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Created this side-blog years ago due to desperately wanting to reblog my other favourite shows but having a ‘Merlin’ main blog.  I’ve always loved ‘Game of Thrones’ and became a fan after watching S1 when it first came out on DVD.  Then I ran off to read all the books before S2 came out.  So I was obviously going through one of my mini obsessions with the show when I created the name (and had to miss the ‘s’ off, unfortunately) but this has always been a large mix of my other shows and it’s only really since S7 that my love for the story has suddenly become an obsession.

And that’s mostly the fault of Jonerys (although really, I blame Kit and Emilia - lol) I always loved seeing those two actors together bts and thought it such a shame we didn’t see them interact in the show … yet.  Yes, I always hoped/assumed they would meet up and was not at all disappointed when they finally did.  And doesn’t it say something on a programme like GOT when HAND HOLDING ends up being the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen on the show?

I’ve also just finished a S1 re-watch and have had SUCH fun looking at it through my newly polished Jonerys specs as well as with the benefit of hindsight.  100% recommend you guys to do the same.

Only sad thing is all the grumbles and annoying ship stuff.  Merlin all over again when all I want to do is sit back and enjoy all the pretty but so many people seem to only enjoy hating;  I never have been able to understand that. I was lucky with Mergana in that there was hardly any hate directed towards it, but I did also like Arwen (as it fit well with my OTP) and hated the hate directed at my second favourite ship - and the adorable Gwen - SO much. The stuff in this fandom is annoying too but I’m just having to do what I used to do … grit my teeth and scroll past to look for the stuff I want to enjoy.

Anyway, I, jaqtkd - with a certain reputation as a Mergana writer ;) - have written my first Jonerys one shot (based on the ep 7 leaks/rumours), which I think has the same sort of sexiness that my readers have liked, and I am currently trying hard to hold out until Saturday’s Smut Fest to post it (be careful clicking if you don’t want to be spoiled over a major ep 7 plot point).  Currently don’t have any ideas for longer works … I somehow doubt I’ll be able to as few shows seem to work for me in that way … but I also do a little art so I’m sure I’ll be drawing my new pairing very soon too (Is it possible to have two OTPs? :P )

Anyway, I’m enjoying being on board a Ship again, especially a Ship on a ship! :D and thank you fellow fans for your wonderful art, fics and insights so far xxx

when you start shipping something out of nowhere

How I categorize my ships
  • Me: OTP A, please have sex
  • Me: OTP B, please keep having sex
  • Me: OTP C, please come back to having sex
  • Me: OTP D, just breathe the same air

Mergana AU :  He sees her face on the cover of a magazine that he can’t recall its name. He’s stunned at first. Heart throbbing painfully inside his chest, as he stares at her face. He thought that he’d forgotten what she looked like. But he recognized her instantly. He goes straight to her. It’s easy to get access to her office. What’s not easy was facing her. His heart skips a beat when she comes into her office. She doesn’t look surprised to see him. Him on the other hand can’t find the words to say anything.

Bonus :

The Stages of OTP(for me, at least)

Stage 1: Discover that it exists(”I’ll just google my fandom”).

Stage 2: Denial(”That’s never going to happen, and it’s quite stupid to even think about the Ship”).

Stage 3: Coming out to yourself(”Okay, maybe I ship it a little”)

Stage 4:Research(”Oh, this fan-art is amazing!”)

Stage 5: OTP(*shrieking, sobbing, and hysterical laughter all at once*) 

Life with OTPs
  • Me: so you tell me that this may result in me waiting for two characters to kiss
  • Me: dig up the internet to search for their fanart, which is mostly about OTP kissing
  • Me: then read fanfic about them
  • Me: and daydream about them having kinky, racy sex all day everyday
  • Me: giggle to myself
  • Me: and POSSIBLY not have sleep, love interest, good grade or a life?
  • OTPs: sounds about right.
  • Me:
  • OTPs:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: sign me the fuck up
Arranged marriage AU

Where I am a prince/princess who sneaked out to a tavern and while I was there I got into a fist fight with another patron Fast forward to the next day where I am meeting the person who has been engaged to me since birth and oh god your eye looks horrible what did I do