mere existence

Reminders for myself:

I am allowed to occupy space. If someone has a problem with me merely existing, that is their problem not mine. That person is the one who needs to work out their emotions. I do not have to make myself small for the comfort of someone else.

I am allowed to recover. Anyone who tears me down for recovering is not someone I want around me. The people I want around me will celebrate my recovery with me.

I am allowed to be comfortable. I do not have to put someone else’s comfort before mine, especially when it comes to my health. I do not have to stay silent when someone makes me feels uncomfortable.

I am allowed to put myself first.

How to Become His Dream Girl, Even if You’re Not (A Spoiled GF Guide)

so recently, within the past 2 months I have successfully become a spoiled gf, this (surprisingly) was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be, but using this technique (that I kind if made up) I broke it down into some simple steps :)

STEP ONE: Pick someone you wont mind spending a considerable amount of time with

- Realize that this isn’t a sugar daddy, this man wants to have a full on relationship with you, therefore you will be spending a large amount of time with him so you WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH HIM. So just make sure that he is someone you can handle without wanting to strangle after 45 minutes.

STEP TWO: Charm the fuck out of him, then have him open up to you

- You have to make him want you, be alluring and kind. smile at him, laugh at his jokes, compliment him on shit that you might not even care about. Right now you are selling a prophecy, an introduction to a relationship. Make yourself sound as interesting as possible but leave him always wanting more, always have him talk about himself more than you talk about yourself. try to pick up on little things and get a read on his emotional status and how he chooses to react to certain situations, learn about him so you can mold yourself into his dream woman. Once he sees your “genuine” interest in him, he will start opening up to you and THIS is where you’ll really need to pay attention.

STEP THREE: Find out what intimate part of his life is missing

- THIS IS KEY LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! You will have to figure out what relationship related snippet is really missing. In my case my sugar boyfriend (ill call him T) was married for 10+ years and never really got what he wanted out of the marriage and was constantly lied to, but ended up staying on behalf of his 4 step kids. after getting divorced he dated a stripper who just used him for his money even though he supposedly had “genuine” feelings for her. After learning about his tragic love history I came to the conclusion that what he really needed out of a relationship was mutual affection and to feel valued. KEEP IN MIND, THIS STEP CAN TAKE A WHILE AND INCLUDES LOTS OF TRIAL AND ERROR. So after coming up with my hypothesis of the lack of value and affection, I decided to put it to the test and did 2 simple things in order to do so. first, while he was at work, I called him to see how his day was going. You would have thought I was god himself calling because he was so happy to hear from me and to hear that I was thinking about him and that I took the time out to call him and let him know that. Second, I cooked him dinner. One day while I was staying at his house I decided to surprise him with a very basic meal (frozen salmon fillets and sautéed bell peppers) and yet again, he was so happy and excited at the fact that I had done that for him. This is when I knew I was on the home stretch

STEP FOUR: Focus on the missing intimate piece, and make it your specialty

- This is what has him keep you around, doing the things that he needed but never got. don’t get me wrong, I’m not cooking this man dinner everyday, instead I switch it up and substitute certain actions. He loves affection, so when we’re sitting on the couch together ill lay my head on his lap, or hold his hand and stroke the side of his face. I’ve learned that simple shit like that makes him incredibly happy, which makes him incredibly generous.

STEP FIVE: Get Spoiled

- Now after giving him a taste of life with you in it, you need to give him a taste of how much your life costs. By now he’s showered you in nice dinners and gifts on the whim, but you’re here for the kill, you want a access to the finances and for him to get you whatever you want. For me, this was by far the easiest step out of all of them, I told him I wanted to go shopping and that I needed some stuff from Lush and Sephora (he had no idea what either of those places were) AND HERE IS WHERE YOU GET HIM. Make sure he sees how expensive it is just to be you, talk to him about your favorite products and what you need and use on the daily (hype them up in price too, like if you need foundation and you usually use L'Oréal, rave about the Gorgio Armani foundation instead) make it seem like your mere existence is expensive, by now this man wants to take care of you and wants to keep you in his life and therefore will do what it takes to keep you near and dear. Once he see’s how “hard” it is to be you, he will make it easier

At this point in my relationship with T, I am nearly moved into his house and have full usage of his ex-wife’s Lexus and his credit card, and tomorrow I get to meet his mother. Once you get on the right path of knowing what a man is missing in this life, you’ll be able to use that to your advantage and have him truly believe that you’re the woman of his dreams, even if you’re just a Faux Heaux :)

It kills me that the same numbskulls who barge into the Steam forums for every game with a gay and/or female protagonist demanding to know if it’s “an SJW game” are the same ones who are shouting “keep politics out of video games!”.

Like, buddy, if we’re obliged to evaluate the mere existence of certain kinds of people in video game narratives as a potential political statement - as you yourself insist we must - then there’s no such thing as an apolitical video game.

You have brought this upon yourself.

If you had told Dex even a week ago that he would willingly be sharing a blanket with Derek Nurse on the floor of the Haus living room all afternoon, pressed together so close they’re practically in each other’s laps, he would’ve laughed in your face.

Now, he just bangs a fist against the side of the old space heater in front of them and subtly pulls Nursey a little closer into his side. Not that there’s all that much closer to pull him.

“I told them,” he mutters. “Draft fucking central.”

He not so much sees as senses Nursey roll his eyes. “Rans and Holtzy not letting you replace all the windowpanes last year is not why the heating went out, yo.”

Intellectually, Dex know this. But it’s easier to blame their former captains for their current predicament than it is to blame the fact that he’s let routine Haus maintenance slide so much this semester that they’ve ended up here. Because if Dex doesn’t keep a close eye on things like the barely functioning water heater, or the garbage disposal that’s missing two blades and is about to fall out of the sink entirely, who will?

Except, well, he’s been distracted this year. From the moment he got back from summer break and moved into the attic with Nursey, he’s been… distracted.

Nursey is distracting.

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you know what would’ve been, like… super cool to see in su? (i’m sorry for clogging the tag btw, i just have a lot of thoughts.)

the crystal gems becoming the symbols of a new gem revolution.

they’re spoken of only in whispers. no one mentions them in public. but everyone knows of them. if they have to be mentioned, it’s in a disdainful, angry tone. but oh, in private, it’s a different story.

they speak of the rose quartz whose love for all things was so strong that she faced down a diamond and won. (the lesson = “the diamonds are not invincible. they are not perfect. they are not gods.”)

they speak of the pearl who took up arms and proved she was as strong as any quartz, regardless of what she was. (the lesson = “we are not defined by our gems.”)

they speak of the garnet, the first fusion, impossibly strong and loving, who should not have existed but did. (the lesson = “the lines between us are not that thick. we are not so different from each other.”)

they speak of the bismuth who made weapons instead of buildings and who equipped a deadly army. (the lesson = “even the talents you have because of your gem can be put to any use.”)

they speak of the last amethyst of earth, who would never know anything but freedom, but who might come to them, someday. (the lesson = “one day, we can all be as free as the last amethyst.”)

and the crystal gems learn of this. garnet realises how much she matters to so many gems out there. her mere existence is the proof that the diamonds are wrong. pearl sees a legion of pearls who are just waiting to take up the sword alongside her, who refuse to be docile captives. amethyst realises that she herself is HOPE. that for an entire revolutionary movement she is proof that things can be better.

because how much would that mean to amethyst? she has a very low opinion of herself, but just by living as herself she’s become the image of hope for an entire species. she meets the revolutionaries on homeworld, starting with the famethyst, and realises… holy shit?? these people don’t even KNOW her but they love her BECAUSE she’s her. and she tells them a bit about life on earth because they’re curious, and she decides - she’s gonna keep being hope. she’s gonna keep fighting and being herself.

after the crystal gems return, word gets out.

they speak now of the peridot who defied yellow diamond and insulted her to her face, choosing life over duty. (the lesson = “change is coming. more understand the truth every day.”)

and they speak of the hybrid, a being neither gem nor human but somehow greater than both, a bridge between two worlds. (the lesson = “we are not so different from them, either. they can be anything. so can we.”)

and the crystal gems make them a promise - “we thought we were alone, that we couldn’t take the fight further, not after our armies were destroyed… but we have hope now, and we’re coming back for you.”

(the lesson = “the revolution is about to begin.”)

I write when I am silenced.
I write when my voice is shoved back into my throat, choking my emotion and seizing my mind.
I write when no one wants to listen. I write when everyone is so caught up in the strings of their own lives that they are tangled within themselves.
I write when I feel that no one can truly understand how my mind works, a million miles a minute, so much to say but no one has the time to listen to my words so a page catches them instead of another soul and that’s okay with me.
Pages don’t interrupt or intervene. Pages don’t tell you that you’re overreacting and your emotion has taken grasp of your whole being, making you feel insane due to merely existing in yourself more than anywhere else, pages won’t leave you feeling like there’s still more to say, but the conversation was cut short by lack of interest, pages never leave you feeling unsatisfied. Pages accept your words, and there’s simply no room for judgement.
—  v.m
compliments part 2 - zach dempsey

requested: yes

word count: 2.216

warnings: none besides fluff i think

plot: zach decides to (nervously) confront you after finding out you’re the one slipping compliments in his bag

a/n: i Cannot believe a 2nd part was requested i cant believe you guys enjoyed the first part and sent me messages!! i wasn’t planning on writing this but here she is since y’all are cute as heck

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Thursday night found Zach Dempsey sprawled on his bed.

A week worth of complimentary notes was at the foot of the bed. Some were folded, some all the way open but none of them were in their original, pristine state. They were crumpled, thing that probably happened whenever the boy stuffed them in his pockets.

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It’s time for #TrilobiteTuesday! It is believed that the great Michelangelo once explained his approach to sculpture by stating that he merely freed already-existing pieces of art from their surrounding stone. While the Renaissance master’s words may have reflected the unique thought process through which he created his renowned works, in the case of trilobite preparators such an approach is exactly how it’s done. Perhaps those who work with fossils don’t possess the inherent artistic elan of the famed Michelangelo, but when all is said and done, they are the ones who truly free existing forms from their encasing stone matrix. Often it can take up to 100 hours of careful preparation work to free all the delicate spines of a trilobite such as this Quadrops flexuosa from the 400 million-year-old Devonian rock.


Princess Aurora is arguably the least popular Disney Princess in the official franchise, with many people criticizing her for being romantic, obedient, and too “traditional”. While many people see her as a weak character I, by stark contrast, think she’s one of the strongest characters I’ve ever seen. While it’s important to have characters as headstrong as Belle and Jasmine, it’s equally important to have a character who chooses duty over personal desire, which is precisely what Princess Aurora manifests once she finds out she isn’t, in fact, Briar Rose and her entire life has been a lie. She doesn’t blame anyone, throw a fit, or try to run away; she returns to the castle to meet the parents she just found out existed mere minutes ago, leaves the boy she loves behind (yet she’s somehow dependent on a man?), and accepted a duty she was neither prepared for or asked for. [insp]

Wait For It (M)

Anonymous Requested: Jungkook Royal AU
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Royalty AU 
Word Count: 11,013
Author’s Note: I pretty much took a whole day off from life to work on this, since I start school on Monday and wanted to try and get through as much writing as I can before hell starts.

Summary: As royalty, you were forced to be sent off and married to a prince of the neighboring kingdom to strengthen your country. But when you are betrothed earlier than you expected, you seek comfort in a random stranger until you realize that perhaps fate plays a bigger hand in things than you ever thought possible.


For the record, you never asked to be a princess. Not that you think you would ever have had an upper hand in a situation like that in the first place, or that you expected things to be different if you could go back in time to watch your family history unfold. It’s just something that’s short, and simple, and a fleeting thought you ponder about on more than one occasion, which is certainly a lot more times than someone who was actually happy with their lives would think.

Now, it’s not that you’re ungrateful with the life you’ve been gifted with, you’re well aware of the luck you’ve received, because at the end of the day, it’s the kind of lifestyle that guarantees food upon the table. It promises a roof over your house during the night, during the rain or snow, (more than) comfortable clothing to keep you warm throughout the bitter winter. The gold and motivation and rule your family has over the kingdom is nothing to shy away from.

It just, it provokes a lot of… pressure in your system, in your heart and in your mind.

Most of these things sprout from your father, who is probably just as ruthless as he is caring and hard-working and passionate about the land he is expected to rule over with grace and respect and an equal amount of force to make sure the people of the kingdom didn’t take advantage of him. He’s always been a loving father, albeit expecting the most out of you between your two other siblings. As caring or thoughtful or empathetic has he could be, there were often moments in your life when your best was never good enough for him.

You’ve been taught since birth to follow the orders and rules set up by your father because, as so graciously pointed out by the servants the dusk and clean and care for you on more than one occasion, your father always did what he believed would be best for you. So every piano or violin or guitar lesson he ever made you take, those foreign language lessons, classes on discipline and how to look, think, behave like a princess—those were always for your own future benefit.

“Keep your back straight, shoulders back, smile pretty.”

Always cut small pieces of your meal. Take small sips of your drinks. Always remember to wipe your mouth with a napkin.”

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.”

It’s not that you hate being a princess. You just hate having things being done for you, you hate how decisions and that free-will of choice and responsibility has been ever-so-graciously lifted off your shoulders as if these were things you would never have to burden yourself with. You hate not having a voice, your words drowned by the ones of your father or mother. Your existence has constantly been overshadowed by those greater than you could ever hope to be. You hate the role you have to play into society, how you had to spend your days dealing with other people’s problems. Shouldering a kingdom is no laughing matter, there are rules and regulations and decisions that constantly need to be made to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who live within the borders. Your mere existence is to live for other people.

It’s exhausting.

But in spite of your feelings, you know that changing fate is practically impossible. So you roll with your father’s wishes, because you understand that this is duty you owe to your kingdom. Perhaps at the end of the day, it will truly never really matter what you desire. From the moment you were birth, your entire life story has already been written by you, the quill of ink belonging to your father and mother and every other person who thought they could know you better than you could ever know yourself.

You let yourself take everything in. You visit the nearby villages and listen to everyone’s problems, their hopes and wishes and promise to become stronger and stronger to help them. You take the lessons set up by your father. You keep your back straight, your eyes forward, your mouth shut. You accept the fancy parties and the wine, the dancing and the violins echoing through your ear, speaking only when you are spoken to. It’s torture, but you have to remind yourself that is it your duty, your obligation and your responsibility.

You even let your father tell you that there will come a day when you will be sent off to a predetermined prince in a neighboring kingdom, be married off into a family you don’t know and perhaps will never truly belong to—all for the benefit of your kingdom. You let him tell you this, and you accept it. You give yourself a few years to mentally prepare yourself, expecting your father at the very least to grant you this one wish.

A raised eyebrow. “But the prince could be ready to meet you any day now.”

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Here was a person whose mere existence had led Tiffany, one evening, to wonder about that whole business of sticking pins into a wax figure. She hadn’t actually done it, because it was something that you shouldn’t do, something that witches greatly frowned on, and because it was cruel and dangerous, and above all because she hadn’t been able to find any pins.
—  Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

things i learned in 2016:

  • sometimes i’ll try my best in school and i’ll still fall short of my goals, but i’ll still survive because life goes on
  • what’s important is learning how to overcome fear of failure and perfectionism
  • rest is important, but so is knowing how to push myself enough that i can accomplish the goals i have for myself
  • taking care of myself is important, but so is being aware of how to improve myself so i can be happy with the person i am
  • being by myself and having quality Me time is important, but so is interacting with people who uplift me and add positivity and radiance into my life
  • i don’t have to drink if i don’t want to
  • nothing excuses behaviors that hurt other people
  • i don’t have to cut off my friendships from high school just because college is a time to Explore and Meet New People™ 
  • with that being said, i also shouldn’t cling onto past relationships just because they were once a thing. there’s a time to let go for almost everything, and relationships aren’t an exception
  • support systems are important
  • social media breaks are important
  • doing things that are fulfilling in life is important
  • helping other people is important
  • i missed reading books purely for the joy of it
  • the most ‘successful’ people in the world learn to let go of envy or jealousy, and learn + gain motivation/inspiration from those who are better than them
  • negative bias is real, but just its mere existence indicates that good things do happen in this world and i will learn how to appreciate that more in 2017, god damnit.
  • i need to rely more on internal and not external validation

i can’t fucking stand seeing people say they think harry looks ungrateful or comes across like a diva by not posting on social media or attending events or breathing the way they’d like him to. because harry, aside from dunkirk and another man, really did take a break from the public eye for the past year, and somehow, even though he’s barely been seen, people still want to scrutinize him for NOT being seen and say that that shows he’s snobby or above everyone for not tweeting or some other bullshit excuse or say that him working on an album is completely implausible because he hasn’t talked about it and the rumors about an album merely existing make him look bad. and i just don’t understand this incessant need to tear him down when he literally, LITERALLY has not done anything.

because here’s the thing - he’s had his life on display since he was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, and when he was younger, you could tell he was much less guarded. and you can see as he got older and saw the way the media twisted his words specifically, the way the media made him into the person they wanted instead of who he is, and the way the media ignored everything he actually did and said in favor of making him their punching bag, he pulled back and became more private, and can you blame him? if you had to try to justify WHO YOU ARE to the entire fucking world and no one would listen and would continue to print shitty articles about you when you’re only nineteen years old, i guarantee you’d pull the fuck back and want some genuine time away from everything, too. he’s never been one to post about every little thing he’s doing, and why so many of you are against him doing anything at all in the public eye is truly fucking baffling and proves you hate him even when you say you don’t, especially when people on here try to jump through hoops to make up stories about how awful he is.

to watch people consistently put him under a microscope because he doesn’t follow the plans they have crafted for him themselves that aren’t based on reality is ridiculous and infuriating. he doesn’t have to live up to whatever random career path people of tumblr dot com have come up with for him, and to get mad at him over some weird plan random people on this website have made up is beyond fucking stupid and i’m tired of seeing it.



“Credence Barebone’s rise to national acclaim in the American wizarding world is nothing short of a miracle. Deprived of any magical schooling until his adult years, the young auror has proven himself to be a remarkable new talent amongst the forces at MACUSA, flourishing under the dual mentorship of Chief Inspector Porpentina Goldstein and Director of Magical Security Percival Graves.

However, perhaps the most miraculous detail of all is that Barebone is a fully-developed Obscurial as a result of his oppressive childhood years. He has contradicted all documented accounts of past Obscurials, not only by surviving past the age of ten and well into adulthood, but by harnessing the Obscurus–previously assumed to be an uncontrollable, parasitical mass of corrupted magic–and utilizing it at will. The full breadth of his abilities are as of yet undisclosed…

Despite the fact that Barebone has contributed definitively to the safety of the American wizarding world through his work as an auror, many are conflicted as to whether his mere existence is a security concern in and of itself. The catastrophic events of late November 1926, when his uncontrolled rampage across New York City resulted in massive security breach and an ensuing city-wide Obliviation, have earned him an inevitable loose-canon reputation that will be difficult to overcome.

Both Graves and Goldstein have issued public statements concerning their accountability for Barebone’s actions, claiming that they would not have him in the field if they were not assured of his capability to control the Obscurus. Barebone himself could not be reached for comment.”

– The New York Ghost, March 1933

AO3 larrie boycott list

a list of authors on ao3 who are also conspiracy theorists. for the uninitiated: there is a significant portion of the content-creators in the 1D fandom who believe that their ship, harry/louis (larry stylinson or larry) is real. they are called larries and should be differentiated from larry shippers (those who engage in normal fandom behavior and know their fictional ship is not real). larries are conspiracy theorists, and you will see them referred to as tinhatters. 

want to blacklist them? here’s a tutorial on using ao3 savior. that link also contains more information about the reasons behind the list and how an author is put on the list or why they are left off. [n.b. the script is case sensitive, use case of name present on the current list.]

wondering if an author is a larrie but they aren’t on the list? send me an ask! i’ll do my best to sort it out.

methodology: i sorted 1D fics on AO3 by h/l and with most kudos first (to prioritize with the fic that would most likely be read by a new reader), english, and completed only, and clicked through. if i couldn’t prove they were larries (no other SM linked to pseud OR nothing glaringly larrie on linked SM) i’ve left them off the list. this is definitely not complete. it is a work in progress. all names are the AO3 pseud, and earlier versions of the list contained additional information about what i found to put them on the list. i have removed that information for streamlining, but if you’re curious, inbox me and i can provide it. 

CT = conspiracy theorist

  • 0GVButterworth0
  • 100percentsassy
  • 1Diamondinthesun
  • absolutelynot
  • aclosetlarryshipper
  • alivingfire
  • allyasavedtheday
  • andthensusays
  • Awriterwrites - big bang rd 5
  • banana_louis
  • beautlouis
  • bethaboo
  • BeyondxLawliet
  • bottomlinsons (grimgrace)
  • capriciouslouis
  • clicheanna
  • Conscious_ramblings
  • darkerwings
  • dea_liberty
  • delsicle
  • EllaO
  • emma1234
  • eyesofshinigami
  • FallingLikeThis (Zayniam)
  • ForAWhileWePretended (Zayniam)
  • FullOnLarrie
  • gayporn
  • gloria_andrews
  • Gotthisniallthang
  • grapenight
  • green_feelings
  • hattalove
  • hilourry
  • infinitelymint
  • istajmaal - if you’re curious about this add, send an ask
  • isthatyoularry
  • iwillpaintasongforlou
  • juliusschmidt
  • jwdish98
  • karamelised
  • kikikryslee
  • kenziexo
  • kiwikero
  • kotabear24
  • KrisStylinson
  • LadyLondonderry
  • Lainy122
  • larrybabes03
  • larrytale
  • LasciviousLarry
  • leavingonatrain
  • letsjustsee
  • lewieandharrie (thoseshadowsalmostkilled)
  • Lis (domesticharry)
  • littlelouishiccups
  • LoadedGunn
  • louisxharry1
  • loupiter
  • LucyStarkid
  • lululawrence
  • luminescents
  • Madalynn_Bohemia
  • metencephalon
  • midnights
  • Mie1412
  • NiamJenn1994
  • nodibs
  • nooelgallagher
  • objectlesson
  • OhSlashy
  • otpwhatever
  • pliantlouis
  • purpleeyestelllies
  • Rearviewdreamer
  • RedOrchid
  • rippedgloves
  • say_thanks
  • scagnetism
  • sheawaldenbecks (styleztomlinson)
  • snowingwhite
  • Star55
  • stylinsoncity
  • summerwine
  • sunshiner
  • supernope
  • suspendrs
  • sweaterpawstyles
  • sweetkisses
  • TableForThree
  • teaandtumblr
  • Teumessian
  • thealmightyavocado
  • TheCellarDoor
  • theboyfriendstagram
  • thecheshirepussycat
  • thepriestthinksitsthedevil (stubliminalmessaging)
  • tilthesundies
  • togetherwecouldbealright
  • Tomlinsontoes
  • twinks
  • Velvetoscar
  • veronicahague
  • Wankerville
  • weddingbells
  • whimsicule
  • whisperingwind
  • whoknows
  • wildestdreams
  • wubwubnparmaham
  • you_explode
  • youcomecrash
  • yoursongonmyheart
  • zarah5

if anyone on this list feels they have been added in error, or want it known that they have since rejected conspiracy theorism, send me an ask off anon and we can chat! if you have any authors you think should be added to this list (i don’t care if the author is only a little larrie, conspiracy theorism is the ONLY qualification), message me or send me an ask on or off anon. i am prioritizing the more popular authors first, but eventually i plan to have them all listed. 

this list should not be used for targeted harassment. it exists merely to make it easier for people to avoid reading and providing kudos to people who engage in conspiracy theorism. 

The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Originally posted by bangtanbtsmut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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  • Date: hey, whatcha thinking about? you look so distant.
  • Me: Imagine what ghouls go through, especially the older ones. Not just the obvious prejudice and hatred towards them. But, they live... indefinitely. Everyone they know and care for, they will inevitably outlive. Their friends, family, relatives, everyone single person with the exclusion of their own kind. Even their memories start to fade after a point and their past becomes blurry and indistinct. Just think about that for a moment. And then, they look in the mirror every day and they no longer see who they were. They see a rotting body where their own should be. And because of that outwardly disfigured appearance and genetic mutations, they are discriminated against, killed for their mere existence, and they see the terror and disgust in the eyes of at least half the people they meet. And, the pain of becoming a ghoul must be excruciating. To be exposed to that amount of radiation... It must be so painful. Yet, the people of the wasteland don't care. They see a friendly ghoul and they think, 'ew a feral'. It's a tragedy... really.
  • Date: *shoving breadsticks into their purse* sorry, I gotta go.