meres lame


Former Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, a well renowned media/propaganda expert defected to the United States. in 1970, and subsequently exposed the KGB’s subversive tactics against American society. Yuri Bezmenov has conducted a number of interviews in which he explains how Marxist ideology is deconstructing America’s values by controlling the media and which would ultimately serve to demoralize the country, destabilize the economy, and provoke crises in order to Sovietize the United States. Bezmenov is well known for revealing Russia’s doctrine of “ideological subversion”, a slow, long-term multi-decade process of media-based brainwashing in which the sole purpose is to confuse, confound, and destroy the moral base of America.

A lot of people think that our new nihilistic culture is merely rebellion against the “lame” religious [or even moral] people, and the baby boomer generation. Meanwhile they feel a sense of discontentment they can’t quite explain, in unfulfilling superficial relationships, and sudden realizations at some point that chasing a carrot on a stick never made them prestigious; though we are indoctrinated with the idea that having status is the only thing we should aspire to. We are cut off from finding true fulfillment and made to believe that we should look for it in paths with dead ends. Still, people celebrate this new culture, where relationships are merely for ego fulfillment, humans exist to objectify and use, and at the end of the day the average person only finds escape in cheap forms of media designed to indoctrinate them even further. How did it get this way? Why are people blindly participating? That answer is complicated, and this video shows but a little piece of the puzzle. I’d seen it called “the yawning maw of nihilism” someplace, an apt description. Why you are chronically unfulfilled… its by design.