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Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about archery

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Don’t watch Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games, or Avatar. At least, not for the archery. Hollywood is stock full of misinformation and misrepresentation about archery. Sadly, not a lot of writers have the opportunity to really delve into the practice. So here is my all you wanted to know primer from how bows are constructed, to lining up and releasing the shot, to treating your friend’s nasty broadhead wound.

Edit: expanded the debunking section. 

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the fire emblem au no one ever asked for, bc im replaying fe:a again an god i love this game.

Jack is a Great Lord
Hiccup is a Dragon Master (Wyvern Lord) with Toothless
Merida is a Bow Knight with Angus
Rapunzel is a Valkyrie with Maximus

I stayed up til the wee hours of morning listing all the separate characters and their classes and the enemies and who appears in paralogues and etc. so there will probably maybe be more for this au

  • Belle: That was amazing! Where did you learn to split the arrow like that?
  • Merida: A cartoon fox with mad archery skills.

mcknighty9  asked:

Merida vs Moana, who wins?

OHHHH Depends! They’re both very physical, rough and tumble gals. They could easily use their strength to try and overpower the other, but something tells me they’re roughly equally matched in that department. They both climb and run around, and do crazy athletic shit. They’ve proved they have impressive physical strength!

As for weaponry if they were to duke it out that way, Merida’s got a bow and arrows and a sword, whereas Moana’s only armed with an oar. Don’t get me wrong, she uses that sucker to fight off Kakamora’s with ease, but I think a multitude of arrows zipping by can’t be so easily blocked, and a tough swing from a sharp broadsword will eventually reduce it to splinters. Moana’s friend the ocean wouldn’t be very fair as an advantage, btw. Though it doesn’t seem like the ocean is super confrontational.

All in all: Without weapons it’s nearly anyone’s game. With weapons, Merida!