meredith x callie

I don’t understand why people are so rude towards anyone who doesn’t support their ship. Just because I love certain characters together that aren’t someone else’s ship doesn’t mean that my ship is less than the other. It just means it’s different. I don’t go around saying how much I hate the ships that aren’t mine. I accept it when my ship doesn’t happen, even if I still hope one day it will. I don’t angry post about how awful everyone else’s ship is because it’s not mine. Because that’s so selfish and insensitive. If you are going to bitch about stuff you don’t like, don’t put a tag on it. So when someone is looking through a tag they don’t have to read how much someone hates something they love.


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || The Sound of Silence (12x09)

But I also know, and I have known for a long time, that Jo loves you. “Post-It on the wall” loves you. Don’t ignore that.


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || All Eyez On Me (12x13)

What can I say? I’m good at ortho and plastics. I’m a switch hitter. I’m an integral part of the team.



No, I’m not Blake. I’m Wilson. Jo Wilson. Doctor Josephine Alice Wilson. I’m a surgeon. I’m a human being. I’m not some stupid lump that you can just kick around. Or talk down to. Or talk down about. Or dismiss and discount. I get it. You don’t like me. But I’m here. I’m in Alex’s life and I’m staying. And you have to start respecting that.