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i love your blog, how do you manage to keep up with all of your tv shows haha?

Thank you so much! ♥ x

I use this app to track my tv shows. I remember someone posted it in a facebook based tumblr network and i’ve been using it for more than a year now. If you’re a TV show fan, like me, this app is amazing for you!

It has some great features:
you can mark episodes you’ve watched and it will tell you how many episodes you have left.

you can see comments after every episode and vote for your favorite character of that episode

you also get badges depending on your binge watching skills

and get interesting stats like these and you can compare them with your friends

These are some of my faves but there are many more.

If you want to do f4f, here is my profile: i follow back everyone. :)

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prompt: Season 3 - They're at Castle book's launch party. Among the guests there's the director with whom Meredith betrayed Rick. Castle hates the man. The director wants to make a film about Nikki Heat but then he begins to make lewd comments about Beckett. Castle punches him. Later Beckett asks him why he acted like that.

The unforgiving glare of the bathroom lighting allows her to examine the blotches of red, the slow bloom of purple along the pale skin stretched across his knuckles. She dusts the tips of her fingers to the ridges of bone, feels the heat swelling beneath, and listens to him sigh, grunt when she coaxes his fingers to stretch outwards, testing the level of his pain.

“What did he say?”

She cuts her gaze to Castle beneath the black fringe of her lashes, an extra coat of mascara elongating them, offering better protection to view him from. But he purses his lips, the corner of his mouth twitching as she releases the spread bones of his fingers, lets them return to their curled position against his palm. 

“Did you know him?”

“Once,” he grumbles, hissing at the gentle application of her thumb to the middle of his hand. 

“Who?” she persists, following the streams of his veins, the delicate bones along the back of his hand. 

“Some Hollywood director wannabe,” he mutters, and she doesn’t think she’s ever heard him so disgusted by another person, so unsettled by someone who wasn’t a murderer or a rapist or a lowlife thug, any of the scum they typically see on a regular basis. “He directed Meredith in this low budget horror film back when we were married.”

Beckett hums, suppresses the quirk of her brow, but the pieces are slowly beginning to come together without her having to ask. 

“He said he wanted to work with you next, make the next big Nikki Heat movie. A documentary,” he scoffs, wincing at the tentative pressure of her fingers, but not in severe pain. Nothing broken. “Said he wanted to follow you around, like I do.”

“That all he said?” she murmurs, but Castle’s eyes are returning to that dark shade of blue that had swirled through his gaze while she’d had to pull him off of the other man, inserting herself between the writer and the director who had been sent crashing into the bar at the force of Castle’s blow. 

Beckett had pushed on his chest, hastily walking backwards, the rise and fall of his diaphragm quick and uneven with rage beneath her palms, angers she’s not accustomed to when it comes to Castle. She hadn’t taken her hands off of him until she’d shoved them both through the door to the women’s bathroom, shielded from the party guests and their scrutiny by the safety of a closed door. 

It’d taken him a while to calm down.

“No,” he answers, his voice low, a breath away from a growl, and Kate releases his battered fist. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It does if it made you react like this,” she argues, nodding to the hand he’s already drawing back to his side. “I know you, you’re not a violent guy, and you have a thing for using your words. Most of the time.”

“He’s the same director Meredith cheated on me with,” he informs her, the explanation a fact, lacking any lingering upset. “It hurt, but it didn’t bother me as much as it should have. My marriage was already crumbling, had been since I put the ring on her finger.”

“You did what you thought was best for Alexis,” she reassures him without thinking, too quick to jump to his defense. Defend him like he always defended her, warranted or not. 

The corner of his mouth quirks, the first hint of a smile she’s seen since the other man had stepped foot inside the building hosting Castle’s book party. 

“I did, and after I caught Meredith cheating, I let it go. Moved on. But this is different. You’re not… he’s not allowed to-”

“I’m not Meredith,” she interrupts, finally earning the ascent of his gaze, startled and a bit sheepish, but she isn’t done. “And he’s not following me around. I told you I’m a one writer girl, Castle. That applies in both the literary and film world.”

Some of the tension drains from his frame, his face, and Rick leans back against the wall, releases a heavy breath.

“You doubted that?”

His gaze snaps back to her, his head already shaking. “No, I just - you matter. And I know you have… that you’re not - but I don’t want to lose you.”

They don’t speak about how she’s currently in a relationship, one that’s waning, growing weaker with every second she stands inside this bathroom with Castle, seeing too much, hearing it in the raw confession threading through his voice. 

He doesn’t want to lose her. He doesn’t even have her yet.

Not completely. 

But he’s close, they’re close.

Kate reclaims the brutalized hand from his side, the sight of his swollen knuckles eliciting memories of the last man he had punched for her. Always ready to fight so hard for her. Too hard.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she murmurs, raising his hand to her mouth, touching a brush of a kiss to the fevered skin, lingering a moment too long and hearing his breath catch and fall apart. “And neither are you.”

Prompt: A couple of prompts from castlefanficprompts involving being the plus-one at a family wedding sometime during S1.  Starts at the end of “Little Girl Lost”.

Will’s hand lands on her shoulder as he leaves, and she suddenly sees exactly what her life with him would have been.  Following him across the country, transfer after transfer, finding it a little bit harder each time she had to restart her career, eventually getting pregnant and being out of the work force for long enough that once the kids were in school, she’d have no career to restart.  The family portraits with one kid beside her and one on her lap, and Will standing behind them all with one hand on her shoulder.

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I just don't understand why they can't get together and keep them together. You can create angst with other things.

My dear sweet Anon, you just reiterated what every single person who has ever shipped a couple has said. 

Welcome to shipping my friend. The land of pain. Home of heartache. 

Why do writers do this? Drama. Angst is drama and drama mean ratings. Hence relationship tend to look like a tennis match. Back and forth back and forth. Can they create drama with other things? Sure, but relationship angst is a tried and true method for ratings magic.

The good news? Sometimes, not always, the writers stop the bullshit and just have the couple be together SPOILERS. Derek & Meredith, Booth & Bones, Castle & Beckett, Pam & Jim are all great examples of that. What do all of these shows have in common? They are several seasons ahead of Arrow.

Arrow is only in it’s third season. That’s the middle of a (hopefully) six year or longer run. As my husband said post 2x23 “They aren’t going to give us the couple EVERYBODY wants in the second season.” He’s right. There’s a lot more story to tell right now with Oliver & Felicity apart. I know that’s hard to hear, but Oliver & Felicity have some growing to do before a real relationship can be achieved. Eventually there will be more story to tell with them together. And perhaps by S5 or S6 or S7…whatever…the writers will stop the bullshit and just let Oliver & Felicity be together. Navigate the relationship, fill it with angst, but have them work through problems & challenges without breaking up, like the couples I cited above. I think more and more writers are getting comfortable with this idea. They realize the back and forth (LOOKING AT YOU VAMPIRE DIARIES) gets old. Eventually, they pick a lane. The good news is, The Arrow writers have picked a lane and it’s Olicity. We just have to let them steer the car now.

So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy. Embrace the pain. ‘Tis the life of a shipper.

Alright, listen up. If you ever plan on asking me out or anything like that, you'd better use one of these:

Will you be the Dean to my Cas?

Will you be the Companion to my Doctor?
Will you be the Rose to my Nine?
Will you be the Clara to my Eleven?
Will you be the River to my Twelve?
Will you be the Amy to my Rory?

Will you be the Jack to my Ianto?

Will you be the Sherlock to my John?

Will you be the Brennan to my Booth?

Will you be the Beckett to my Castle?

Will you be the Meredith to my Derek?
Will you be the Callie to my Arizona?

Will you be the Hermione to my Ron?
Will you be the Ginny to my Harry?

Will you be the Meg to my Wonder-boy?

Will you be the Hazel to my Augustus?

Will you be the Annabeth to my Percy?
(you can use Wise Girl & Seaweed Brain if you want ^-^)

Will you be the Clary to my Jace?

And if you can think of any other fandom related thing, then feel free to use that. And yeah, some of them are gay couples, get over it. I like them.

Watching season finales of your favorite TV shows and being forced to witness almost every single one of your OTPs/BrOTPs have issues and/or watch something bad/sad happen to your favorite character(s) that end on a terrible cliffhanger, and you must now endure the agonizingly long wait until the next season begins to find out what happens: