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draco, do you prefer conversations(in sign language probably) with the giant squid or the merepeople?

Draco: as much as the merepeople are more human like… the squid cant talk and certainly wont share your secrets, not that I have any..

((OOC; disclaimer: I don’t know sign language and only googled it so if this is wrong I am very sorry..))

The not so little merman: Orenchi no Furo Jijo au. Raquel

Kaldur’ahm remembered a time when the river, his birthplace, was full of life. He had left it a century ago in favor of swimming up stream. He’d wanted to see what other rivers and lakes had to offer. He wanted to see if seas and oceans were as vast as his mother’s bedtime tales said they were.

They were even larger than described. And his plan to spend a year away from home turned into decades as he found more waterways to explore. But he didn’t miss his home, nor did he ever consider how time would pass him by. Merepeople were a long lived species. He knew that he would return home some day and his family and friends would be there waiting for him.

Except they weren’t. Their homes were abandoned and there were no clues as to where they had relocated. The water’s quality had deteriorated and was now choked with refuge. He’d seen similar things in his travels, humans must have settled neat his river. Humans, who ruined everything by bringing their clutter with them where ever they settled.

Kaldur’ahm could feel himself choking, from the dirty water or the fear that suddenly gripped his heart he couldn’t tell. He only knew that he had to leave. He swam to the water’s surface and and rested his upper half on the river’s shore. Closing his eyes he rested his head on a nearby river rock. He needed a moment to collect his thoughts but that moment stretched on as exhaustion over took him and he fell asleep.


do you not understand, my pretty darling dearest albatros, that you can only hear them sing if you dip your eyes and ears in saltwater? that you can only feel them dance in circles of blues and greens if you allow your lungs to breathe and flex, learn how to bring forth oxygen from dioxide? that you can only understand their whispers if you learn how a dolphin-mother calls to her children, how an algae-father grows his young?

my darling, sweetest seagull, do you not know that their bodies are strong and armored and fragile? that they mate every night with sunsets and sunrisings, that they weave ancient mysteries in their beards and hair? eyes made of pearls, teeth made of scales, skin made of bone and cartilage? 

do you not know, my fairest of the pretties, that they are son, children and spawn of lord poseidon and lady teti, that they were nursed by eolo, that it was their fingers that weaved the strong shell of venus’ backbone and skeleton? 

theirs is the ocean, and the salt and the sky. theirs is the river and the lake and the water flowing deep within gea’s veins. theirs is the death of many a sailors and the birth of many a fish.

theirs are the walls at the end of the world and theirs is ulysses’ ship. 

theirs are the burial grounds of mating orcas and singing eels. theirs, my darling children, and no one else’s.


you can almost hear them sing.

Bleach couples in AUs

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that various Bleach characters were romantically involved…but in an alternate universe. What would their lives be like?

Super important note: I started out with 55 Bleach couples that are, to my knowledge, popular. I then RANDOMLY narrowed it down to these 25. So if your couple isn’t there, blame the random number generator. Also, the AU’s suggested by you all have been randomly assigned to the couples! There’s just a lot of randomness is what I’m saying.

1. Kyoraku & Ukitake in a post-apocalyptic AU

After nuclear war leaves the world scarred and inhabited by mutants, Kyoraku travels the country alone on his motorcycle, just trying to survive. But then he meets Ukitake, a lovely man who has not lost hope, despite the radiation sickness slowly killing him. Soon, the two men find solace in each other.

2. Kensei & Mashiro in a Hunger Games AU

Kensei and Mashiro are from the same district, and they find themselves selected for the Hunger Games! And, um, presumably they try to kill each other? Then Mashiro starts a revolution? I haven’t read the Hunger Games.

3. Shinji & Hinamori in a coffee shop AU

Shinji is the flirtatious barista, Hinamori is the quiet young woman who comes into the coffee shop several times a week to sit by herself and work. And there’s just something about her that Shinji loves…

4.Ulquiorra & Orihime in a small businessowners AU

Orihime owns a bakery. Ulquiorra works as an electrician, bringing people out of the dark (no, see, that’s his logo). Orihime’s power has gone out, means that she cannot keep her muffins freshly baked. Ulquiorra comes to help. She feeds him a lot of muffins.

5. Ichigo & Rukia in an Atlantis AU

Rukia is an explorer trying to find the lost city of Atlantis. And she does! But it’s much more than she bargained for - strange customs, strange foods, strange technology. Good thing there’s a scantily glad native named Ichigo who’s willing to help her!

6. Bazz-B & Cang Du in a Harry Potter AU

Bazz-B and Cang Du are two young men in Slytherin. While the rest of the school keeps getting caught up in crises, these two men are busy. Banging each other. With magic.

7. Isshin & Masaki in a roommate sitcom AU

After losing his job, Isshin finds himself no longer able to afford living alone. So he looks for a roommate. A young woman by the name of Masaki is renting a room, so he takes her up on it. Hijinks ensue when it becomes clear that Isshin and Masaki’s backgrounds are very different!

8. Hinamori & Matsumoto in a samurai AU

Hinamori is a young woman who decides, for revenge reasons, that she is going to pose as a man and become a samurai. Soon, she finds herself guarding a beautiful woman named Matsumoto. In a lucky twist, both women are gay! Romance happens.

9. Tsukishima & Riruka in a space pirates AU

Riruka is a well-known space pirate whose giant pink ship terrorizes the known galaxy. But then her ship is boarded by a solitary, suspender-clad man. Sword fights happen. And then make-outs.

10. Ichigo & Ishida in a college AU

Ishida wants nothing more than to study hard in college - that’s why he gets a single room. But after a nearby frat house explodes, Ishida finds himself forced to accommodate a former frat boy and jock by the name of Ichigo. They’re such opposites! But it turns out that opposites attract…

11. Ryuken & Katagiri in a Victorian London AU

Ryuken is the wealthy gentleman. Katagiri is his maid. It progresses as you might expect.

12. Yoruichi & Byakuya in a zombie AU

Yoruichi and Byakuya are a crack team of zombie fighters. Byakuya is the serious one; Yoruichi is the one who wants to crack jokes while kicking off heads. You wouldn’t think there’d be romance, but oh there is!

13. Lisa & Kensei in a noir AU

Kensei is a hard-boiled detective who loves nothing but his sake. But things change when an alluring and kinky woman named Lisa shows up in his office with a case!

14. Yoruichi & Soi Fon in a High School Musical AU

Yoruichi is the most popular girl in school, who loves to have fun and study as little as possible. Soi Fon is the captain of the softball team and a very serious student. Romance blossoms, and so does random singing and dancing. I assume. I’ve never seen High School Musical.

15. Ishida & Nemu in an Avengers AU

Ishida and Nemu are both superheroes - Ishida is the world’s greatest archer, and Nemu is a world-class assassin with a bloody past. You know how this goes.

16. Chad & Ichigo in a working fast food AU

Chad and Ichigo are two high school students who work fast food together. Romance blossoms amid the grease?

17. Unohana & Ukitake in a pirates AU

Unohana is the world’s greatest pirate captain, known for never taking any prisoners. But one day, while she and her crew are raiding a ship, she meets a man named Ukitake who is just too beautiful to kill. So she takes him prisoner instead.

18. Starrk & Kyoraku in an RPG AU

Kyoraku is an adventurer, on a quest to get XP and treasure. Starrk is a wolf lord who has a lot of treasure. It should have been a fight. Instead, it was a great romance.

19. Nnoitra & Nel in a fairy tale AU

Nnoitra is a hunter in a fairy tale world with one goal - to kill the world’s last remaining centaur. But then he meets her. And discovers that not only is he actually unable to kill her, but he doesn’t even want to! Because she’s incredible. At fighting.

20. Hitsugaya & Hinamori in a wild west AU

Hitsugaya is the world’s tiniest lawman. Hinamori is an outlaw who rolls into town. They are drawn to each other…even as they draw their guns (too much?).

21. Ichigo & Renji in a steam punk AU

Renji and Ichigo are two inventors who have always competed with each other for the coveted Inventor’s World Prize. Things get steamy.

22. Lisa & Rose in a Trojan War AU

Rose is the prince of Troy, a beautiful man who cares more about poetry and art than he does about fighting (although he can fight). After this whole business with some goddesses and a beauty contest, he is given permission to seduce away the most beautiful woman in the world - Lisa. But little do they know what trouble this romance will cause…

23. Isane & Chad in a Civil War AU

Chad is a handsome Northern fighter. Isane is the nurse caring for him. Love happens.

24. Kensei & Hisagi in a merepeople AU

Once when he was a young man, Hisagi got a glimpse of an amazing creature - a mereman! All he wanted in his life was to find that mereman again. He got a mereman tail tattooed on his face and everything.

25. Rukia & Renji  in a vampire AU

Vampire Renji falls in love with a beautiful human woman named Rukia. But their romance is complicated by the fact that Renji is a vampire. And Rukia’s brother doesn’t really like that.