mere being mere


honestly, the effect that dw has on my mood is absurdly tangible

i had this huge spike in anxiety last week that’s been Not Fun to deal with but this magic and fun and energetic optimism of this show never ever fails to make me feel better


Self Love Tarot Challenge 

Day One: Who are you? 

Hello everyone! I’ll be doing @oceanwildatelier​‘s Self Love Tarot Challenge this month :D 

It’s my first time doing a tarot challenge and I’m very excited! I’m going to ramble about this a bit, so there’s more under the cut, and it’ll be all tagged #selflovetarotchallenge if you want to blacklist it. 

But why would you want to blacklist me rambling about tarot cards really

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The answer to my question to how to destroy the Sith is Obi-Wan Kenobi.


every westallen scene ever (91/?)


ur damn right chara’s Mad. 

the kids~