Flirting Under Fire

″”Mericcup week 2016 Day 5 - Flirting Under Fire (Avengers AU)

These four were just random people that North picked to go against Pitch and his alien army that has been attacking people around the world, and now they were using their powers to save everyone in New York since it was the biggest target with lots of people there.

Rapunzel wasn’t from earth, she came from a different world but now was serving her powers to help the humans ensure their safety away from Pitch. Jack was half human half entity but he was recruited along with Merida and Hiccup to save the world from Pitch and his army.

Many lives were already lost along with other that were being saved by the group, as time went on and on all four of them were starting to losing their energy. All they needed to do was close the portal that allowed Pitches army fall from the skies.

“Okay, I’ve got a plan,” Jack spoke on the cons.

Merida had taken down her part of the army as she put her fingers to the cons trying to hear Jack better. She was an average spy working for North till she was kidnapped and used for experiments for Drago’s army to create super soldiers with super powers. Most of the subjects didn’t survive but she did and now has the power to use fire.

“Aye, want whut would that be?” She asked.

“Okay, Merida and Hiccup, I need you two to distract Pitch as I destroy the portal device-”

“Elemental stone.” Rapunzel corrected.

“Whatever you call it.”

“It is called an Elemental stone, my home has one we use for light and healing.” Rapunzel informed them.

“Uh, you sure? You might get yourself killed.” Hiccup commented.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ve got something.” Jack told them.

Merida let out a sigh as she let herself lean against a broken car on its side, seeing that this battle was going to go long was going to drain all of their energy. Then she heard flapping noises seeing Hiccup flying towards her landing next to her.

“You alright?” He asked her.

Now Hiccup was half human half dragon being how doesn’t know much of his past seeing that he had human features but has black dragon scales along with wings. Though he doesn’t know his origins, he’s happy to work for with people who would run away from him.

“Y-yes… Just tired.” She told him.

“Well, no resting just yet.” Jack spoke in the cons.

“Yeah yeah, Ie heard ye.”

“You ready?” Hiccup asked her.

“Let’s go.”

Hiccup picked her up by her arms and the two flew up to the tower that had the device creating the portal. The closer and closer they got to the tower the more guards they saw flying around and about guarding the place. Hiccup had to take cover from another broken building where the two could hide for a bit. 

“Jack.” Hiccup called. 

“There’s too many guards.” He told him. 

“Yes, I know. Just wait for my signal.” Jack told the two. 

“Well, this is great.” Hiccup commented. 

“Ie guess we do something while we wait for Frosty.” Merida spoke out. 

“Hiccup why don’t you court Merida? You’ve had feelings for her have you not?” Rapunzel spoke into the cons. 

“H-hey! Not now.” Hiccup yelled. 

“Your open door will never remain open till your time comes.” Rapunzel informed Hiccup. 

“How you humans call it? A date?” Rapunzel asked. 

“Not now Rapunzel.” Hiccup spoke next. 

“Very well, still you must take action Hiccup.” She told him. 

As if on cue, an explosion happened on the tower where the two had to go and almost all of the guards were chasing after fighter jets flying around and about. 

“Well, I guess that’s our cue.” Hiccup commented. 

Hiccup picked Merida up by her waist and carried her over towards the tower and the two were inside. Going through the debree and every around they were able to find Pitch who was standing next to the portal device, standing and watching everything. 

“I knew you two were coming.” Pitch spoke softly. 

Merida made a flame appear into her hands ready to fire at Pitch at any time, while Hiccup was going to wait for an opening to attack Pitch. 

“Ie think ye knew what happens when you attack earth!” Merida yelled at Pitch. 

“Yes well, soon I’ll take over this pathetic world and all that lives here and all of you will fell the wrath of-” Pitch was sent backward by a plasma blast from Hiccup. 

“What? He was talking too much.” Hiccup commented. 

“Ie couldn’t agree more.” 

Black sand was sent towards Merida sending her to the nearest wall hitting her back against it as Pitch anger grew more and more. 

“Merida!” Hiccup called. 

Hiccup charged towards Pitch as she was sent just like Merida but was able to get himself onto his feet at he continued attacking Pitch. Merida stood back onto her feet as she sent fire at Pitch. 

The fight continued on and on with both sides hitting each other, as time passed Hiccup and Merida was losing their energy. Pitch wasn’t losing his breath, but this allowed Jack to sneak passed them all getting to the portal device. 

The more the three fought, the more they were able to move Pitch away from the device leaving Jack to figure out how to disable it. Hiccup and Merida took cover as Pitch was sending more and more send towards them. 

“Look, Merida, this is a really bad time to ask you this but-” 

“Not now Hiccup!” Merida yelled at him. 

“Yes now! I need to ask you this before-… Look will you go out with me if we survive after this?” Hiccup finally asked. 

Merida stared at Hiccup like he was crazy for asking this kind of question at a time like this. 

“Alright yes! Now help me!” Merida yelled. 

After saying that Merida was picked by black sand pulling her away from cover as another sand was shot at Hiccup forcing him to stay in place making him panic for Merida’s well-being. 

“Now, you will surrender.” Pitch spoke to the two of them. 

Ice struck Pitch from behind and making him drop Merida and Hiccup to the ground. 

“It’s over Pitch.” Jack spoke. 

And he was right, his army had fallen and the portal was disabled now only Pitch was by himself. With the help from Jack, Merida and Hiccup were able to defeat Pitch taking him in as everything was brought back to order around the world. everyone was cleaned up and this lead Hiccup and Merida to sit down with each other. 

“So about that date.” Merida spoke out. 

“Where would milady like to go?” Hiccup asked. 

“Anywhere with you.” 

After all the things that had happened, they went out on dates with each other even if they’ve gotten stares from other people.

AN: Please enjoy :D