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DeanCas Leap Year!AU, in which Dean is the handsome, roguish Irishman, and Castiel is the American on his way to propose to his cardiologist boyfriend. Happy Leap Day!

“Come on, you’re among friends here!”

Cas swallows thickly, cheeks ruddy as he shakes his head, carefully putting down his glass of whiskey. “Oh no,” he says. Awkward, his hand rests on Dean’s shoulder, rubbing in what he hopes is a convincing display. It’s bad enough that he and Dean Winchester—most annoying cabdriver in Dingle—have to pretend they’re married in order to stay the night here, but to kiss him?

Castiel has a boyfriend! He has a glamorous job staging apartments and is currently dating Balthazar! Balthazar, who is currently at a conference in Dublin! Balthazar, who is a cardiologist! Even if Cas did find Dean attractive—which he doesn’t—but if he did… he wouldn’t cheat with Dean. The thought is laughable; Dean is an arrogant, infuriating Irish innkeeper who’s swindling him out of house and home to settle some ridiculous debt!

This is typical. Honestly, all Castiel wanted to do was surprise his boyfriend and propose on Leap Day, because he’s tired of waiting and thought it would be romantic, and now he’s… he’s stuck playing boyfriends with a lunatic! And now his hosts, and the Italian couple at the other end of the table, have all kissed in some odd display of married-ness, and want them to—

Dean leans over and presses a kiss to his cheek.

“Muah! There we go, Huggybear.”

“Yes.” Cas forces a smile. “Very nice, thank you, darling.”

“Oh,” Meredith, one of their hosts, scoffs from the head of the table. “If that’s how he kisses you, I’m surprised you’re still married!”

Arthur nods from his place opposite her, smiling. “Don’t hold back on our account, boys; our son, Jimmy, he’s queer as they come.”

At that, Dean chokes on his whiskey. “Sorry,” he mutters. “Just, y’know—”

“We’re shy,” Cas interrupts. He’s certain his face is the approximate pigment of an heirloom tomato. “We’re just—it’s nothing having to do with our… queerness, you’ve been lovely—”

“Yeah,” Dean agrees. “It’s been grand, really—”

“We’re just. Public displays of affection, um. We’re private.”

“Private,” Giovanni scoffs, arm moving around his own wife. “You are in love, yes? What is the crime to show that love to the world?”

“It’s plain as day you’re in love,” Meredith agrees. “There’s no arguing it.”

“You’re young, you care for each other,” Arthur continues. “Kiss him, son! He deserves to know how you feel.”

Castiel feels his stomach tie in knots. “I-I know,” the blue-eyed man says weakly. “I do, I know—”

And that’s when Dean kisses him properly.

Smooth as you please, Dean Winchester turns his head and presses their mouths together, soft and sweet and like they’re the last two people on Earth. Cas’s first instinct is to tense up, shocked, but he doesn’t jump back like he expects to—like he’s supposed to. Instead, his eyes flutter open, treated to a close-up of freckled skin and dusty-brown lashes before they slip shut again. Dean hums against his mouth as Castiel relaxes, finally, melting into the other’s embrace as he lifts a hand to sift through the light brown hair at the base of his nape. Of his part, Dean presses a palm to Cas’s stubbled cheek.

When they stop, Castiel is ashamed to admit that it’s because Dean pulls away.

Though, he’s not the only one blushing.

“That is how you do it!” Giovanni roars, raising a glass.

Arthur and Meredith laugh with him. “To the Novak-Winchesters!” they toast.

Dean and Cas both force a smile and raise their glasses without looking at each other. While the former downs whatever’s left in his glass, the latter touches his lips with an embarrassed frown. What in the world…?

Blue eyes widen.


Brigham (part 5)

Set a couple of months after part 4

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

9 months before the wedding…

I am lying in bed. The perfect cotton sheets we picked out when we moved in together now scratch my skin out of guilt but still I lie in the bed, waiting. I’ve been dozing for the past hour or so, wanting to wake up to an empty apartment to avoid a deep and meaningful chat so early on a Wednesday. I can’t hear any movement so I decide the time has come.

I stand up, naked from the sex I once again manipulated him into last night, and throw on his discarded t-shirt. It smells just like him and as my sinuses open and process the masculinity, a coating of self-hate washes over my heart and lungs and causes a small palpitation. Guilt is an all-consuming inconvenience and one you can’t control.

I tiptoe through to the kitchen, craving a coffee for my day to start and relax when there’s no sign of Luke. I reach for a mug and put it under the coffee machine and almost jump out of my skin when the balcony door opens.

“Holy shit Luke!” I curse when I see it’s him. “I thought you were out…”

“Hmmm,” he grunted. “Sorry.”

“Are you not at work today?”

“Working from home. I was hoping we could talk…”

I turn the dinging machine off and pick up my creamy coffee, hands uneasy and eyes shifty at the thought of Luke wanting to talk.

“About what?” I attempt to act non-chalant.

“Why you’ve been avoiding me,” he answers. God, he isn’t beating around any bushes today, perhaps because he knows that tactic has failed him too many times recently.

“I’ve not!” I defend, a little too high-pitched to be believable. “I’ve just been working a lot. This new job is… it’s more full-on than the last one. I’m an attending now- at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. It’s going to take a lot of my time up. I’m really sorry about that.”

“Well, you just had that answer all planned out by the sounds of things,” Luke sighs. “Amelia, talk to me sweetie, please…”

Sweetie- so generic.

“I honestly don’t know-”

“Ok,” he cuts me off before I lie. Again. “So, the sex. It’s been great… in fact, it’s been fantastic. But then I realised something the other day. We’re either talking about wedding stuff or we’re having sex. There’s no in between for us anymore…”

“Well,” I start, walking over to him and placing my hands on his hips. It’s almost as if my body is so used to pulling this trick that it can do it on its own accord. “We’re getting married and that’s a big deal. There’s a lot to talk about. And we’re also a couple who have sex. A lot. I’m not going to complain if there’s not much time left to talk about the electricity bill and who’s cooking dinner if the other two options are far better…”

“Amelia,” he growls, removing my hands from his hips as he snaps out of my trap. “You’ve been avoiding me. Tell me why.”

I roll my eyes and tell him he’s crazy, walking through to the bedroom and throwing on a pair of jeans and a top, not even bothering with underwear. Haphazardly, my hair is put into a ponytail as he accuses me of using sex as a weapon to distract him. I clench my teeth at his accuracy as I walk past his nagging and persistent attempts to make me talk. The guilt is niggling its way through to the ventricles of my heart, fearlessly pumping it to every extremity and the deepest depths.

“I know you Amelia,” he raises his voice, following me. “I know you, and you know me. I know when something is up… why aren’t you just talking to me? You’re supposed to be marrying me soon and yet you can’t tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong!” I yell, turning on my heel and scowling at him. “Are you seriously complaining about us having sex? Really?! Oh, I’m so sorry Luke! Let me just clamp my knees shut. Better?”

With that, I storm out the apartment and slam the door shut behind me.

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Meredith Host

“All my surface decoration is based on my collection of overlooked domestic patterns aka toilet paper & paper towel patterns. I’ve been collecting these swatches for around 10 years and I use the subtle patterns from my collection to create thermofax screens and decals. ”

Can we just pause for a moment and realize she’s been collecting toilet paper patterns for ten years and that’s where she gets her inspiration from? I love ceramists.
'Grey's Anatomy' postmortem: How will Grey Sloan react to the new resident? | EW

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Read at your own risk!

Come Monday, someone’s going to have a really tough first day of work.

During Thursday’s special 250th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) hosts what will now be called the dinner party from hell. Shocked to discover that Callie’s (Sara Ramirez) new girlfriend is Penny (Samantha Sloyan), the woman partially responsible for Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) death, Mer accepts that if she can make it through this dinner, she’ll never have to see Penny again. That is, until she learns that Penny is transferring to Grey Sloan as a new resident. While Mer is… let’s say, less than pleased, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is even more devastated — something that will definitely set the sisters’ relationship back. How will the rest of Grey Sloan react? And does this spell the end for Callie and Penny? EW caught up with executive producer Debbie Allen to get the scoop:

DEBBIE ALLEN: There’s already been a wrecking ball, and it remains to be seen how this is going to work out, because everybody loved Derek. Everybody knows how devastated Meredith has been after leaving for a whole year. Everybody embraced her, and now they’re going to look at [Penny] a little differently. Some people will be sympathetic, some people just can’t stand to look at her. It’s going to be tough.

Will Penny find any allies at Grey Sloan?
I would say anybody can find allies, it’s just going to take a matter of time. How long she’s going to be here, I have no idea, because we never know what Shonda Rhimes is going to do. We’re in episode 9, and it’s its own animal right now. We can’t be sure where anything is going to go.

How is Meredith dealing with Penny being around at the hospital?
It’s a constant reminder. It’s very difficult. How can she see her without thinking about Derek? This is a journey for Meredith of personal growth. Is she going to rise, or stay in that dark place? That’s what we’re going to play out.

Will Penny ever be able to actually explain that she tried to do the right thing with Derek?
She explained it to Meredith when she was at the hospital. I don’t think Penny wants to talk about this at all. How can you explain it? He’s dead. Whatever you say, it’s not going to bring him back. There’s Meredith, a widow with three children. How do you fix that? You can’t. Penny is coming to Grey Sloan because she wants to be a better doctor. This is a teaching hospital, which is what’s so wonderful about this season — all the wonderful interns and residents. We’re going back to the early Grey’s in terms of the energy and the lightness in the midst of very heavy stories and medical crises and challenges.

Is Callie torn between Penny as her new girlfriend and Meredith as one of her best friends?
Yeah, that’s really tough. It’s great drama. The audience is going to be riveted. I think our viewership is going to triple. [Laughs] It’s so amazing what’s going on. Our stories are so based on such real life situations that are not improbable at all. They’re very universal stories. What happens to a family when a wrecking ball comes in? How does everybody react? Who’s sympathetic? Who’s not? Not everyone has the same reaction.

Will people be upset with Callie because of who she’s dating?
Amelia’s already very upset. Amelia is out of her mind about it. That’s evident. That was her brother, it’s very real for her. She had so many personal life crises. She’s recovered from addiction — Derek was always the one to help her through all that, and now this happens. She was in a good mood at the party, she was happy.

With Amelia so upset and Meredith just trying to put it aside, what does that do to their relationship?
It’s a wrecking ball. You heard what Meredith said to Owen (Kevin McKidd): Get her out of this room before I kill her. She was so upset. It was raw. The gloves have come off. There’s no sugarcoating any goddamn thing. That’s amazing drama. Even sisters who have grown up together and love each other could fall out over something like this. It can do a lot of things.