I bet mermaids are really great astronomers. I mean, their eyes must be super sensitive to light if they can see underwater, and there’s no place with clearer skies than the open ocean. 

What if they found navigational equipment from sunken explorers’ ships and turned the old telescope designs and star charts into something more compatible with their habitat? Optics made of polished sea-glass, extraterrestrial communications systems based on the languages of different sea creatures, etc. 

People on land talk about how they know as little about the oceans as they do about outer space, but merfolk already have the seas figured out.

So of course, what are they going to explore next? I think the answer is just as clear as it is awesome. 


guys just imagine

a punk-rock concert takes places on a beach and a group of mermaids swim to the surface, wondering what that noise is because it’s the most incredible thing they’ve ever heard

and see land-walkers wearing peculiar outfits and hair in spikes and these mermaids are absolutely in love

so they start their own brand of punk culture with squid ink tattoos, seaweed tartan, fish-hook earrings and pierced tails

and they scavenge for thrown out music memorabilia and submerged leather jackets (their prized treasure is a waterproof radio they found on the beach)

and the real problem is trying to find a way to spike their hair, so for the moment they just use seashells and continue being hella cool

Jessica Warrick is a professional illustrator who draws mermaids!

Meet Irene: the sun-basking, mature beauty who spoils her grandchildren and takes plenty of kelp fiber.

Irene is going to be available as a print soon! Click the link to sign up for the 25% off waitlist: http://jessicawarrick.com/retiredmermaid


Children’s book illustrations for the tale “Undine”.

It’s a german fairytale about a water elemental that falls in love with a knight and by loving him (and being loved back) gains a human soul. It’s a quite tragic tale, the couple get married and all goes perfectly happy for a while until the knight starts having feelings for another…

It’s an unsual fairytale, more adult oriented I think. (I don’t always read fairytales so rich in details about human behavior and I’m not sure children would understand what is being represented but… well, we can always simplify things with images.)

Not my usual style, but I had only 2 days (including sleepless nights) to start AND finish 5 illustrations… And I find this simplified style much easier to do. I finished them just in time. =)