merge layer

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*

how to draw murdoc

1. find a picture of each individual Beatle
2. put them all on separate layers
3. merge all layers together into horrible british rock abomination
4. green filter
5. done

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how do you get that "3D" effect on your art?

OK so you make your lineart


color lineart

now duplicate the lineart !

then ‘preserve opacity’ for the duplicates and set it to multiply

then for the duplicates, change the colors to these

now you get this 

then lower the opacity of the duplicate layers somewhere in 20-30%

then move those layers a bit like this

then merge the duplicate layers to the original lineart


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hi!! i just wanted to know, when you paint, and you've done your blk/white values, how are you switching to color? a new layer with like Overlay settings or?? and then you paint on top of that right (but when i paint on top of layer settings and merge later, it loses the effect..)?

This example is from the WIP files of Morrigan here but it’s the process I pretty much apply to any digital painting I do. Here’s how my layer sets tend to look like (I color coded them just for u anon):

Breaking it down, first I have my b&w painting that I’ve usually done in a separate psd file (because if I keep it all in one file it gets kinda messy and difficult to manage after a while) and merged together and ported into a new file for coloring.

Then it’s just a matter of coloring stuff in and messing with blending modes until it looks nice. And yes you can’t merge alpha layers (i.e. any transparency) set to different blending modes because the mode will default to none and you’ll get some funky results. keep those on their respective layers. leave em alone. don’t touch em.

And then I make a new separate set of layers on top to get some more painting action goin on. Try different things to see what works best for you, but I find this sorta three-tier process pretty easy and natural to follow.

Someone wanted process on FB (there’s not much unfortunately plus there’s that whole weird skip where there was a lot of layering/overlaying/curve using).


You guys seemed interested in Kai so I made a rough small comic c:
…Theres a reason I never draw animals =w=‘ Sorry.

Before entering the world of Eldarya, Kai was living with her older brother and pet dog. Kai adores them more than anything so she spent most of first day in Eldarya freaking out about getting home. This comic I pictured taking place when she learned she won’t be able to return home. Homesick is an understatement. She wasn’t really getting along with anyone and she was given a Corko to take care of. Fuckface ((yup, that is what she named her Corko =w=‘)) reminds her pug back at home.
After this night she opens up more to the new world around her. ((As well as being kinder to Fuckface))

Hope you guys like it c:


We moved in to a new apartment a few months ago, and the cats hadn’t left the bedroom for like… over a month. Except to like, eat and pee (just like living with the ‘rents again!) But after bringing Lotus home from a vet visit, they both… came out? In broad daylight?? I was a very proud cat mom.

(PS: Please feel free to read Lotus’ voice in Grey DeLisle’s voice.)

(PPS: The narrative, while minimal, kind of fell apart on itself? That being said: Don’t merge your speech bubble layer with your lineart layer!!! Especially when you… haven’t solidified the script. Ugh.)

Painty dood of Brei