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me: [blows kisses to all the queer kids at hogwarts]

Tada @winged-salad I did it. I tried very hard to try and merge both our styles but I dont think it worked very well :/ Guess you really CANT change your style…

The vanoss is by @winged-salad so go check our that blog cause honestly its awesome and the art is just amazing!


this is all i could think about while doing it, cause i head canon delirious as smol XD its cute tho

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tips on developing an art style...? it's a common question, I know, but I hate that I can't find something that makes my art "unique" from others without thinking some parts of each drawing looks like other artists I love... it makes me feel like I'm stealing styles and I'm just (T_T)

Well, you know, taking things you like from artists you love isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually good; you take things you enjoy and incorporate them within your own work and then you’ll notice that everything starts to slowly blend into a different thing, and that’s how you grow and that’s how your style develops.

I learned a lot from other artists and I adapted things I saw them do in my own things and it all somehow merged into the style I have today.

Don’t condemn yourself for trying things other are doing; instead use those things to improve your work and develop it

anon hour

So, I realised I hadn’t done a new commission price list now that I’m back at uni! 

The American prices may vary slightly depending on the translation rate at the time of charging, I request everything via paypal in Australian dollars to ensure I get paid the same amount on my end.

I kinda made up the names of the styles just so that people can request it easily, rather than trying to describe the picture. If there’s some other style you’ve seen me whip out, or a merge of two styles, or whatever, I will happily do so. The prices are based on a $30/hour rate, so I can estimate a cost for any other sort of art you want with that idea.

I usually try to get commissions to people within a few days but because I’m at uni I may take longer sometimes. If I’m crazy busy and you need a rush job I may charge extra. I’m happy to draw any character or fandom, but I prefer to work from a photograph (also, I’ve no issues doing nsfw). I will very happily draw your family or friends, I’ve found that my art can be a great birthday present!  

My art tag on my blog is #shannon rose if you want to have a look.

Send me a message!!

I’m not sure if Outlast’s gameplay of ‘you can only hide in lockers or run away’ will still be fun or enjoyable after RE7 proved that you can merge that style of gameplay with having the ability to fight back and still be properly scary/atmospheric/tense though …. will it work or will it just wear thin

Reminder that whether you lean towards Marichat, Ladrien, Ladynoir, or Adrienette, that there is no purpose in downplaying the other corners of the ship in order to make your fave look like “the best” or the most valid.

We’re all shipping the SAME TWO PEOPLE TOGETHER. Trying to act like other versions of your ship aren’t as good as yours is completely illogical and does nothing but create shipping wars. Adrien and Marinette, whether they know it yet or not, love each other in ALL their forms. Chillax.

Luis Monteiro/Courtesy of Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu, Inspired by the World

The Nigerian-born, British-educated lawyer-turned-fashion-designer merges riotus prints with daring shapes for collections that transcend trends - and global boundaries.

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I fucking love sphynx cats, along with pugs and sloths. Sweet beautiful bug-eyed babies.

Made a Sphynx cat character a few weeks ago, and trying to settle on colors, clothes etc for her but was having a lot of trouble.

I have ALSO been playing a bit of Wakfu as of late (would be a lot more fun if my internet didn’t kick me off) and suddenly, it made me want to draw her more as an ecaflip from the game (she can roll up and tie up her pants bottoms if she gets too hot/cold since she’d be more sensitive to the elements/would have a hood because screw sunburns. )

HOWEVER. I am absolutely awful with trying to merge styles so she just probably looks quite awkward. Along with that, me and colors? Also quite awkward.


This was quite fun and I hope to draw her some more because I like her a lot. The end.

Ecaflip, Wakfu belong Ankama