Have a Grey Day!! :)

Season 13

Season 12

1. Alex doesn’t deserves all of this shit

2. Japril makes me screaming

3. I want Jolex back

4. this is the most awkward love triangle ever

5. Meredith is so beautiful

6. where tf is Arizona?

7. Harriet is so lucky to have Japril as her parents

8. Amelia and Owen are cute af

9. the last scene makes me laugh and cry at the same time

10. I want April to sing to me too

11. I like DeLuca but I hate DeLuca

We walk through these doors as interns, chips on our shoulders, learners, lesser rock stars on the verge of greatness. We’re thrown into the deep end together, told to save lives together,to save each other. We become family. And even when you really screw up, family is always there, always on call. Womb to tomb. Ride or die.
—  Meredith Grey, 13x02