i come from the land of Ben Franklin
Twain, and Poe, and Walt Whitman 
Otis Redding, Ellington
the country that i love!
but it’s the land of the slaves and the Ku Klux Klan
Haymarket Riot and the Great Depression
Joe McCarthy, Vietnam
the sickest joke i know!

listen up man i’ll tell you who i am
just another stupid american
you don’t wanna listen, you don’t wanna understand
so finish up your drink and go home!

i’m proud and ashamed every 4th of July!
you’ve got to know the truth before you say that you’ve got pride.


This past weekend I went to Dystopia Rising Pennsyltucky again. I had an amazing time and got to shoot some footage as well as photos of the players. My favorite side of DR is the beautiful props that players come up with. From News Papers delivered from one town to the next, to shields made to represent a person’s heritage. Looking forward to going back in May. <3

Unappreciated 13 reasons why fact

Im not sure if people noticed it yet but the families in 13 reasons why are shown as realistic families. Not the ‘MERICAN DREAM kind of families. And i love that we have 2 male parents (courtney) , discussion and arguments in the families(Clay/Hannah) , a father that takes care of the family while the mother works or is sick(Alex) , a mother that takes care of the kids alone(Zach), abusive families (Justin) I mean the picture of 13 reasons why does not resemble the American dream family and actually shows reality. I love that.
Sorry for wasting ur time :)


happy easter haul!

0ld n@vy

  • star wars shirt: $16.94
  • nasa shirt: $16.94
  • 3 pack of socks: $5
  • flower dress:$29.94
  • e!f kabuki brush: $10

@merican @pparel

  • tennis skirt: $54
  • blue hoodie: $48
  • purple hoodie: $48


  • $5?


  • pink shot glass: $4.99
  • blue shot glass: $4.95
  • wine stopper: $29.47
  • candy (not pictured) $15

total saved: $288.23

✨happy easter y’all✨