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Request: Could you make one where like, she finds out she’s pregnant after they broke up and she doesn’t tell him and after a while, her baby bump starts to grow and she’s still distant from him but he sees her stomach and confronts her in an on call room?

A/N: DeLuca is my underrated husband. Part 2?

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You and Andrew had broken up a whole month before you discovered that you were pregnant. You should have recognized the signs sooner, you were a doctor after all. But the heartbreak of a year long relationship coming to an end, and the overwhelming responsibility that came with being a surgeon masked all of your symptoms.

You blamed your overly swollen feet on all of the extra hours you had been logging in the O.R. to avoid going home to an empty house, and the nausea on the lack of rest you’d been getting.

Never in your wildest dreams or worst nightmares would you ever imagine yourself to be single and pregnant. Yet here you were. In the clinic with Alex, a pregnancy test in hand, that would determine your fate for the next 18 years or so of your life.

And of course you were terrified to look at it. It wasn’t that you didn’t have a support system. You knew that Alex or Amelia would move in with you as soon as you said the word, the pair of them being your people. Meredith would also be a shoulder to lean on, she herself having gone through a similar experience with Ellis. Granted DeLuca isn’t dead, he’s just estranged.

Alex looked at you with sad eyes, his somber expression telling you what the test said. You were pregnant.

“You know, you have options.” He hesitated, wrapping an arm around your shoulder so you could lean into him.

You stared at your clenched fists, your nails digged cresent shaped marks into the skin on your palms. “I’ve always wanted a kid. Just not like this.” You sighed, blinking away the tears that had began to flood your eyes.

“The blood work says that you’re about 7 weeks along. So a little over halfway through your first trimester. Have you experienced any symptoms?” Alex questioned, moving back slightly so he could look you in your eyes.

“Nausea, swollen feet, cravings. I just blamed it on the heartbreak though.” You shrugged, swinging your feel back and forth on the examination table.

You had no clue what you were going to do, or how you would tell DeLuca. You broke up because of conflicts with you being his boss. How would he feel about his boss having his baby?

“You’re gonna have to tell him you know.” Alex replied with a sigh, already knowing you and how you were probably making 100 plans inside your head to avoid informing your ex. “Word travels fast around here. It’s better that he hears it from you than someone else.”

“Well as long as you keep your mouth shut nobody else will know.” You shrugged, flipping your phone back and forth between your hands. Of course Alex was right, but you’d be damned if you told him that.

“You already know that if you tell Amelia like I know you’re planning to Meredith and Owen will also know. Then Meredith will tell Maggie, and Maggie will accidentally slip and tell someone else.” Alex replied, tossing his rubber gloves into the garbage can. “You need to tell him.”

You were now three months pregnant and beginning to show. The only people who knew about your… situation were Alex, Meredith, and Dr. Bailey. And you were planning to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Bailey had you doing shorter surgeries and taking longer breaks, remembering the toll that being pregnant while also being a surgeon took on her body. It was something that people, especially DeLuca (who knew you like the back of his hand, whether you wanted to admit it or not) found suspicious.

So imagine his surprise when he overhears Meredith and Alex talking about you being pregnant. Of course his first thought was how. Followed by “oh shit” and “I need to find her”. He also questioned internally whether or not it was his. But of course it was. If you were entering your second trimester then you had to be together for it to have happened. So why hadn’t you told him.

Probably because he hadn’t given you the chance to.

The next time DeLuca saw you, you had not seen him yet, luckily. You probably would have ran off if you had. He moved quickly, clasping your wrist in his large hand and pulling you into the empty on call room that you stood in front of.

“What the hell?” You hissed, ripping your arm from his grasp and holding it to your chest.

“When were you going to tell me?” He questioned, getting straight to the point.

You felt your heart drop to your stomach. How the hell had he found out?

“Tell you what?” You asked, playing dumb. You wouldn’t give anything away until you were 100% sure of what he was talking about. You’d made that mistake far too many times in the past.

“That you’re… you know…” DeLuca paused, his eyes going to your stomach briefly before returning to your own eyes, “pregnant.” He whispered.

“Where the hell did you hear that?”

DeLuca winced before responding. “I was kind of listening in on Alex and Meredith’s conversation.”

“Shit.” You sighed, taking a seat on the lower bunk bed. It took a few seconds for DeLuca to follow behind you.

He sat next to you on the hard mattress, taking your smaller hand in his. “You know I’m here for you, right? You’re not in this alone.”

You felt your eyes begin to tear up. Partially because of the hormones, but also because of his words. You knew Andrew wouldn’t abandon you. He wasn’t like that, so you had no clue why you were so afraid of him knowing.

“I wish you would’ve told me sooner. I could have been there during your morning sickness and cravings. I should have been there.” He added quietly, pulling you into his side by your shoulder.

“I know.”

You hadn’t realized hiw in love with the man you still were until this very moment. When he held you in his arms as you cried and whispered reassuring words into your hair. As he kissed your temple and rubbing your growing belly, apologizing for not being there from the very beginning.

You were in deep shit, and now for more reasons than one.

I’m not a T-shirt

Hi Merthan fans! Me and my bff @fluraki well, mostly her, have idea. It’s a little something about how Megan and Meredith treats poor Nathan. It’s funny (I hope) and I hope you will like it. @fluraki sweetie hope you will like it.

GRAMMAR ALERT! I’m almost sure, there is no grammar here. I want to share it quickly, so I won’t bother anyone to correct it. Sorry for mistakes.

Nathan sat on the chair in front of Megan’s room. He was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do next. His life was falling apart and he can’t do anything about it. Nathan looked at the glass walls, he’s past and future met in the presence. He hide his head into his hands and bend over the chair. If it ends like this, he won’t have any girlfriend or future.


Meredith was changing Megan’s bandage, trying to be as gently as she can. If the situation would be different, she could be befriend with Megan easily.

“How it goes?” Megan asked, looking at Meredith.

“I’m almost done.” she smiled.

“When you finish…Can we talk”

“Yeah, sure. I’m done already.”

Meredith sat on the chair, taking off her gloves. She looked at the redhead girl in front of her, she couldn’t take away Nathan from her. She went too much in her life, lost to much to lose him too.

“I want you to be with Nathan. He deserve all happiness and he loves you.” Megan said, taking Mer’s hand into hers.

“No! I can’t do this to you. You have him first.” Meredith said.

“Please! He’s in love with you. I see it.”

Nathan entered the room, he was angry and for the first time his rage left his body and mind.

He stood in the door trying to express his feelings as clear as he could.

“Do I look like Nathan ‘T-shirt’ Riggs to you two?” he asked them, “I have feelings, I’m not a piece of cloths you can borrow one from the other. You treat me like a shirt and I really don’t like it. So if you don’t mind…I would chose who I love and with who I want to start something. If you excuse me, Nathan ‘T-shirt’ Riggs will leave you two so you can rethink your behavior.

Meredith and Megan looked at him leaving the room, after moment they looked at each other, laughing.

“Does he really said we need to ‘rethink’ our behavior?” Meghan asked, laughing.

“He should put it on a t-shirt” Meredith said, laughing too.


grey’s anatomy meme ≡ 1/3 quotes → strong female moments
“Guys like you don’t see girls like me. We don’t exist for you. We exist to do your homework. We exist to build your ego up. I am a successful, married mother. I am Chief Resident! I am Chief Resident of a major metropolitan hospital! I am a surgeon who saved his life today! And he still doesn’t see me.”