• Aragorn: I never understood why people cared so much about their dumb hobbits until I got dumb hobbits myself. I've only had Frodo and Sam for a day and a half, but if anything happened to them, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
  • Galadriel: Celeborn and I have that kind of easy chemistry where we finish each other's-
  • Celeborn: Sentences.
  • Galadriel: Please don't interrupt me.

So this post here talks about the other characters besides the hobbits being a

Hobbit Delivery System

and I just…I had to okay?

Also MPS stands for Middle-Earth Parcel Service, obviously. I was too lazy for Gandalf. Maybe I should have gone with Middle-Earth Hobbit Service? ;D

  • Frodo: [in Mordor] This is not your average, everyday darkness. This is... ADVANCED darkness.