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DeanCas Coda for 12x10

They turn in early.

It isn’t even ten o’clock when Dean and Cas leave the war room and pass by Sam’s to say goodnight, continuing on their way to Dean’s. Their nightly ablutions are slow–unrushed in the wake of almost losing each other again. They crowd the tiny sink close to the door and Cas grumbles half-heartedly when Dean puts more Polysporin on his lip. (”I don’t actually need this, you know.” “Shut up, Cas.”) 

He’s careful when he kisses him, after. 

They sleep in their boxers, tiredly shedding their clothes before falling into bed. Immediately, Castiel spoons Dean within an inch of his life, cuddling up to him in a way that makes the hunter frown. “Cas?”

Cas merely buries his face in the back of Dean’s neck. 

“Hey,” Dean murmurs, turning around and cupping the angel’s face. “What’s up, Sunshine?”

Castiel bites his lip, blinking rapidly before training his gaze resolutely on the headboard. “I’m fine.”

“Yeah, you look it, too.”


The hunter grins when Cas rolls his eyes, happy to, at the very least, have eye contact. “There’re those baby blues,” he teases, thumbing the other’s jaw. “So. What’s goin’ on in that noggin’ of yours?”

Castiel swallows thickly. “I love you,” he whispers.

Green eyes widen. “Cas…” Dean breathes. 

Cas presses a finger to the other’s lips. “Can we do this tomorrow? For now, can’t we just…” He kisses him. 

“Yeah,” Dean says, nipping the angel’s lip as he pulls away. “But, just for the record: I love you, too.”

They sleep.

Fake Chats #16
  • Jungkook: Jimin-hyung, are you crying again?
  • Jimin: we won a huge award, Jungkook, I think I'm allowed to be so happy that tears are leaking out
  • Jungkook: that wasn't, I mean, I don't think that you're not, I mean, it's okay that you're crying, I understand
  • Jimin: *sniffs* so you're not gonna tease me?
  • Jungkook: of course not, c'mere
  • Jimin: *buries face in Jungkook's shoulder* thanks, Kookie
  • Jungkook: I mean, a week from now, I probably will, or even tomorrow
  • Jimin: you were doing so good, why are you ruining the moment?

“I love you.” He says, desperate. His hands are in her hair, his hands on either side of her face. Mere inches from her.

“I love you too.” She whispers with a tear spilling down.

“Then please, can you forgive me?” He says pleadingly. She could see the pain in his eyes. She felt the same in her heart.

She wanted so badly to say yes. She wanted it more than anything. But so much had happened. She knew this was something she would always hold over his head. “I can’t.” She says as the tears really start to fall.

He drops his forehead to hers, defeated. Just holding her to him. He pulls their lips together, kissing her hard. “Oh baby, I’m going to regret this forever.” He says as he backs up and leaves with the door softly closing behind him.

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Hi! I'm so Gruvia deprived lately and I need something to keep me going.. Can you do "Caressing Silk Strands" for Gruvia please? Thank you!

Consider this an alternate version of the time Juvia and Gray spent alone in their little house. 

;A Seed Of Love

Juvia hummed at the sensation of fingers combing through her hair. The touch was distant at first, tugging at the edge of her slumber. Soft and gentle, the caress left a tingle of warmth against her scalp. Then she heard his voice. A quiet whisper at the edge of her thoughts. 

‘Wake up,’ it said. 

Juvia’s eyes fluttered open. Light shifted in and out of focus. A shape filled the confusion, a blur of colour that slowly turned into a man.


Sitting up with a start, Juvia caught herself mere centimetres from his face. His eyes flickered over her shoulder, to where the sun was muted against the half-open blinds. His warm breath fanned her face. 

Hooking a strand of hair behind her ear, Juvia eased herself back against the headboard and let out a long, deliberate yawn. ‘Did you need something, Gray-Sama?’ 

Gray scratched the back of his head. ‘You slept in later than usual,’ he said. ‘I was…’ Gray’s stomach gargled in answer to unspoken thoughts. ‘Worried.’

Juvia’s smile brightened. ‘You want Juvia to make breakfast?’ she asked.

Gray nodded. ‘It’s not that I can’t…’

Juvia’s hand moved to his shoulder. His eyes flit back to hers. They shared a quiet moment before Gray stood from the end of her bed. The mattress creaked as it relinquished his weight. Juvia stared at the spot he’d been sitting. This was the first time he’d broken their agreement to stay out of each other’s rooms. Six months had passed since Gray had agreed to let Juvia stay beside him. Six months since Fairy Tail’s disbandment.

‘Juvia will check the garden,’ she said, tossing the blankets aside. ‘The vegetables will be ready any day now.’ 

Gray rocked back on his heels and cast another glance through the partially opened blinds. Their garden lie just beyond the house, a bed of soil Juvia had tended to since their arrival. With a small spring just a little ways north and plenty of sunlight for growth, the plants were already beginning to vegetate. Their home had become a little world of life, a garden of seedlings just waiting to blossom. Among them, a seed of love was beginning to sprout. 

Though Juvia had always loved Gray, that love had been rooted in her growing fear of abandonment and the unfamiliarity of being accepted. Being a part of Fairy Tail had changed that. The love she had was no longer a shallow glimmer of hope. It had grown and blossomed with each day. Soon, the flower would open. If only he would notice her among the rest. 

Juvia’s cheeks flushed as Gray leaned in to pull a wisp of hair from her face. He’d been far more attentive this past week. Where once they would simply train and eat, Gray now offered to take Juvia for walks. Sometimes, they would wander into the woods skirting their home and pick berries from the trees. Other times, Gray would sit and talk to her about the parents he so dearly missed.

‘What should we do today?’ Juvia asked, fidgeting with the buttons of her pyjamas. ‘I think Juvia is getting used to our new technique.’

Gray considered for a moment. ‘Let’s skip training today.’

Juvia blinked. Ever since they’d arrived at their home, Gray had been adamant about his training. Fuelled by his hatred for END, for Zeref, Gray had endeavoured to become stronger. Strong enough to defeat all of their enemies. Today, that glimmer of hatred was gone. He looked at Juvia now with a gentleness she couldn’t quite place. His hand came up a second time to rest on her head. His hands sifted through her hair, like a needle moving seamlessly through silken thread. 

‘Did you really forget?’ he laughed. 

Juvia tipped her head. ‘Forget what?’

‘Today is your anniversary.’

Juvia could only stare at him.

‘It was on this day that you and Gajeel joined Fairy Tail.’

Affection lifted and swelled within her. ‘You…remember the date Juvia joined Fairy Tail?’

Gray nodded. ‘Shouldn’t I?’

Juvia’s eyes welled with tears as an amalgam of bliss and sadness took her. 

‘H-hey, what’re you crying about?’

Wiping a tear from her cheek, Juvia let out an embarrassed laugh. ‘Nothing. Juvia is happy, that’s all.’

‘You miss Fairy Tail, huh?’ he asked. ‘You’re worried about Gajeel and the others.’

Juvia nodded. In the past, she would have been ecstatic to spend time alone with Gray. But now, that time left a growing ache in her heart. Juvia’s life with Gray was a memory she would cherish for an eternity, it was worth every moment, but not at the expense of her guild.

‘I miss them,’ she confessed.

Gray looked thoughtful. ‘No need to worry,’ he said. ‘We’ll see them again. No doubt about it.’

Juvia let him pull her into an embrace. ‘How do you know?’

Gray let out an unexpected laugh. ‘There’s no way that guy doesn’t know about the guild by now.’

That guy? Juvia’s eyes widened in understanding. ‘You think…’

‘No doubt about it,’ he assured her. ‘Natsu’s going to barge through that door any day now.’

And three days later, who should appear at their door but Natsu, Happy, Lucy and Wendy. And together, the six of them started out on a new journey.

The journey home. 

Imagine thinking Klaus went to go see Caroline.

“So how was she?” You ask, placing the letter down onto the desk and looking up at your boss, your old friend.

“Love, who are you talking about?” Klaus smirks lightly, walking over to the desk and settling on top of it. His fingers leaf through the stack of mail you handed over to him, before looking down at the letter addressed to you.

“Caroline, the light of your life,” you remind him with hidden jealousy, snatching the letter from his sight.

Klaus stood silent for a moment, his eyes watch you focus in on the letter, trying not to meet his graze.

“Who is that from, love?”

You finally look up at the handsome man, his plump lips smile at you with curiosity.

“My Caroline.” You state in a matter of fact tone and for a mere moment, his face falls before he manages a tight smile.

“Ah, well unrequited love is a real,” he pauses, grabbing the letter from your hands, crumpling it up and tossing it into the waste basket next to the desk, “Bitch. Excuse my language.”

You jump up to your feet, ready to give him a piece of your mind, but then you look into his blue eyes. He reaches out for you, pulling you closer to him. Your thighs press against his knees and he can hear your heart beating fast and steady.

“I didn’t go see her, love. I have no desire to see Caroline Forbes again,” Klaus asserts with a calm tone, his fingers reach down to your hand. Brushing them against your knuckles, he opens his legs and pulls you into his chest.

You let out a sharp breath, lips inches from his, “And why not, Klaus?”

He lets out a low chuckle before placing a hand on your face, “Because love, I want you.”

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Captain Ladybug:

“I don’t deal well with deadlines, liars, and stowaways. Guess which one you are?”

Ladybug’s grin was near feral as she grabbed him by the front of his shirt, clearly not caring if she wrinkled it, and leaned in close so their faces were mere inches apart. Adrien swallowed thickly.

“You’re on my ship now, pretty boy, so make yourself comfortable.”

Captain Chat Noir:

He licked his lips, his black coat swishing in the wind as he leaned down to examine Marinette more closely.

“What a pretty princess we have here,” drawled Chat Noir. “I don’t suppose you plan on paying us for rescuing you, Princess?”

“I hardly call breaking into my room and kidnapping me through the window rescuing...Captain,” she added, as if the title was an afterthought.

Captain Marinette & Captain Chat Noir:

“What do you mean he escaped?” Marinette exclaimed, staring at her second-in-command with disbelief in her eyes. “How? He was guarded by at least four people! How do you let a pirate captain just walk out of here?”

She shook her head.

“Nevermind. Rose! Ready the sails! We have a pirate to catch!”

Captain Ladybug and Captain Chat Noir:

“Captain!” Nino - or rather, the Bubbler - lifted his hand to his forehead, saluting his captain. “It seems someone beat us to the loot.”

Chat Noir cocked an eyebrow, leaning his forearms on the railing of the ship.

“Again? Do you know who? And stop speaking so formally to me.”

“Er…yes. It was that new captain on the seas, the one people call Ladybug,” said Nino. “She’s beat us to every raid we’ve planned in the last month. According to sources, it’s just our raids she’s hijacking. Any other pirates on the water have been left alone.”

Chat clicked his tongue before he smirked, staring out at the open waters.

“Ladybug, huh? Well then. Let the games begin.”

Sneak peak of my latest Crowley fic…

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Red Eyes

Common sense would suggest that when the King of Hell was cross, it was best to stay out of his way. However, while Crowley raged at the Winchesters in the library of the bunker, you merely sat, hiding your face behind a book, stealing glances and trying to stifle your laughter.

It wasn’t that his actions were particularly funny, it was more the fact of how ridiculous it was that you were so desperately aroused by his anger. Even you knew that it was far from the realm of what one might consider ‘healthy’.

As you peaked over the edge of your book again, trying to peer around Sam’s broad frame, you caught sight of the flash of red in Crowley’s eyes that made your knees positively weak. Unable to stop yourself, you inhaled sharply, ducking behind your book as your face grew red.

Neither Sam or Dean appeared to have heard you, but Crowley suddenly stopped speaking and you found yourself wishing you smoke out of yourself the way a demon could. Unable to control yourself, your insatiable sense of curiosity made you peek over the top of your book and towards the three men standing at the front of the room. All of them were now turned to look at you, Sam and Dean looking confused with their furrowed brows and questioning expressions. Crowley, on the other hand, seemed smugly intrigued by your quiet interruption as a smile quirked the side of his mouth.

“Something you want to share with the class?” Crowley asked, gesturing towards Sam and Dean with an arrogant look of knowing.

You merely shook your head, trying to mask the guilty expression that you were sure was blanketing your features as you pushed away from the table.

“I’m getting tired. I think I’m just going to take a shower and go to bed” you hurriedly mumbled, tripping over your words and your feet as you tried to exit the room with whatever dignity you had left.

Walking by them you ducked your head, unwilling to make eye contact as your face flushed so hot that your eyes watered.

“Lovely to see you, as always” Crowley purred as you passed, causing you to grit your teeth as you all but jogged out of the library, hearing him chuckle behind you.

Full fic coming soon…

Keep Your Heart Wide Open (and your eyes shut tight)

WC: 3,114 | Chapter: ½ | Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Lydia Martin


He was merely inches from her face and Lydia slowly felt herself adjusting to the dark. She could finally start to make out the quiet glow that always seemed to reside in his chocolate brown eyes, and the constellation of moles that littered the soft features of his skin. Just looking at him now, awkwardly askew in her bed in the middle of the night, gave her this unusually warm feeling of home.

Or, the time Stiles takes Lydia on a late night adventure to prove that she’s so much more to him than just a supernatural metal detector.

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Jealousy Can Be Hot: A Solangelo Request

Jason and Piper were on a date.

Annabeth was off with her siblings doing whatever it is they do. Probably solving all the world’s biggest mysteries.

Hazel, Reyna, and Frank were back at camp Jupiter.

So really. It wasn’t Percy’s fault that the only person he could bug to hang out with him was Nico.

However the blame could be placed on him for the current situation.

Nico underneath him, sweating, panting, hair disheveled, clothes not much better, hands on either side of his head and blushing. While he, looking not so innocent like, was on top of him, an arm beside the Italian’s head between the paler boy’s own hand to hold him up, faces merely inches away, a knee between Nico’s legs, and a hand placed his hip, touching a bit of the exposed skin. If it weren’t for the weapons right next to them, or the small slices they gave each other, Percy could certainly see how this looked to other campers. Or to a certain Son of Apollo who, may he add, looked like he was ready to pick up a sword and behead him. Scary, was not a word someone used to describe Will, if it was it was to talk about how scary his ability to just eat and eat and eat was, or how scary fast he could run, Percy didn’t think it was possible for the blond to ever be the normal sense of scary like Nico could be. But at the moment, Will was glaring at him with a look that would make Hades proud.

How did it come to this?

Percy knew. Nico knew. Will did not.

Really, Percy should have just accepted the fact that Nico didn’t want to spar instead of teasing him and prompting him. Nico should have just suggested they do something else since it was obvious that the son of Posiedon was lonely. He shouldn’t have let him get him riled up. But they didn’t do those things. The two had a duel, they should have known better because a duel between any of the big three resulted in a shit ton of injuries. Mainly because they got way to competitive, maybe it was just a big three thing. So as the battle got more and more heated and the two began to use their abilities Percy lunged at Nico, just as the son of Hades was summoning a skeleton.

Percy tripped over the skeleton head, flailed with an unmanly squeak, and landed smack on top of the dark haired demigod.

“Sorry, Neeks.”

“What have I told you and Jason about calling me that?” Said boy snapped back as he tried to regain some of the air that was knocked out of him.

“Sorry man, are you okay? You sound a bit winded?” Percy questioned even though he was in a similar state.

“You’re heavy, can you get off?”

“You heard him. Get. Off.” A new but familiar voice demanded in an unusually angry tone.

The two swiveled their heads to see Will Solace standing a few feet away from them, hands fisted at his sides, a glare that could probably kill a lesser man, and teeth slightly bared.

And that is how they are where they are now.

“Will,” Nico started but was interrupted by his boyfriend walking up to them. “And why haven’t you gotten off yet, Jackson?”

Percy gulped and quickly got off Nico, looking much like a baby giraffe trying to walk right after birth. “Sorry. I tripped and we fell back and yeah. Sorry Nico, didn’t mean to.” He babbled as he held out his hand to the smaller demigod, who was now sitting up and rubbing his shoulder. Aforementioned hand was slapped away by the seething blond before he scooped up a surprised and slightly confused looking Nico into his arms bridal style.

“We’re going to the infirmary.”

“Will. I’m fine. It’s just a couple of bruised and scratches and-”

“We’re going to the infirmary.” Will stated again as he looked down at Nico. His scowl softened as Nico looked up at him, but the scowl was back when he looked at Percy before making his way to the infirmary. Nico looked over the tanned boy’s shoulder at Percy and mouthed, ‘Sorry.’ Percy shrugged and mouthed back, ‘Me too. He looks like he’s mad.’

And just like that Percy was alone again, he too was covered in bruises and scratches but thought it would be best to just not go to the infirmary not for a while at least.

Nico and Will didn’t talk on the way to the infirmary. Not at all. Nico tried to, but Will wouldn’t respond so he opted to looking down at his chest. They walked into the infirmary, the few people who were there looking at them funny, but still Will said nothing as he walked to the back, grabbed a basic first aid kit and promptly carried Nico out of the infirmary.

“You can put me down, you know? And where are we going?”

“I’m not putting you down.”

“Well then can I at least know where we’re going?”

“Cabin 13.”

Nico was surprised at that. Sure Will had been in his cabin many times before, but Nico didn’t think his boyfriend liked it that much since it was always dark inside and a tad gloomy even after the redecorating.

Nico was still in a bit of shock so he didn’t reply as he was carried into his cabin and placed gently on his bed. He was about to say something when Will frowned at him and snapped out, “Are you still into Percy?”

That question took Nico aback. “What?”

“You heard me, Di Angelo! Do you still like Percy?”

“What? No. What makes you say that?”

“Oh I don’t know how about the fact that he was on top of you? Hm? Or the fact that you were blushing?”

“He told you! We were dueling. He tripped during an attack. We fell. End of story.”

“Oh that’s not the end, and you know it!”

“Will, we fell, that’s it.”

“That’s not what it looked like.”

“Yeah well I told you what it was, why don’t you believe me? You seriously think after everything, that I would cheat? Or worse go back to liking Percy, who is, may I add, very much in love with Annabeth. You seriously think that fish for brains would put the moves on anybody else beside his girlfriend? Hm? On me no less?”

Will seemed to deflate the more he continued talking but the scowl was still present on his face.

“He was touching you…”

“That’s all you’ve got to say? What’s wrong with you?”

Will looked at the floor and mumbled something too low for Nico to hear.


“I said I was jealous! Happy?”

Nico froze. Jealous? Will? Normally it was the other way around. Nico thought Will was incapable of such things. But here Will was with a glare that made Nico shiver at its intensity.


“You know how it looked, Nico. He was touching your skin while you looked thoroughly kissed. I’m the only one who should see you like that and I…I got jealous…sorry.”

“It’s okay…it was….I mean……it was kinda…….attractive……” Nico mumbled as he blushed and looked down at his hands. Will looked at him with wide eyes before he smirked and crawled on the bed, laying the Italian down once more and crawling over him. “You thought it was attractive?” He purred looking down at the flushed demigod.

“Maybe.” He mumbled back as he looked up into those mesmerizing blue eyes and felt as though he could just melt.

“You know. I was so close to losing my cool…more so. I was about to do something stupid like kiss the breath out of you to show Jackson who’s you were. But you know I hate how possessive that sounds. Because obviously you don’t belong to anyone you’re-”

“I’m yours. And perhaps you need me to show you.” Nico cooed as his hands came up to hold Will’s face above his own before he kissed him softly, gently, and full of love. When he pulled back, Will looked like he was in a daze.

“I need more.” Will growled out in a way that sent a tingle down Nico’s spine and sparked a fire in the pit of his stomach.

Nico said nothing but kissed him once more. Deeper. Passionately, and a bit urgent. Will pushed himself against the smaller demigod as one hand trailed under his shirt. He let out a pleased hum as Nico wrapped his legs around his hips and rolled them together, seeking some friction as he buried his hands in the blond’s locks. Will liked this. He liked this a lot.

Nico certainly showed him he had nothing to worry about by the way he clung to his bare shoulders, dug his nails in, and screamed Will’s name over and over again. Over the course of “showing” him that he “belonged” to Will and no one else. Will was surprised by how much it turned him on. They had many a round of proving something to the other.

Just as they were about to start another round, there was a knock at the door. They paused to hear Percy on the other side yell out. “Hey Neeks. You in there? I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

Will growled as he glared at the door and pushed himself fully into Nico, the latter barely surpressing a moan. “W-Will….” He whimpered. “Percy might walk in if I D-Don’t go say something….” He said, barely above a whisper. Will got that look in his eyes again as he sensually licked Nico’s neck. “Let him see.” He whispered into Nico’s neck before he smirked against it, “Or hear.” He purred as he began to thrust. Nico let out a shaky moan.

Needless too say, Percy heard more than he would like to admit, and got the message to just come back later…..if the chorus of moans and yells of Will’s name were anything to go by.

Imagine Dean’s reaction to you menstruating...

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You were curled in a ball on the bed, your head buried into a pillow as the salty tears ran down your face. The mere gleam of light causing your head to pulsate. So when your newly wedded husband entered the room, and turned the light on, you couldn’t help but let out a groan of discomfort.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” He asked as he sat on the side of the bed, placing a hand gently on your head.

“I was born with a vagina and uterus.” You groaned as he slowly brushed his hand down your hair, however you couldn’t see the panic on his face.

You were usually like clockwork, and every time you were on your “time”, he was not in a 30 mile radius of you or your bodily functions, however mother nature had called early.

“Well… how about I get you…”

“How about you just leave, and come back in a week.” You snapped, however you knew that is what he really wanted you to say. You were no dummy, and knew exactly what he was doing when he went on his “End of the month Jobs”.

“Are you sure, I can get you a hot…”

“I can have Cas get it for me, like he does every time. I promise I don’t need to be salted, and I will survive.”

“Okay, love you.” He softly said as he kissed your forehead.

“And Dean for the love of everything, shut the light off.” You said, before the room was once again dark, and the silence filled the room.

places in the world where god cannot reach you:

-winding alleys in cities where roads are merely walked and the faces of others appear blurred as they rush past
-endless fields of weat and corn as you drive through the midwest
-before the sun rises over the ocean and the only things you can hear are the chirping of birds and the waves against the sand
-the mcdonalds bathroom at a rest stop