meredith muse

The rancid scent of urine rang through her senses as she’d felt the eyes on her. Damn…what did I do last night? Meredith’s eyes fluttered opened painfully, grimacing at the cool lick of air on her skin. The unsettling sound of feet scuffing against the concrete flooring and the loud chatter seemed to jar the realization in her mind. I’m in jail. Fuck. Meredith gently patted her herself down hoping that she’d at least been covered. Tank top, mini skirt….okay not bad. Her eyes wandered back to her cell mates who stared her down like a piece of meat. Cheekily, she winked at them before calling out to one of the blues just walking around the pit. “Garçon, can I get some service here? Maybe a coffee and what phone call…and maybe some panties.” Her little hand stretched through the bars, “..yeah I’ll take the panties over the call.” 


continued from x with @krylorian

Perhaps she had been too abrupt, Meredith mused, a reassuring smile sent to hopefully calm the startled woman. In her enthusiasm to meet someone that clearly meant so much to Peter, she had rushed to find her, to meet her, reassure her—anything to make her feel at home and welcome. ❛There’s a line ‘tween protective and overprotective, and well…J’Son tends to cross it more than most. I’ll do m’ best to get him to listen to reason, but if he ever does it again, ya know who ya can come to ‘bout it. ❜ Warmth pervaded her smile, reaching her eyes as she settled opposite the other woman.  ❛I’m glad to hear that, more than I can really say—and that’s sayin’ somethin’ for a talker like me. Bereet…what a lovely name. It suits ya. ❜