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I love all these palette requests but I always see the same 3 or 4 chosen. If you're up for a little challenge, can I ask for Omniferous + Your choice of FT character? (I think it would fit Seilah but I'll leave it up to you). Please and thank you! PS. I enjoy your art very much and the fact you do so many minor characters! It's nice to see my favorites get some love from artists :)

So I hear you’re a fan of Meredy. 

Choose a colour palette and request me.

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Jellal X Meredy - regrets

Jeredy + Regrets

   Jellal didn’t want to wake up, he could feel the pain pulsating in the background and he knew that it was only going to get worse when he woke up…but the shadows were releasing their grip on him, little pinpricks of awareness breaking through. He was cold…and it hurt…and there were tears falling onto his cheek and he blinked, the world around him hazy and unfocused, but he could still make out the pinkish shape hovering above him and he managed to quirk his lips up in an approximation of a smile.


“You’re an idiot!” That made him focus a little more, he had heard plenty of tones from her over the year, but she had never sounded so furious and he had a feeling that if he wasn’t already injured then she wouldn’t have hesitated to hit him. “What were you thinking! I could have handled an attack like that!” Jellal blinked at that, struggling to understand what she meant, his memories of how he had ended up in this state more than a little hazy…although he had no difficulty in imagining that he had tried to protect her, and despite his confusion he blinked up at her, his smile becoming a little warmer as he replied softly.

“I don’t know…but I don’t regret it.”

I could never regret protecting you…


FT x Avengers Civil War AU doodle dump (*w*)

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Price: 6$ per keychain + 4-6$ shipping (Registered mail service)

Firstly, thank you so much for the last sale, it was out of my expectation and was super fun! Now I’m so happy to announce this preorder for the new batch of keychains I’ve been working on, this time they will be available in individual characters so you can have your favorite one as hanging tiny! Here is some information about the keychains:

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Jellal, Meredy, I’m sorry. In our previous battle, I failed whilst attempting a certain spell. As a result, I haven’t much time left… But… I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye… My journey ends here. I fell short of accomplishing my intended goals but… Please… Never forget the spirit and resolve of Crime Sorciere. It means to forget not your sins, not be crushed by them, and to hope that one day they’ll be forgiven. It means to never stop loving people. The real fight starts now… As long as Zeref remains alive… Tragedy will continue to befall all mages. Please… Carry on my spirit as well… And continue to fight. I pray… That your journey brings happiness to everyone.