meriken metals


New for sizes 4ga through 00ga.: “CHROMA”

These Titanium Drops and Silver Eyelets can be interchanged with the new Hyperion Style (Bottom Picture) 

AND each color can be purchased separately. You want green one day and pink the next? Go for it!

Your designer is at work - more innovation coming soon.

Because our body is the interface between the mind and the world, what we’re calling “body modifications” are not primarily aesthetic changes.

We’re drilling into the mind itself.

We need to proceed with wisdom and an awareness that western culture thrives on commodifying an image and repackaging it as an “identity”. 

We are not what we buy or what we look like. We are what we do, what we suffer through, and that takes time. 



I’m glad to begin offering this third of Mima Pejoska’s highly original filigree designs, made-to-order, through Meriken’s Etsy shop.

Variations on the pictured design can be produced between sizes 7/8" and 2". Intermediate sizes can be accommodated.

Keep in mind that I am your designer - if you see a style you need customized to fit your size, please feel free to reach out and contact me with your questions by email: