meridian girls


When you spent 3/8 of your college career abroad. 

Photo order: 

Prime Meridian, 2014, London Abroad. 

Galapagos, 2016, Quito Abroad.  

Papallacta Cloud Forest and hot springs. 2016. Quito Abroad.  

Equator, 2016, Quito Abroad. 

Erg Lihoudi Sahara Desert, 2016, Rabat Abroad. 

Camel Riding, Erg Lihoudi, Sahara, 2016, Rabat Abroad. 

Happy Blackout from your local world traveller. 4 continents, 4 years. :) 

Artist Showcase #2

@pasteldot: Hi I’m Leigha or Pasteldot, and I’ve been a long time Skullgirls fan ever since the game came out. My art is about 80% Skullgirls, but when I’m not drawing my kick-ass girls I’m working on a Skullgirls AU side project, @skulldudes​ ( @projectskulldudes​ ).

@wiirdo: Hey my name is Wiirdo and I’ve been into SG since it’s release in 2012. It’s definitely been one of my favorite communities to be involved with, and it’s been great seeing how much the fan base has grown over the years! And I hope it will continue to stay strong. I’ve done fanart and I also work on the Skulldudes AU ( @skulldudes@projectskulldudes​ )

@mikahfricz-art:  Hello! I’m Mikah, a 20 yo Mexican student of Animation and VFX. I aim to work as a storyboard artist and character designer, also I would love to work in the comics industry. I really like the concept and character design of Skullgirls since it is so stylish, original and it gets your attention easily.

@lucidprod​:  Hi, I’m Nexter45, the guy running this shindig. I got into Skullgirls around the time the PS4 version was announced and I started making fanart, long, long before I ever played it. Other than running this, I have a blog where I post misc. art. I hope this works out as good as I hope it will!

Playing around with characters and architecture from my new project. So many characters, doing another one right now with most of the rest of the current characters.

Fiction Podcasts I’ve either listened to or want to at some point.
  • The After Disaster Broadcast
  • Alba Salix, Royal Physician
  • Alice isn’t Dead
  • Archive 81
  • Augustine
  • The Black Tapes
  • The Blood Crow Stories
  • The Box Podcast
  • The Bridge
  • The Bright Sessions
  • Darkest Night
  • EOS 10
  • The Far Meridian
  • Freed
  • Girl in Space
  • Greater Boston
  • The Haven Chronicles
  • Herbarium Podcasts
  • Homecoming
  • The Infinite Now
  • Inkwyrm
  • Jim Robbie and the Wanderers
  • Jarnsaxa Rising
  • Junction Series
  • Kakos Industries
  • Lesser Gods
  • Lake Clarity
  • LEARN Podcasts
  • The Liberty Podcast
  • Limetown
  • Mabel
  • The Magnus Archives
  • Misadventure by Death
  • Ostium Podcast
  • Passage
  • The Penumbra Podcast
  • Rabbits
  • Return Home
  • Rover Red
  • Sayer
  • Scotch
  • Season of the
  • Small Town Horror
  • Space Log
  • Station to Station
  • Steal the Stars
  • The Strange Case of Starship Iris
  • Tales of THATTOWN
  • Testing Connection
  • Uncanny County
  • Under Pressure
  • Welcome to Nightvale
  • We’re Alive
  • What’s the Frequency
  • The White Vault
  • Wolf 359

anonymous asked:

What book you reading girl?

blood meridian by cormac mccarthy. I was on such a little reading streak this summer with all my free time but i just dont have the time now ;—–( but i have so many TBR’s


December 27th 1988:

25 Years ago born a special girl in Meridian, she was  born with a special talent,and mission: Be one of the most greatest female voices of all times …25 years later We can say 100% sure, that SHE MADE IT!She’s not just a singer,or the leader of  one of the BEST BANDS ever! she is a person with a heart of gold,her personality is AMAZING, so unique,She inspired so many people around the world  even to me.. who knew it??

Thank you Joey Williams & Christie Williams

You brought to the world this BEAUTIFUL,PERFECT girl :


Happy 25th Birthday,you deserve the best!!! :’)

PS: Never forget The best things come in small packages