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 Something I decided to point out since I STILL see people pissing and moaning about Merida’s redesign

Save for things that had to change to make it look “2d” the only real difference is the shades of the colors used in he dress. Oh and God forbid if Disney adds a belt. Every princess got some sparkles.

EDIT: And BTW did you haters even WATCH Brave? The fact that the dress is a combination of the one Merida likes and the one her mother approved of fits PERFECTLY with message of the movie. Merida is headstrong but she wasn’t a bitch, she learned to compromise with her mother and her new look represents that.

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My Thoughts On: Merida’s Redesign

So you’ve probably seen the above image floating around the internet recently. On Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube etc. If you haven’t basically Disney recently added Merida from Brave to the Disney Princess line up. And thus we see this new design for her.

And as a result many fans of the film were understandably angry. Even the film’s director Brenda Chapman who felt it went against the very idea behind Merida as a character. As for me, I don’t mind it as much. Certainly I agree with all the problems addressed but there are things I like too. I like how the artist drew her hair in 2D, I like her belt and I like how the above picture despite its flaws still captures Merida’s attitude with her stance and expression. Most problems I have with the design aren’t exclusive to Merida though, they’re problems I have with the whole set.

The new Merida design was made to be part of this set. This is why it doesn’t bother me so much, because most of the problems with her design are problems the whole set has. The overdose of glitter, the fact she’s in a fancy dress despite expressing hate for doing so etc. It’s all so that Disney Princesses can be its own brand apart from the movies they all come from, so that when you see the Disney Princess line up you don’t see a crossover of 11 different movies and instead see one franchise.

Now these designs got a pretty strong negative reaction too. Especially Mulan who seemed to have been “whitewashed”. And the artist did go back and fix this particular problem.

Looking at Merida’s design with the rest of the princesses I think the design works. My biggest problem with the set is the glitter, it overused on almost everyone and doesn’t match the art itself. I’m sure it’ll look lovely on the dolls and any actual dresses they might make but on the art it really doesn’t work. Take that away and…

You get this. I think this picture looks much better. Also it shows the artist does let Merida keep her bow and arrows. This is more about the art than anything else, take away the glitter and putting all opinions on the designs aside I think the artist is talented. One problem though, why is Jasmine so short?

Looking at the complete line up I think Merida fits in fine. But something about this picture bothers me. Someone seems out of place, taking away the entire point of Merida even getting her new dress in the first place.

Yep, Pocahontas is still in the exact same outfit with no changes. I’m pretty sure it isn’t even the same artist.

Even the picture the artist did draw stands out and is clearly traced from the image being used now. I don’t think it’s fair that Pocahontas seems like she isn’t part of the set. Even in this dress. Also can we please get a new stance for her?

But back to Merida. I implied I still have problems that doesn’t apply to the whole set. Something I think the artist can change while still having her design work as part of a Disney Princess set.  First there’s the fact that her dress is shoulderless (or whatever the term is), unlike the other changes this one is completely unnecessary and many feel it’s sexualised her. I do agree since as a result of this a section of her chest is bare. She also seems skinnier, I don’t know if this is just the artist being used to drawing girls this thin but as a result her bust stands out more adding to the issue of her looking more like she’s been drawn to be sexy rather than a princess. Other than the bare shoulders I think the dress is just a new outfit they’ve given her but making her look skinny and busty is altering her physical appearance and that is a problem. Now I don’t know if it was an accident or a choice to make her more marketable but it is a problem Merida’s design has that I don’t have with the other princesses.

In conclusion I think that Merida’s Disney Princess design has pros and cons. It’s not 100% horrible but it isn’t without valid problems. I just feel Merida not liking the kind of dress she’s been given isn’t one of those problems, she still wore the dress it’s based on for most of the movie and it is for the Disney Princess brand. The glitter is bad but it’s a problem with all the princesses (except Pocahontas who is lucky enough to get a glitter free look despite her recycled art) and some art of the design won’t have it. Also why is Jasmine so short?

DISNEY PRINCESSES: Or Why This Whole "They Changed Merida!" Scandal Reeks of Bullshit to Me

I have previously gone on a rant about Disney Animation in general, and how it irritates me to no end up when people complain about how “Old Disney” was so much better. Check it Out Here. However, I haven’t really touched upon my feelings towards the Disney Princess line in general. 

Many people don’t realize just how new the line really is (particularly those aforementioned 90s worshiping shits). Disney Princesses weren’t made a merchandising “thing” until about 1999-2000 or so, when Disney executives noticed a rising demand for princess-themed items that was not being met by the companies current merchandising. The original six were Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine. By 2006, the money was almost literally pouring in as customers practically threw it at the Disney Company. The backlash began around this time as well, and the line has received quite mixed reviews ever since.

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anonymous asked:

I was super pissed about Mulan and Tiana, but I'm even more annoyed that some people didn't get mad until it was Merida. I mean I like Merida as much as the next person, but seriously?

Well and the way it was framed was super problematic because

  • it made Merida seem like the first princess to do non-traditional things when she wasn’t
  • it ignored princesses like Mulan and Kida
  • it implied that Merida was better than more feminine princesses because she didn’t “wait around to get married”

Can we please end the controversy over the Merida redesign? No matter what Disney does to fix it no one will be happy. Either she stands out from the rest of the princesses or gets a makeover like the REST OF THEM did. Let’s forget about what her redesign looks like and remember her for her true character, because no matter what she looks like she’ll always be tomboy Merida.

Merida's Redesign

I actually had to go through Merida’s tag to find what everyone was talking about… her redesign? Tbh I don’t find it sexist.

They changed her dress… BIG DEAL! What? Did everyone think she wore the exact same dress over and over and over again?

I think the dress of the redesign is more based on the one above. The fact that it’s some sort of mixture of her original dress and the one her mother asked her to wear… fits perfectly with the message of the movie.

Also, look how thin she looks there. Oh, maybe it’s because she’s wearing a corset. Oh, maybe she’s wearing one in the other picture too. Corset= thinner waist and bigger boobs. 

Oh, but she’s wearing make up.She looks too pretty. Again, BIG DEAL. Her face is still round, her hair is still messy. I find more enraging the fact that people assume a woman can’t care to look pretty if she’s also strong. Like, heavens forbid you to show more than one side of your personality!

You know what is sexist, though? The fact that everyone is talking about weather or not they like/agree/aprove her body for looking too fat/thin/tall/curvy. That’s objectifying. Seeing her as a waist, or a dress, or a face instead of as a whole human being. 

Gazzy, I have a question fooooor you :D (and well, anyone else who wants to answer really)

So I also did not like the Merida redesign, but while I discussed it with my aunt, who did not see the harm she pointed out this… I guess promotion, Disney did for it’s princesses where every princess got a new do. Cute tiaras, eccentric detail on dresses, just a bit more glits and glam for a limited edition line of princess dolls.

This leads me to my question. In a situation where EVERY disney princess gets dolled up and redesigned for the sake of selling more, like shown in the photo below, what would YOU suggest for Merida’s redesign?  How should they include her in such a promotion without causing another uproar? Is it okay for Disney to amp up the damsel in distress look?

So in trying to check out the Merida redesign on the Disney princess website, I go and can’t even get to her page since the Russian counterpart doesn’t even have Rapunzel! Sometimes being in Russia is annoying. But they talk to you in Russian quite a bit and if you hold your mouse over it they introduce themselves in Russian as well.