[Well, this is the first fic I ever wrote. I have been able to develop it in my head for the past day or two, and it was actually never intended to be a fic, but I thought why not share it with everyone? I thought it was pretty good. This is some Langst, with a tiny bit of Klance in there too]

Description: Lance was captured, and held captive by the Galra in their ship. The others came to rescue him, and get him out of there. For quite a while, Lance plays it off like he’s ok, and there’s nothing to worry about, but Keith steps over the line, and Lance goes overboard, telling him, and the others, what’s wrong.


‘Being captured by the Galra isn’t all that great,’ Lance thought to himself. He was in his armor, tied up to a chair, unable to move. He was in a small, locked room. It felt just like a prison cell. At least this was better that what’s been happening to him the last two days he’s been held hostage.

Lance then heard a crash. He knew that that must have been the other paladins coming to save him. As Lance heard them turn the corner that lead them to his cell, he yelled out to get their attention.

“GUYS! I’m in here!”

Pidge was lucky enough to just hear him as they passed through. She ran over to the cell, as Shiro, Keith, and Hunk followed. Pidge sat down and started messing with the wires beside the cell Lance was in. Within a minute, she was able to get the door open.

Lance couldn’t be anymore happy to see them, but he felt as if he was unable to smile. He was in pain. More so than he has been in his whole life. But he couldn’t tell the others that. They would get to worried, and that would just hold the team back. So he just had to fake it.

“Guys!” Lance pretended to shout excitedly.

“SHHH! Keep it down, they might hear us,” pidge whispered at Lance.

After Pidge and Hunk untied Lance, he struggled to stand up. But Lance knew that he had to keep pretending to be fine. He didn’t know how lang he could keep it up, but he had to at least try.

“Lance, are you ok? Did they hurt you,” Shiro questioned Lance.

No, he wasn’t. “Yah, don’t worrie, I’m fine,” Lance lied.

“Ok, then let’s get out of here before they catch us,” Keith exclaimed, “They’re probably already on their way.”

As Lance tried his hardest not to limp, he ran with the other papadins to escape the ship. They all escaped through a hole Keith cut out earlier to get the other paladins inside, for the rescue.

They made their way to the lions. Lance rode with Shiro, since Blue wasn’t there to give him a ride back to the castle. Shiro wanted Lance to ride with him to make sure he was ok, because Shiro knows that Lance can often lie that he’s “Ok.” They made it back to the castle.

As the paladins exeted their lions outside, Shiro turned toward Lance, and the others did too, out of curiosity.

“Lance,” Shiro started, “Are you sure you’re ok? You don’t look so good.”

Lance understood that he apparently didn’t look “ok” enough, so he put on the most convincing smile he could, and looked at Shiro with bright eyes.

“Yah, I’m fine,” Lance lied, “I’m just a little dizzy, that’s all.

Shiro took his word for it. He explained to Lance that he should probably go rest, considering he had most likley had a long two days with the Galra. And boy, were those days long. As much as lance wanted to protest, he couldn’t help but say yes, considering that he honestly felt like he could die in the next ten minutes.

Lance did his best to not limp, and fall over on the floor as he walked with the rest of the group inside the castle. Once Lance got back to his room to rest up for a bit, he collapsed on the floor, sitting in front of his door, breathing heavily, and whining from pain. He kept as quite as he could to make sure the other’s couldn’t hear him. They had no idea what the Galra did to Lance, and he wanted to keep it that way. He somehow had the strength to stand up and limp himself over to his bathroom. He took off his armor to reveal his whole body. He was disgusted. He honestly didn’t know how he wasn’t dead yet. Lance slowly started to put on his normal clothes. As painful as this was, he needed to make sure the others didn’t see his body to avoid them worrying. Once he finnaly got his normal cloths on, he crawled over to his bed, wondering how much longer he has to pretend he doesn’t want to cry every second that he’s awake. After hours, what felt like years to Lance, of almost breaking down in pain, he somehow managed to fall asleep.

The alarm for the paladins woke Lance up. He was miserable. He has never felt worse in his life, but he had to keep a smile on his face. He got up, and put on his jacket. He was satisfied that all of his body was coverd. As he almost crawled to the door, he noticed that his hands were uncovered. They looked horrible from the two days he was held hostage. They felt worse. Lance looked around his room for something to cover them up with, and found a pair of gloves under his bed. He hobbled over to be bed, and picked up the gloves, whining quite a bit during the process. He slid the gloves on, and zipped up his jacket all the way so his neck was also coverd. He was satisfied now. Everything was coverd, and now he can go see the others. Once he stepped foot out his door, he stood up straight, and tried he best to walk normaly, no matter how much he wanted to cry.

As he walked toward the training deck, where the others always were in the morning, he realized the he will most likely have to fight a bot. He didn’t know what to do. He wat terrified that the others will know something’s up. All he could do for now was try his best to pretend he was fine, and maybe a merical would happen where he didn’t need to fight a bot.

Oh how wrong he was.

Lance entered the training deck, and the four other paladins looked right at him. He got worried he wasn’t acting good enough.

“You’re late,” Shiro said with a stern voice.

“Since when isn’t he,” Pidge said back at Shiro, earning her a chuckle from Hunk, whom was sitting next to her.

Lance gave a slight sigh of relief, as he tried his best to walk over to take a seat next to Pidge. Keith was in a battle with a bot at the monent, and Lance just watched. He didn’t feel like giving any sourt of snarky comment of how “bad” he was doing. Pidge quickly took notice of this, and felt a little confused.

“Hey Lance,” She started, “how come you’re not insulting Keith? You always do that to try and distract him.”

Lance quickly came up with an excuse. “Eh, just a little tired for yesterday. But I’m fine, no need to worry.” Lance gave her a fake smile of reassurance, and Pidge bought it. Lance, Pidge and Hunk all sat next ro eachother as Keith finished up his training with the bot.

“Good work Keith. You’re really staring to get a good grip on hand-to-hand combat,” Shiro siad to Keith. Keith only gave him a nod, and started walking towards the three other paladins sitting on a bench. Lance hoped and prayed that he wasn’t next for training. He didn’t think he could take it.

“Lance, you’re next,” Shiro called out. But he didn’t call up Lance cause he wanted to actually see him train. He called him up cause he knew something was up. As good of an actor as Lance was, he could still see right through his lies.

“Uh…,” Lance started. He needed to come up with an excuse. “Are you sure Shiro? I’m still pretty dizzy from yesterday. The Galra aren’t quite that freindly you know.”

“I’m well aware of that” Shiro stated. “But I would still like to see you try your best to fight the bot.”

Lance only stared at Shiro. He was done for now. ‘Maybe another merical will happen,’ he thought. Lance reluctanly stood up, and walked over to the center of the deck. Shiro got the bot ready, and let the bot sprint ot Lance. Lance got out his bayard, and had it transform into his gun, but It was so heavy for Lance’s weak arms, that it fell right to the floor bringing his arms with it. He struggled to pick the gun back up, but it was to late, and the bot gave him a kick to the chest. Lance stumbled to the ground, his chest burning in what just happened. All of his energy went to trying not to cry or scream in pain. Shiro stopped the bot, and ended the training sequence. He started to walk up towards Lance.

“I thought something was up,” Shiro said to himself.

The three paladins on the bench sat there in confusion, not knowing what was going on. The three of them got up on thier feet, and started walking towards Lance.

Lance knew he there was nothing else he could do, but he still had a little hope that maybe he could convince the others that he was fine, even though he was far from that.
Lance stood up as quickly as he could, no matter how much it hurt, and started to protest.

“Sorry about that Shiro, I’m just not on my ‘A game’ today,” which was more than true.

“Lance,” Shiro said sternly, “Something’s up, and you’re not telling us. What’s wrong.”

The three paladins that were standing behind Shiro were even more confused than before. They want to help out his friend, and help him feel better.

“Nothing is wrong Shiro, I promise,” Lance said as calm as he could.

“Aw, come on buddy,” Hunk said cheefully as he walked up to Lance. “You can tell us if something is wrong, we’re your friends!”

Hunk gave him a stiff pat on the back, wich earned an unexpected yelp of pain from Lance. All the paladins stared at him.

Ok. This was it. Lance was done for now.

“Woah, you ok dude,” Hunk worryingly asked.

At this point, Lance started panicking. “Yah, don’t worry I’m all good,” Lance said uncalm.

Pidge was onto him now too, but she decided to take a different route, instead of repeatedly asking him if he was ok.

“Lance, why do you have gloves on,” Pidge asked with supition.

Lance knew he had to tell them, but he couldn’t. “Uh.. Er-um… I just got cold, ok,” is the best Lance could come up with.

“Lance, all we want to do it help. Please tell us what’s wrong,” Shiro said in a calm voice.

“Nothing! Nothing is wrong, I’m fine!,” Lance said as he panicked.

For the next few minutes, it was the paladins bombarding Lance with questions, that Lance didn’t know how to respond to.

“Ugh, Lance, stop being so selfish, and tell us what’s wrong,” Keith said out of annoyance.

Lance started with his usual ‘It’s nothing, I’m fine,’ but in the middle of that sentence, Lance paused. He thought for a moment. His eyes narrowed and he stared at Keith. He almost looked discusted at him. Keith stood there in confusion, and so did the rest of the paladins.

“Selfish… Selfish?!,” Lance said, almost shouting the second time.

“Do you not know what I did to protect you? Do you not know what I went through?,” Lance started.

Keith stood there even more confused than before. The other paladins watched, but Lance was talking to Keith.

“Y-you know what?… Fine,” Lance quietly said. He ripped off his gloves, and jacket to reveal his arms. The paladins were in complete shock, fear, and almost disgust. All of them coverd their mothes, and oped their eyes wide. Lances arms were almost completely red, coverd with deep cuts, shock marks, blisters, and almost anything bad you can think of. His arms even seemed like they were missing the first few layers of skin, which you could say they were. Lance continued toy stare at keith for another moment, and the started again.

“Ok, I’m not fine. I haven’t been ever since I was held hostage of the Galra ship.” Lance’s voice was shaky, and had anger in it, but he wasn’t shouting.

“You have no idea what I went through durring those two days. I have been hit, punched, kicked, shocked, tased, cut, whiped, stabbed, and a LOT more that I can’t even remember at this point.”

All the paladins stood there, not knowing what to do.

“Lance…,” Shiro said softly. Lance gave him a quick glair that clearly said, 'Let me finish this.’ Shiro backed off.

Lance continued speaking to Keith. “And you know…” Lance gestured to his arms, “All of this could have avoided.”

The paladins gave him a look of, 'well why didn’t you avoid it?’ Lance answerd.

“I could have avoided all of that pain and suffering if I just told them where you guys were, and how to get Voltron.”

The paladins somehow become more shoked than before. They realized that Lance went through something so much worse that they could imagine, because he wanted to protect them. Keith felt a slight bit of fear from Lance’s tone, and extream guilt for saying that he was selfish, when clearly, he was so selfless and loyal to his team.

“If I just told them you you were, I would have been fine, but OH NO I DIDN’T, because I knew that it would lead to a lot of worse thinds than me getting beat up!” Lances voice started to get a little more shakey, and his voice started to raise more, but not quite to a shout. Every sigle word he said was directed right at Keith. He didn’t care that the others were there.

“You don’t know how many times I passed out from blood loss, but OH, they made sure I was well alive, so they could keep beating me up, until I gave them an answer!” Lance’s eyes started to get puffy. He couldn’t contain his emotion, and how angry he was. He didn’t even notice the pain going through his body as he spoke.

“Two days… 48 hours of pain. For two days, I got no food, water, or sleep, all I got was needles being stabbed into me, and boiling water beeing poured all over me!” Lance said.

Lance was shouting now. The other paladins keped standing in shock, not even Shiro knew what to do. As Lance continued to shout at Keith, he started to cry from all the emotion he was having. Keith stood in fear, and in guilt.

Lance subconsciously started to slowly walk towards Keith while still shouting, almost screaming, at him. Keith in fear, backed up at the same pace Lance walked toward him.

As Lance continued, Hunk jogged up to him, and gently put his hand on his shoulder. He tried to calm Lance down, but Lance didn’t even look at him when he shoved Hunk off, having him tumble to the ground. Pidge and Shiro ran to go help Hunk.

Lance then continued, still walking towards Keith.

“You don’t know how may times I ran out of voice to scream with! You don’t know how many times I ran out of tears to cry with!” Lance screamed. His eyes were red, with tears pooring down his face like a river. Keith was now all the way backed up to the wall, with no where else to go. Lance continued to walk toward him.

“You have no idea what I went through durring thoes two days to protect you, and the others, and YOU DARE CALL ME SELFISH FOR IT!!!” Lance shrieked. Durring the last part of his sentience, Lance reached Keith at the wall, grabbed the callar of his jacket, and pulled his face close to his own.

Keith was terrified. Out of all the aileins he fought, and missions he has been on, he has never been more scared. His eyes were wide. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t. Nothing would come out of his mouth.

Lance on the other-hand was furious. He has never been so mad in his life, and he knows that too. The word 'selfish’ ran through his mind. He went through the worst of the worst to protect his team, and Keith said he was selfish. The tears kept pouring down his face as he stared at keith, with a face that couldn’t have anymore passion in it for how he felt at that moment.

The other paladins were sure that if Lance had a knife, he would stab Keith a few times, and not even fell sorry for it. They have never seen either side of these two before. Keith; The brave boy, who always knew what to do, was terrified out of his skin. Lance; the happy-go-lucky paladin, who always has a smile on his face, was filled with rage, while heavy tears came down his face out of anger.

Only a tick or so passed as Lance finished speaking. He felt his legs wobble. He felt and extream amount of pain. I guess that was getting him back for not noticing while his emotions took over. He started to breath heavy, and Keith noticed, but didn’t know what to do. Still holding on to his collar, Lance fell over and collapsed on the ground, almost bringing Keith down with him. Lance started to cough up blood. Shiro, Hunk and Pidge ran over to assist, and Keith stood in frount of him, not sure what to do. Between coughs of blood, Lance gave heavy, breathy sobs, from crying so much, and having so much emotion run through him.

Within a minute, Lance finished coughing up blood, and passed out on the floor. The paladins stayed silent for a moment. They were all in shock. Of what Lances arms looked like; destroyed. Of how he reacted when Keith called him selfish. The story of what he went through, and being suprised he lived, not to metion he even somehow managed to put on a smile, trying to fake it.

The paladins looked at eachother. Shiro, still in shock, brushed it off. He knew he still had to be the leader.

“Pidge,” He said in a slight panic, “Go get Allura and Coran. Bring the medical supplies too. Keith, Hunk. Grab Lance, bring him to his room, and strip him down. We need to see what other injuries he has. I’ll go get the healing pod ready.”

The three other paladins nodded to Shiro, and did as they were told.


“ALLURA! CORAN!” Pidge shouted in panic.

Both of the Alteans turned and looked at Pidge with concern.

“Pidge, what’s wrong,” Allura asked soft and sweetly.

“IT’S LANCE! HE-… Agh.. Eh,” Pidge was in so much panic, she stumbled over most of her words, almost crying. She finally told them to just go to Lance’s room as she ran off to get to medical equipment. Allura and Coran both looked at each other and rushed over to Lance’s room to see what the fuss was about.

Allura and Coran both enterd Lance’s room. They saw him stripped down to his boxers laying down on his bed while Keith and Hunk are sutting there as well. Lance was coverd in scars, cuts, wounds, and practically didn’t have any skin left. The Alteans both stood shocked, wided eyed, covering their mouths. They had no idea what to say.

Pidge rushed in between Allura and Coran with a case in hand. She stopped heself for less than a tik taking in what the rest of Lance’s body looked like. Broken. She brushed it off, and slid over by Lance.

“Is he still alive,” Pidge questioned as she tried to oped the case af supplies.

Keith froze. He remembered he didn’t bother to check if his heart was even still pounding on not. He quickly placed his hand on the dry blooded, scarred, and unprotected of skin that was Lance’s chest. Everyone paused for a moment in frear.

Keith gave a sight of relief.

The others did too. Pidge started to perform he procedures, and gave the analysis that he was tired, hungry, and thirsty. The others in the room looked down to the floor not sure what to say. Allura finally spoke.

“Who did this to him,” she asked.

“The Galra while he was held hostage,” Hunk explained.

Allura stood in shock, not believing it was true. “But he said he was ok… He said they did nothing to him! How could he act so happy, when he looks like that!”

“Apparently Lance is a better actor than we all thought,” said Keith.

Shiro walked behind the two Alteans whom were still in the doorway of Lance’s room. He told everyone that the pod was ready. Keith and Hunk carefully picked up Lance, and brought him over to the pod. Allura was now able to scan him in the healing pod. She was suprised that Lance was still alive, after seeing everything. She talked about everything to Shiro for a while.

The three paladins that were left, sat outside the door, waiting for Shiro to come out and tell them that everything was going to be ok. As tears started to fall from all their faces, Shiro opened the door. Keith, Hunk, and Pidge all looked up at him with hope in their eyes, as if it was a child, looking to see what wise words their father has to say.

Shiro kneeled down to their level on the ground.

“Allura told me everything,” he said with a calm voice, “She said that she has rarely seen anyone so damaged. She has no idea how long it will take for lance to come out of the pod.”

The three paladins sigh.

“If… He comes out,” Shiro said quietly.

The paladins looked up at Shiro, with pure fear in their eyes. They were confused, and wern’t sure what to say.

“But… Can’t the healing pod just heal him… Like it’s supposed to,” Keith asked quietly.

“Like I said,” Shiro explained, “Allura hasn’t seen a person with so much damage in the healing pod many times. She can’t say whether the healing pod will fix him, or… Not work… Shw told me if he didn’t make it, the pod would start blinking red.”

Eveyone was in science. Hunk got up, and gestured to Keith and Pidge to follow him to where Lance’s healing pod was. They followed. Once they came into the room, they sat by Lance’s pod. Not saying anything. Tears coming down their faces. And hour or so passed, and Pidge was called for assistance, so she took orders, and left the room. Another while passed, and Hunk got up to leave, because he got hungery, and went to make something for everyone. Keith stayed. He was leaned up against Lance’s pod. The word 'selfish’ ran through his head hundreds of times. He felt responsible for what happened to Lance. If he didn’t speak, or even said something else, Lance would not have passed out. He wouldn’t have coughed up blood, and have such an attack from all of the emotions he had.

Keith didn’t move from his spot for hours, crying during all that time. The only time Keith left the room that night was when Hunk picked him up, and sat him down at the table to eat somethig. Keith barely ate though. Everytime he looked at his food, he just thought of how Lance told him that he spent two days with no food, and suffering from pain. Hunk finally excused Keith when he thought he ate enough food, and he headed straight back to the room where Lance was. Keith sat by his pod for another few hours. At one point, Shiro came in and told him that he had to go to sleep, but the teary eyed teen refused. Shiro gave up, and just gave him a pillow and blanked to sleep with but Lance. Keith sleep there for the night. One night turned into several nights. He sat by Lance’s pod day in night, hoping and praying that it wouldn’t blink red. He would rather wait a year for Lance to come out of that pod, then for it to blink red right now. The only time Keith left that room was when he and the team went on missions. Keith knew that he couldn’t bring the team down, even thought he’s upset, so durring missions, he did his best to forget about Lance, but once everyone was back at the castle, he headed straight for Lance again.


It’s been months. Three to be exact. And as you would expect, Keith sat right by Lance’s pod. He was tired. Cold. Hungry. But that didn’t matter to him. He knew that that wasn’t compared to anything Lance went through a few months ago.

Keith heard a noise. He turned around to face the pod Lance was in.

The pod was blinking red with a slight beep.

Keith’s eyes widened. He sat in frount of the pod in disbelief. This couldn’t happen. Not now. Not after he waited so long!

Tears started to form in his eyes. He didn’t know what to do. For minutes he sat there, waiting for the beeping and blinking to stop, hoping that if he waited long enough, it would stop and Lance would pop out. But It keped beeping and blinking red. Keith stood up in panic. He started to bang his fists against the glass, wanting to hold Lance in his arms, and cradle him once again. After a while the blinking stopped. Keith opened his eyes.

He woke up.

Keith sat up from the floor in panic, and looked over at Lance’s pod. It was still glowing bright blue. Keith sighed in relief. For weeks he’s been getting this same dream, over and over again. He didn’t bother to tell anyone else, because it wasn’t important enough to bring up in his opinion. Keith looked over at the clock. 3:30AM, it said. He sighed. He looked over at Lance in his pod. He admired his soft, and calmed look in his face.

The three months that Keith has been sitting in that room, the more and more guilt he felt. He sighed and rested his head on the pod. He stayed quiet. Thoughts racing through his mind. He opened his eyes and paused for a moment. He realized something.

'If Lance dies,’ Keith thought, 'that means the last thing I ever said to him was that he was…’

Keith wasn’t even going to finish that thought. He hated that word with a passion now. But he knew what he meant. Keith closed his eyes, and started to cry once again, and sat back on his blanket. He looked over at the pod to see if something would happen. Nothing happened. Keith eventually cried himself to sleep, as he has done many times in the past three months.


Keith was still fast asleep with dry tears in his eyes, when he felt a gush of cold air. He coverd up more in his blanked and shivered. He wondered it Pidge or Hunk turned the AC on or something. He slightly opened his eyes, only to be greeted with a bright blue light. He coverd his eyes. 'What kind of prank is this,’ he thought. He quickly then realized that cold air, and a bright blue light comes out of a pod once a person is healed. He opened his eyes wide. He stood up as quickly as he could, to see if Lance was there.

He was.

Keith couldn’t beleive his eyes. He didn’t believe them. He quickly turned around the see the time. 5:16AM, said the clock. He turned back around to see Lance coverd but a clod fog. Keith stepped closer to him. His heart was racing, and he was breathing quickly, almost feeling like he was going to faint.

Keith stood there in frount of Lance. He wanted to say something so bad, but he was scared he wouldn’t answer. He finally got himself together and said something.

“Uh… L-Lance?”

Keith paused and waited a tik. He waited a few more tiks. Every tik that passed, Keith had less and less hope. Seven tiks passes. He gave up. He started to tear up again. He went over stepped in the pod, and hugged Lance.

“I’m sorry,” Keith started, “… I called you… Selfish. I’m sorry I didn’t realize what happened to you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do anything for you…”

Keith didn’t expect an answer. He already gave up. But he heard something. Something that sounded like a hum.

Keith looked up, “Lance?,” he said quietly.

Lance’s eyes were still closed. He didn’t make another sound. But Keith felt the movement of Lance’s arms rap around him, and pull him closer.

Keith still couldn’t believe it. Keith held Lance a little tighter, and cried into his shirt, saying 'I’m so sorry’ over and over again.

“Thank you, Keith,” Lance finally spoke after what felt like hours.

Keith shot his head up to look at Lance as he spoke, with such a quiet tone.

“If you didn’t say anything,” Lance started, “ You guys wouldn’t have found out about what happened. I would have insisted that I was ok. If I didn’t get to the healing pod sooner, I probably wouldn’t have made it.”

Lance laughed a little after his scentence. He gently let go of Keith and got out of his pod to streach. Keith was still in tears.

Lance looked at Keith and held out his hand.

“Wanna go tell the others I’m ok?” Lance said with a smile.

Keith nodded, quickly took Lance’s hand, and ran with him to go see the others.

/// The End \\


After dumping Leidy, Meyer ~may or may not~ have began dating a Meric.

Her name is Ara. Due to political uncertainty and potential of a civil war in their home country, her family immigrated to Avva while she was very young. Despite growing up with her family in a Meric community within the city, she has little knowledge or connection with her species/nation’s culture. Her family is wary of how “close” she is getting to the Ocos and their way of life. 

Ara is quiet and generally withdrawn, and enjoys growing (and eating) flowers  and nail art.

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If you could buy 20 things from sephora for free what it would be?

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Have you ever put your own species on the butch-femme scale heh?

All my species have different norms on sexuality, gender norms, and presentation, and internally their equivalents of Butch and femme would be different from be another.

But FOR THE SAKE OF IT Vollarks are stone Butch followed by Merics and soft Butch Daws. Ocos are Futch while Banxers are soft femme. Managians are obv high femme and/or clown femme