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Teen Wolf Hitlist (Complete)

It’s in order of how much one’s worth from high to low.

Bold names = characters we know
Red = dead


  • Peter Hale isn’t on the list ‘cause the deadpool was 'his idea’ when he was in a coma and insane and Meredith just executed the plan.

  • What is Jordan Parrish

  • The names of the dead pack members are unknown at the moment, so they aren’t in red..

  • The Deadpool/hitlist is offline 

  • In supernatural jail of Eichen Housen: Peter Hale, Patrick Clarke

    (Update: 17/09)

Uh so in case you missed it, I’ve been doing animated recaps of every Teen Wolf episode on!!!

These are the final images of each of them in order. More to come! I’ve been having a blast doing them, I hope you’ve been enjoying them too.


3x13 | 4x10

#it’s just that not even a year ago lydia was telling allison to start over#to let go of everything that happened and to pick herself back up#and now lydia has to try and learn how to start over without allison#which is something she never imagined she would have to do#she has to learn how to pick herself back up after she lost her best friend.