Get Grilled On

[ Grillby x FireElemental!Reader ]

Being a fire elemental was hard.

Especially being a female, fire elemental.

Not only could you not go to Waterfall full stop nor walk around in Snowdin without long pants or skirt with socks that fully covered your legs when the snow was deep, you were harassed at work.

It wasn’t bad all the time working at Grillby’s as a waitress, in fact it was what you’ve wanted to do since you could walk. It was a strange dream your friends didn’t quite understand, but you were happy and that’s all that mattered. And it’s great during the day when all the respectable customers come in for lunch during their break or tourists coming in for brunch before going off and doing more sightseeing activities, they were fun to serve and small talk with. The night crowd was the worst as you were ‘gifted’ with a… sex toy figure.

Most girls would love to have such a body with an hourglass figure and packing ‘in all the right places’, but when you work at a bar at night, and all the lonely, drunk sentries come in… let’s say you didn’t find it the most comfortable. Every second comment was a booty call, or a booty call integrated with a bad pun. You already had Sans’ puns to deal with, you didn’t need more.

But, despite all the badness nights give you, the day shifts were good enough that you didn’t lose the enjoyment in your job. Grillby was good company as well, as before the bar opened in the morning, and after it had closed at night, we’d aimlessly chat about life whilst cleaning or setting up. That was one good thing about being a fire elemental, you and Grillby could speak your native language. This naturally made him open up from that shy nature of his that no one, except you, could get passed. He did the same for you too, really. He was one of the only people that truly understood you too. And this friendship, honestly, made your heart churn.

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Marker on 140lb. cold press watercolor block.
I have this love/hate relationship with markers so I only use them once every couple of years, all of the queue posts coming up that are like this were drawn in a 3-week period. Got to get it while the going is good. Merms and an angler person. Most of the rest are birds.

That left one looks like that thing from Neopets, a “Peophin”? I totally had a starry-brush one. I assume that Neopets is now all fancy. Alas.


A hippocamp actually! Or a Mer-horse if you’d prefer :P I was having fun experimenting with the class set of Primacolor markers, and they were fantaaaaaaaaaaaastic. I loved them :3 This image also inspired one of my friends to do a hippocamp for her mural final project that we had to do at the time. A lot of kids thought I did this on the computer and printed it out, but that’s just showing how clean and crisp the lines look in real life.