merely adopted it

i became a different person after mass effect 3. newer fans post-me3 merely adopted the pain of me3, i was born into it, molded by it. i didn’t see the extended ending dlc until i was already a man and by then it was nothing to me but blinding

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Can toon Henry do some of the same toon-ish stuff Bendy can do? I imagine he could, but maybe only when he's not really thinking about it. Like, idk scenario where his ax breaks, Bendy's got him cornered and he panics and somehow pullout a giant mallet or something. Like he ain't GOOD at it, but he can do it

Unfortunately, Henry’s under a few more limitations than Bendy is, period.  His access to hammerspace is limited to things he might reasonably be keeping in an unseen pocket – inkwells, pens, wadded up paper, stuff like that.  Bendy, however, could procure a mallet twice his size from behind his own torso.

The cartoony stuff that Henry might be able to do is pretty much limited to that little access to hammerspace and the occasional smear or doubles through inbetweens for certain exaggerated actions (like shaking his head vigorously or swiping his hand across the screen).  He can’t intrinsically manipulate it the way Bendy can.

I gotta laugh – y’all keep trying to suggest some way Henry might be able to match Bendy’s abilities, but remember, animator or not, he’s just a normal dude who happens to have been turned into a cartoon!  What’s that famous quote…?

“Oh, you think cartoons are your ally.  You merely adopted the cartoons.  I was born in them, molded by them.”

Arguably, though, Henry has a little bit of creative control over these specific cartoons, having been an animator for them.  I’m still thinking about how that might play into things, if at all.

I Won't Give Up On You - Tig Trager


You get kidnapped by a Rival Club and held captive. When you get saved by SAMCRO, Tig cleans you up and takes care of you.

It was clear as day to you that you had been kidnapped because of your affiliation with the club. You didn’t know where you were or who was holding you captive, all you know is that you were in big trouble. You never believe to that working for the TM would have gotten you into this type of trouble, but then again this was SAMCRO we were talking about.

And any type of affiliation with them gave you a Target on your back. You were not an old lady to anybody, you were just someone that helped out in the garage when the boys needed an extra pair of hands.

Over the years you had grown close to Tig Trager so much so that Clay made a direct order to him one day that if anything were to ever happen to you, it would be held responsible for it. This was the first time the club had ever seen Tig act normally and in a respectful manner towards the fairer sex.

Which was what made Clay give him such an order.

The Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club in California Redwood original had indeed became your home. Your father once being a mechanic there, God Rest his soul, was very close with Clarence Morrow, the leader of the Sons of Anarchy Redwood original Motorcycle Club located in Charming California.

But your history now was not your main concern. What was your main concern was getting out of this whole ordeal alive.

You figured that the whole connection with the leader of the Sons of Anarchy was the reason why you were kidnapped. Of course I never told you anything about the club, your father had never told you anything about the club, and nobody else in the club ever spoke a word about Club business around you.

As stated before he were not an old lady, you were merely just very close adopted family to SAMCRO.

But that’s not what these guys that kidnapped you thought. Being held to a chain link fence with your wrists bound by handcuffs you laid there almost motionless. You had been beaten and starved for what felt like days, which in turn probably was. You had no way of telling how long you have been there, only the rumbling in your stomach and the stinging of your rubbed flesh against the handcuffs told you that it had been a while.

You lay there with your head against the cold concrete. Honestly believing that you would not have made it out of here alive had it not been for the fact that they still had yet to get any information out of you, information that they never would have received regardless even if you did or did not know about it.

Then the doors opened.

“Looks like it’s your lucky day, bitch.”

A man’s voice called out as you heard heavy boot striding across the concrete floor. You didn’t bother looking his way, the room was too dark for that anyway. But as you felt the handcuffs being removed from your wrist you had to question exactly what was going on.

Being posted up to your feet you were dragged out of the room by two men that drug you out into the light. You close your eyes from the harsh and unwelcoming brightness that greeted you as you were taken into what looked like a docking station for a warehouse.

“See, she’s still alive.”

Another man said loudly as you were dropped to the ground. You peer through a cracked eyes and looked around the room, quickly realizing that you were sitting in front of your saviors that wore leather.

“What the fuck did you do to her!”

Clay growled, looking at your black and blue bruised body. You looked over at him and gave a incredibly sad smile. You would have said something had your throat not have been as dry and in pain as it had been.

“As we agreed. We kept her alive. Now, hand over what you promised us.”

The man said in a very threatening tone. Clay nodded his head, having Juice walk out a file of some sort and handed it the lead man. He opened it up and looked it over quickly before nodding his head. His other men picked you up and tossed you roughly into Juice’s arms.

You held your whole body tense up or from the pain of the torture that you had suffered as you came into contact with Juice’s hard body. You gave a small grunt in pain as Juice put your arm over his shoulder and started walking you away from the men.

You had almost made it to the exit with Juice when you heard screaming of pain and gunshots, knowing that SAMCRO had just finished the job. Your eyes closing slowly before you felt yourself starting to fall, no longer able to stay awake.

When you woke up you were in a bedroom that was very familiar to you. Looking around you knew that you were home now, and safe in bed. You groaned a bit as you try to move around seeing a cup of water and a sandwich next to you on the nightstand.

Sitting up slowly reached over and took small sips of the water knowing that if you drink it too fast you would probably more than likely throw it back up. You then took the sandwich and started nibbling some of it, finally realizing just how hungry you had been since you had been kidnapped and tortured.

The bedroom door opened which caused you to look up from your food and see Tig walking into the bedroom.

His bright blue eyes looked at your body up and down looking at the scars and wounds that would take a while to disappear. He wore a extremely saddened face as he walked over to the side of the bed and sat down next to you.

His eyes locked with the blankets on the bed as he sat there for a moment the silence over taking both of you as you continue to chew on your sandwich.

“I’m sorry.”

He said, causing you to stop eating your food.

“It’s not your fault.”

Your voice gruff and dry even after the water. Not to mention being choked out more times than you could count had done that to your throat.

You watched as Tig shook his head and looked up to you. Your eyes widened as you noticed the glaze in his eyes. He was so emotional right now, ready to cry.

“I shouldn’t have left you alone. I should have staid with you.”

He said, his voice cracking as he spoke.

You took your sandwich and your water and placed it back over on the nightstand beside you. Leaning over you let yourself fall into his chest and you laid there with your arms wrapped around his torso. You felt him tense and then slowly relax as the feeling of his arms drifting around your body holding you in a protective manner made you feel safe.

“The club needed you. Don’t blame yourself for taking care of your family.”

You whispered into his chest. Tig sighed, placing a kiss on the top of your head he took a deep breath to smell your hair. He had missed you being here next to him. He had missed you so damn much. You had been living with him for a while now, after your father’s death you had no where else to go. Being a good friend, Tig opened up his home to you.

“I’m just glad to be home.”

You said, pushing your face further into his chest.

“I’m just glad you and the Club didn’t give up on me.”

Tig closed his eyes and held you closer after hearing your words.

“I would never give up on you.”


@moonoverbourbon Sent in THIS meme for an aesthetic 

There was something OMINOUS
And STATELY in her DELIBERATE Progress

You think DARKNESS is your ALLY
But you merely ADOPTED the DARK;
I was BORN in it, MOLDED by it…

He saw the DARKNESS in her BEAUTY
And she saw The BEAUTY in his DARKNESS…

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Dishonored fail (?) I decided to re fight Daud again (personally find him the funniest one to fight, he gets so angry or at least in my game anyway?) And I hid under his desk and started attacking his shins with my sword and bolts.. well apparently he didn't like it cuz the game glitched and we both ended up crouched under the desk fighting with swords, till I managed to push him back out again, only to then slash him across the face, and hide again. This has been an amazing fight so far.

Daud: ohh.. you think the desk is your ally? you merely adopted the desk. I was born underneath it. Molded by it. I didn’t stand up straight until I was already a man and by then it was nothing to me BUT [he smacks his head on the underside of the desk] ooh ow. ow ow ow outsider’s beard ow. ooh that’s gonna leave a scar, ooo, I think I see stars, ow, oh I’m gonna need some ice

Corvo: [later, on TripAdvisor] Dunwall Chamber of Commerce Building… staff were very unhelpful [cross] waiting times were excellent [tick] food was overall better than average. no, I’m lying to myself, not enough tinned meat [cross] “extra comments”… hmm, desk amenities highly recommended, would stay here again [smiley face] 3 out of 5 whales

You merely adopted the Star Trek. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the Abramsverse until I was already a preteen, but by then it was nothing to me but LENS FLARES.
—  M. C. Maxwell (2017)

i got emotional over the fact it’s my oc’s birthday.

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You couldn't understand us Trump supporters even if you tried, you merely adopted the free man's philosophy, we born in to it, molded by it.


You think Trump supporters are for free men? Or liberty of any kind?

So the economic nationalism that says the government should have the right to tell you what to buy and from whom sound like freedom to you? Or how about his claim to want to still have government cover health care? Perhaps the opposition to a free press sounds like liberty to you? Perhaps you think liberty comes from an expansive executive with no checks on it’s power? Or the refusal to leave the legislative and judicial functions of government to the legislature and judiciary? Perhaps it’s the gross corruption that comes from a lifetime of fraud, money laundering, lying, stealing, cheating and in general being an totally inept business person? Or is it just in the constant praise of every dictator on Earth?

Trump supporters certainly weren’t born with anything in common with free men nor have they adopted anything that resembles the attitude of a free man. They worship an individual and follow him blindly. They are slaves by choice and wish to subjugate all others.

Also you do realize that paraphrasing a wannabe tyrant doesn’t help your cause much either. But hey, your god-king already quoted the same villain in his inauguration speech.

And understanding you is all too easy. You want someone to blame for all the problems in your life so long as it isn’t you and you want someone other than you to do all the thinking in your life. Typical liberal, which is all Trump support boils down to.

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With your AU, the short, your amazing drawings and generally the idea; you've made me ship Niji x Cosette so hard and i want to thank you for this. so thank you lovely human💕 Any other ships you'd like to share with us?

Aww, thank you for liking my fandoms!

Well, I ship Donquixote Rosinante (Corazon) with Bell-mere (Nami and Nojiko’s adoptive mother). I mean, both of them were marines and they are respectively a great parent figures (Corazon, to Law respectively, and Bell-Mere to Nami and Nojiko).

Please, if you have some prompts with the pairings (Sanjina with other pairings, Niji x Cosette, etc) for either fanarts, fancomics, fanfiction, you can put ur requests on ask box ANYTIME~!

The Dark Knight Rises: Bane [ENTJ]


Extroverted Thinking (Te): “It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan…’’ Despite Bane’s intimidating physical appearance, his greatest weapon is his mind. Bane is concocts a full scale plan in which he slaughters all obstacles in his way, micro-manages people effortlessly and of course disposes of those who oppose him. His intelligence is only matched by his determination and will to make things happen at all costs.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): ’‘You merely adopted the dark, I was born in it, molded by it….” One of many philosophical quotes Bane shoots out like a canon throughout his mission. Unlike the Joker who wants to create chaos for the sake of chaos, Bane has a grand picture in mind and his terrorist actions have a point behind them; mainly exposing the corruption in Gotham. Bane’s planning is extremely meticulous as he has tied up all loose ends, making sure that everything is accounted for as his vision slowly and successfully starts taking shape.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Bane’s physical strength is beyond great as Batman himself is easily overwhelmed by it. Granted his strength mostly comes from the venom gas that keeps him alive and he has psychologically weakened Batman before physically finishing him (Ni/Se). It still doesn’t put into question his brute force, which he uses as a secondary tool when the time comes. He revels in the spotlight, becoming the “voice” of Gotham. 

Introverted Feeling (Fi):Bane is very loyal to the League of Shadows and seeks to honor them, one of the ways he does so is by protecting Talia. Albeit, Bane is a bit of a puppet for the Al Ghul’s. Feeling in debt to them, he merely becomes their voice, their weapon, as opposed to operating primarily on his inner most desires. 

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Today's news: Am I really trans or did I merely adopt the label and now ACT as if I'm trans?

Hey there! There are a few statements thay usually prove to be true- If you think you’re trans, you probably are. And if you’re asking if you’re faking it, you probably arent


Ah, you think Catholicism is your ally? You merely adopted the Church. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see secular education until I was already a man