i'm angry

FOR STARTERS                                                                                                   I was starting to love Meredith and Nathan being together. (I mean sure whoopie Megan is alive but we literally do not know her than other being talked about.)                                                                                                            AND THEN The whole fucking Alex and Jo thing went absolutely no where this season. There was like one fucking hug.. THATS IT. She was literally barely in this season, but wait Alex decided he needed to track down her stupid ex when THEY WERENT EVEN TOGETHER ANYMORE. Maybe he should, you know, fix that first?                                                                                                       LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Japril. Do I need to say more? Sure it was cool they made up, and by made up I mean they had sex and pretended like they didn’t know each other for the rest of the season. BUT REALLY, WHO DECIDED JACKSON AND MAGGIE WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA? Someone get that girl a tinder because she needs to stop fucking around the hospital.

[…] Ma vedi io ti amo, in un modo veramente incredibile, cerco di amare i tuoi gusti musicali, ti lascio l'ultimo pezzo di torta, potrei saltare dalla montagna più alta se me lo chiedessi e ciò che mi porta ad odiarti mi spinge ad amarti per cui prendi me, scegli me, ama me.
—  Grey’s Anatomy, 02x05.