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Take it on the Run- REO Speedwagon

American Science- Duran Duran

Hold me- Fleetwood Mac and Duran Duran 

(Personal) Jesus- Depeche Mode

Eyes Without a Face- Billy Idol

Love Bites- Def Leppard 

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Didn't she mean that happy ending meant sex when she said "what does happy ending mean" and I thought you meant sex". "There's other things thry can do". In this fandom people want marriage (I blame the 'Mericans, whilst we European are more than happy just seeing them enjoy their time together in bed sharing a home not necessarily marrried because we don't hold marriage as the ultimate proof of happiness but more the thing of sharing your life with someone. Marriage doesn't add happiness!

I agree with you nonny, (though I do think that for some people - even a lot of people - marriage can be a wonderful, life affirming thing so please don’t misunderstand this as me shitting on that institution!). I just feel like in this specific instance the marriage focus takes away from other questions/happy endings we could discuss. Gillian has been very vocal about her wanting Mulder and Scully to get it on (despite also saying that sex scenes are not comfortable for her) - and I think that just a properly lit, in focus, on screen acknowledgement of that physical relationship (they had a BABY ffs we know it happened!)would put out a lot of fires, make the fans and the stars happy and be the sort of happy ending many of us could agree on!

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i come from the land of Ben Franklin
Twain, and Poe, and Walt Whitman 
Otis Redding, Ellington
the country that i love!
but it’s the land of the slaves and the Ku Klux Klan
Haymarket Riot and the Great Depression
Joe McCarthy, Vietnam
the sickest joke i know!

listen up man i’ll tell you who i am
just another stupid american
you don’t wanna listen, you don’t wanna understand
so finish up your drink and go home!

i’m proud and ashamed every 4th of July!
you’ve got to know the truth before you say that you’ve got pride.


New Balance 997 “American Lager”

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We flipped our finger to the king of england
Stole our country from the indians
With god on our side and guns in our hands
We took it for our own
A nation dedicated to liberty
Justice and equality
Does it look that way to you?
It doesn’t look that way to me
The sickest joke I know


This past weekend I went to Dystopia Rising Pennsyltucky again. I had an amazing time and got to shoot some footage as well as photos of the players. My favorite side of DR is the beautiful props that players come up with. From News Papers delivered from one town to the next, to shields made to represent a person’s heritage. Looking forward to going back in May. <3