, I personally only played it seriously myself for about a month before I was bored with it.

The Vinesauce Tomodachi Life series was also not gold every time. There were lots of “filler” episodes where nothing much interesting happened, everyone was asleep, etc. And I acknowledge that Part 57 was just kind of a spur-of-the-moment “anti-joke” for April Fools.

But there’s a reason it was able to go on for 50+ episodes. Vin made something incredible despite the game’s repetitious and limited nature. Community input was a factor as well, but he was still the guy in the driver’s seat, spinning stories out of nothing, and molding many of our old favorite characters by interpreting the often irrelevant nonsense they spewed and exaggerating the mundane.

His fictional pining for Two Faced and jealous raging towards Walrus spans 37 of those mainline 50 episodes, and ends in a beautifully dramatic way that would never have been so amazing by just the game alone without context. His “Jahn invasion” towards the end had so much of the community on the edge of their seats, anxious and desperate to know what would happen in the Part 50 grand finale. How often can a mere Twitch stream pull that kind of power?

I can respect Vin being tired of it; it was a (really) long span and I’m sure he was “comedically exhausted” by the end, maybe sometimes grasping at straws to keep it going for the sake of the fans, unsure how to stop it without it being too hard for those that were so invested. I’m perfectly fine with him feeling unable to continue it especially due to the game having received no updates and offering no other new variety. 

I only take issue with him talking about it like quantity alone is the problem, that somehow there’s an implied “overdose”, that there’s some kind of shame in how many were made. I just feel like he forgets both how much of his soul he put into the original performance and how much it legitimately meant to all of the fans.

As for “too much of a good thing”… well, part 57 is currently in the #2 slot of the “Top 10 Videos” on my channel, of the last 28 days – and it hasn’t even been out for 28 days. The Tomodachi Life 1-50 supercut is the more-than-twice-over #1. I don’t think the majority of the fans ever felt like there had been simply “too much.” And we are nostalgic and longing for those days gone by.

anonymous asked:

I trust Harry. I trust his team, but, Two Ghosts is a terrible single choice and no one will convince me otherwise. If a non-fan hears TG on the radio, they will change the station I'm sure of it. For me I've gotten to the point where I don't skip TG but like... it's my least listened to (more like least fav) on the album. I can't figure out an endgame for this choice. The song will not attract new fans and I guess Harry will have to flop with this single. Smh.

anonymous asked:

The group comeback is ambiguous at this point they have so many schedules it will be a miracle if they do have a comeback shawols shouldn't bother with competition or streaming just merely sit back and enjoy the downpour of a activities

if they do end up having a cb before this year, i’m guessing it will probably be in october like it was last year with a possible repack in novemeber. like you said, they don’t have a lot of time because of all the other schedules they have esp now with taemin’s solo album coming out i august. i’m guessing the supposed swv encore concert should take place possibly at the very end of  septemeber or really early october and it will kind of act as a “spoiler concert” for their upcoming album just like swiv was for “odd” and swv was for “1of1”; of course, we will have to wait for confirmation on any of this (but like don’t quote me lmao). i’m not entirely sure how to answer the second part of your question because as much as i would like to sit back and not stream or anything, streaming is a big part of cbs and is very important (please make sure to stream, buy the album, etc if you can)! 

69. my end, my beginning

Originally posted by parkchny

Title: my end, my beginning.

Pairing: Park Chanyeol/Reader

Summary: If this is what love felt like, then Chanyeol didn’t want it to stop.

Chanyeol was a true believer of showing what you felt; whether it was excitement, with elongated screams and a big smile on your face, jumping up and down out of it; or mere sadness, with tears streaming down your face as you hug your covers up to your chest to keep the warmth in your heart that seems abandoned –long gone with the feeling that you can’t pinpoint exactly, but it drowns you. He didn’t have an issue with showing people how he felt about them; he’d hug his friends, thanking them on special occasions for their company, or even teasing them to see them roll their eyes. If he didn’t like someone, he’d bite the inside of his cheek, rolling his eyes lightly as he ignored them.

Yet, he never knew how to act with…love.

Don’t misunderstand, he’s surely one that knows how to flirt, at least, he’s charming enough to do so, but it was never the same with her. When he saw her the first time, he couldn’t stop giggling to himself, imagining how her fingers would feel as they interlocked with his, or how her lips would feel on top of his cheek in early mornings. And it was stupid, because he surely know that she was beautiful, but he only caught her looking his way once, giving him one of those smiles that made him think that if he ever had a romance to write on a novel, then it would be hers. Chanyeol is stupid, probably, because young love was never his type, he was more of the straight-up kind of love. If they wanted sex, then sex it was; if they wanted passion, then it surfaced and so on.

But now he was living his life based on blushing, giggling, biting his bottom lip and repeat.

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kickingshoes  asked:

I wish you'd write a fic where, to save Len, Mick must find his soul/heart/presence in the void the Oculus left (somewhere in the wreckage of all the shattered timelines) and bring it back. AKA a coldwave Orpheus and Eurydice AU

sooooo this got away from me a bit

Fic: Sailor’s Sorrow (AO3 Link)
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Literary Allusions Galore
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Sailors tell the same tales everywhere you go.

Sometimes, they tell you how to bring someone home.

(an Orpheus and Eurydice retelling - and a bit more besides)


Sailors tell the same tales everywhere you go.

Different languages, different cultures, different people, but in the end it always comes down to them and the sea: stories of danger, stories of wonder, stories of strange things you can’t even begin to imagine.

Mick Rory was born on land, as far away from a coast as you could go in his continent.

Kronos was born to the sea.

The Time Masters belittle it when they call her the Time-Stream, their pathetic and futile attempts to make it less than it is, to make it something they can understand, something they can master.

She is no mere stream: she is Oceanus and Tethys, Varuna and Varuni, Anahita and Aegir and Ryūjin and Idliragijenget, all of them together, the great Tiamet who blankets the world entire. She is the Many-Named, the Inexorable, the Endless, Time in all its forms: all oceans come from her, and she is both the greatest of them all, and yet beyond them. She is the slow, rolling wave, the quiet calm, the swiftly rushing current that carries the many-mirrored universe ever forward in her hands, gentle and rough in turn, and she had no beginning but is in herself the whole of creation entire.

And, like all seas, there are those who sail her, and their stories.

It’s on a mission for the Waverider when he first hears of it.

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If I zoom in close, macro vision,
And I pay very close attention,
I can see patterns repeating, fractals.
Intricate designs weaving, seeming
Infinite, reaching beyond mere oculus,
Streaming out to the unknown universe;
Beyond the blue, beyond the iris,
Beyond the black hole pupil dilating
In the light - your orbs of perception
Are a paradigm of everything that is,
And everything that ever will be;
A map of existence laid out within
The apparatus of your vision,
Resting clandestine in your sockets
—  And it’s a sight to behold // @rarasworldbro

rezarusandi  asked:

Why do i feel tired or feeling regret or just feel something is not right after i interact with people? Why am i too sensitive? People's energy can devastate me... I dont know who i am

You are an empath that’s all, and I know the feeling. What devastates me the most are people who lack empathy, and not aware of how their actions or lack of actions can affect someone else. I am not perfect, but I try to always expand within self-awareness, and always open to communication for resolutions just to help me grow as a person. We have to figure out what is within us that attracts certain people who emulates low vibrational states after having an encounter with them. Is it our thoughts, words, actions or (lack thereof), intent, and etc.? Please realize that people are merely a reflection streaming from inspiration within the present moment or a memory. Truly dig within, and never place the blame on something that is happening outside of you, or pass on the pain that will just add on to a pile of pain that someone may already have on their plate. When we heal ourselves, it will help heal others.

I suggest reading the following articles, they will only help if the tips are practiced. 

what hurts the most…

22 October 2014
I think what hurts the most is the heavy pool of stories which builds in my mind– stories which you will never hear, never care to hear. The pool of thoughts that I collect throughout the day as I encounter the smallest of things that reminds me of you. God what am I saying, it hurts all day. It hurts when I wake up and my voice is numb with my eyes swollen from the storm which passed the night before. And it hurts in the afternoon, when the day is half passed and I am left with sentences and sentences– words and words– which I yearn to tell you. It hurts the most at 7pm, when it is still too early to sleep in the numb state which rids you from my system, but late enough to sit in the absence of your presence– freeing emotion in the deadly concoction of thought and sentiment. It hurts at 9pm, 10pm, and oh god, 1am– when I am finally near a disillusioned state of fantasy, but still stuck in the reality of the fact that every hour of my pain is a carefree hour of your apathy.

23 October 2014
Is it bad that I cannot cry anymore? I do think tears run out. I hate the idea of crying, the process of it, and what it represents. I am not one of emotion, crying is not a common habit of mine. But what else is there to do when you left your heart in someone else’s hands?

24 October 2014
I write about you every night; words, the thoughts and feelings which stream merely from my affection for you, all flow in a never ending fountain of sentiment. Missing you hurts, but so does writing about it. Writing about it, and writing about it, and incessantly writing about it really gets to me. I imagine you have not read many books before– for I was an open book to you and you only, the words were written in bold font across the lines of each page. Did you not bother reading, was I not enticing enough? I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote; all you had to do was read.

25 October 2014
My shoulders are shaky. As I hold them, they are so frail, so small– was I this small to you when you let me fall?

26 October 2014
My head is numb. I think I am getting sick. My mind is numb. I think I am getting sick.

27 October 2014
I tried. I really did try, everyday. I question the degree to which I tried– was it too much, too little. I think I gave myself to you, every piece of me is yours. Is that why it feels like every piece of me is broken? Is that why I feel like a broken doll?

28 October 2014
Today is the 28th. I like any date with the number 8 in it, for the number 8 is my favorite number. I think I told you this three different times; I wonder if you remember. I find it rather ironic that my favorite number has turned into another thought which leads me to your name– I find it ironic that my life has turned into someone else’s life. Who am I?

29 October 2014
I did not talk much today. My lips are chapped, and my voice is starting to fade again. I think I might be catching a cold. The other day I finished reading Pride and Prejudice, I think it is my second favorite book now. These are the thoughts– the pool of thoughts– which collect in my mind. These are the thoughts which I would tell you, had you bothered caring.

—  Julie Martinez (I wrote one “true sentence” for everyday of the week)
The best part in all these is that eventhough we did not win,almost everyone participated and gave their all so at the end of the day,the thought of being able to be their for LR and bring them to the 2nd place with just a 55-point difference should overpower the regret of not doing was that enough that should make us proud coz whatever differences we have,we managed to help LR and each other get a really good number.Thank you St☆rlights!

Minerva knew it before Severus could say it. She had watched him struggle for breath for the better part of an hour. She merely nodded, tears silently streaming down her cheeks as he set her dinner plate down. She would eat slowly and wait for the time to come.

Downstairs, Looey and one of the Hogwarts’ elves, Dory, were tending to the triplets that were all crying. Looey carried Kieran and Evan while Dory held Bindi. The poor elves were growing flustered by not being able to calm the infants, both of them pacing around the kitchen floor, shaking their heads.

I left
not because I didn’t have a love for you
or that you didn’t make me beyond happy
I left
because I figured out I’m not what’s best for you
and I can’t imagine having you deal with someone like myself
when you can have someone better
you deserve the world and i’m merely a stream of destruction
that is why I left
—  it’s not you it’s me