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It is said of the Black Dog of West Peak, "If a man shall meet the Black Dog once, it shall be for joy; and if twice, it shall be for sorrow; and the third time, he shall die”.  A proposed Hellhound resides on Hanging Hills, nearby Meriden, Connecticut. Many reports of sightings of this dog come in, giving it a description of a short-haired spaniel type dog with large, sad eyes. Some witnesses claim it makes no noise and never leaves footprints. Up to recent years, deaths are still being attributed to this ghostly dog.

A Muslim American whose mosque was attacked will attend the State of the Union

An invitation to the State of the Union is often more than just a personal honor, often coming as a symbolic, political act. Rep. Joe Courtney’s (D-Conn.) decision to invite Dr. Mohammed Qureshi, president of the Baitul Aman Mosque in Meriden, Connecticut, to tonight’s address sends a meaningful message. Qureshi’s mosque fell victim to violent Islamophobia.