Mericcup Week 2015 Day 2 >> “Duty means doing the thing your heart may well regret.” (Princess and the Pauper)

An alternate gifset of this, in which Hiccup interrupts Merida’s wedding with that so called ‘dramatic flair’ of his, steals her away and flies off into the sunset.


Jackunzel Week 2016 Day 7 >> Everyone Can See It
Merida and Hiccup are so done with the fact that Jack and Punz won’t admit they’re totally head over heels for one another.
*Also offering this to Mericcup Week, as I won’t be submitting for the week, but your lovely mod Gail will be the one contributing to those days. <3 Thank you so much to everyone who joined Jackunzel Week this year!!

“They’re only fooling themselves.” You’re one to talk, Hic.

  • This just happened.
  • Mom: *watching HTTYD2 on tv*
  • Me: *not watching because busy and reasons*
  • Mom: *sees the Hiccstrid kissing scene* ..I don't like them together.
  • Me: *adrenaline rush kicks in and turns laptop to show a Mericcup GIF*
  • Mom: *stares for 30 seconds*
  • Mom: Yeah. That looks better.
  • My mother approves my OTP. Now I know where I got my preference from.