mere box

It is not enough to merely be in a box - that box must also be in the highest place it is possible to reach unaided, so that you can be the tallest of all the boxcats, and survey your domain and minions with ease

> The equivalent of an exclamation point appeared over his head at the sound of a gentle clack of something hitting the hardwood floor. He’s practically ecstatic at the mere sight of the box, imagining it would look great filled with his most prized possessions - like a treasure chest - and gives it an open.

> Needless to say he’s even more thrilled to see there’s things inside. It’s like christmas all over again. He’s quick to wipe his eyes and excitedly show Vriska - and then his dog who was automatically excited whenever Jake was. 

brookesmxrt  asked:

leaves a giant box of heart shaped chocolates on his porch with a note that says 'i tried to bake but we both know you don't want the remnants of that' xo, b. davis

 after  his  own  romantic  gesture  the  night  before  (  one  he’d  continue  to  deny  in  a  heartbeat  if  asked  ),  arriving  home  to  a  gigantic  red  box  sitting  on  his  front  steps  is  a  welcomed  surprise.   as  a  general  rule,  felix  has  never  been  one  for  valentines  day.   a  once  a  year  mushfest  reserved  for  the  world’s  biggest  suckers  was  of  no  interest  to  him  –––  at  least,  until  now.   make  no  mistake,  it’d  take  a  lot  more  than  a  certain  tree  hill  cheerleader  to  turn  him  into  bill  shakespeare  incarnate,  but  never  before  had  a  mere  box  of  chocolates  (  even  one  the  size  of  north  carolina  )  brought  a  smile  quite  like  that  to  his  lips.   tucking  the  parcel  under  his  arm,  he  glances  towards  the  house  next  door  with  a  hint  of  fondness  in  his  gaze  before  reaching  for  his  phone  &  composing  a  new  message.

[  text:  b.davis 🍆🍆  ]  you  know,  there’s  a  lot  of  chocolate  here.
[  text:  b.davis 🍆🍆  ]  i  could  share —  if  you’re  interested.


Ticked this one off with satisfaction. Civil War juggled impossibly cool action sequences, wholesome character arcs, and a much more multifaceted divide between the sides than I expected coming from the book - making for a damn fun ride that pushed the MCU’s emotional pendulum to its widest swing yet.

A spectacular achievement even in light of the Avengers movies, it was a gift bag that just kept on giving; without stashing in even a second of uninteresting loose threads that go nowhere, it was a tapestry of relationships, motivations, and their eventual outcomes that truly elevated and, what’s even more important and incredible, finally JUSTIFIED Marvel’s somewhat flawed hit-or-miss longform storytelling model (once again, beyond the mere cosmetic teamup porn box that the Avengers comfortably nestled into).

And Black Panther was everything. I want more of him everywhere all the time.

rocco knew he made for an odd sight right now. he was a six foot plus man with blue hair, chipping black nail polish and eyeliner bent over trying to lure a stray cat over to him. rocco was never really one to care about how others saw him though, plus there was a reason he was trying to attract the animal. it was injured, he could tell from the limp it walked with, and he wants to capture it so he can get it to a vet. if the feline stays out in the cold, new england january air, it will probably not make it through the night. “here kitty kitty,” he calls, making kissy noises in hopes of attracting it. the young cat had no interest in him though, it continued sniffing around at a pile of boxes. “c’mere you stupid fluff ball you’re gonna die without me.”


It is officially our last night in our old house. Tomorrow everything will have been transported to our new place.

I have very mixed feelings about the move. I’m really excited because the new home is beautiful and perfect for our family. It has a lot more space, a bigger yard, and just a more family feel to it. However, parting with our current house creates feelings of sadness within me. This was the first house that Campbell and I purchased together. We bought it at a time when our romantic relationship was hardly existent. And now we have a baby together and we’re married.

All of this happened in our tiny little house. A tiny little house once filled with all of our stuff that we used to make our lives together. And now it’s been stripped down to merely boxes, a mattress, and some pillows.

Parting ways is certainly bittersweet.