“Tu sei tutto per me.
Ti amo.
E non smetterò mai di amarti.
Non posso vivere senza di te.
Non voglio vivere senza di te.
E ho intenzione di fare tutto ciò che mi è possibile, per dimostrartelo.”

— Derek Shepherd a Meredith Grey // 
Grey’s Anatomy, 11x17.


She smiles, not that often, but when she does, you know because she’s really going through a lot, but it’s like you feel warm. She’s kind. I mean, she can be a little selfish at times, and she’s flawed. But she’s kind. She cares about people and she cares about her patients. She’s going to be a brilliant surgeon. You know, around here, she’s known as the one to beat. So, I guess she has that in common with her mom, but the rest of her, I think, the rest of that, she gets from you.

Grey’s Anatomy 2x22 , Name of the game.