My Manip Gif Tutorial

Okay since some people were asking I’m gonna make a tutorial on how I make my manip gifs. I’m going to assume you already know how to make gifs in the first place for this, but if you don’t there are already plenty of tutorials. I, for one use this methodbut any will work.

What I use:

  • VLC Media player
  • Photoshop CS6 (But I’m pretty sure older versions will work just fine)
  • A Drawing Tablet (Not essential in any case but It really helps)

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Harry Potter AU: Mericcup as Ginny and Harry

Secret Santa for: open-notebook-ramblings (snowingclara)

I hope that you have the best holiday ever! I hope that you get to hang with your family and the people you love. I stalk your blog (can’t lie) and you seem to be a pretty nice human being. You deserve the best, seriously. 

This is part one of your secret santa because… just because! This AU looked better on my mind, I have to make it up…

  • This just happened.
  • Mom: *watching HTTYD2 on tv*
  • Me: *not watching because busy and reasons*
  • Mom: *sees the Hiccstrid kissing scene* ..I don't like them together.
  • Me: *adrenaline rush kicks in and turns laptop to show a Mericcup GIF*
  • Mom: *stares for 30 seconds*
  • Mom: Yeah. That looks better.
  • My mother approves my OTP. Now I know where I got my preference from.

Mericcup AU: Hiccup wakes up early just to find Merida out early too and she asks for his help in getting the food. And also because she asks “Have ye caught any fish like ever Hiccup?” Which he answers with a ‘no’, so in other words she’s also teaching him how. Then he realizes that he’s going to have to gut it, especially since she noticed the knife in his pocket as they walked to the lake.

also this could be a possible Big Four/ROTBTD AU wherein Jack and Rapunzel are still sleeping ;)