Title: Mercy

Song: Mercy by Duffy 

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,095

Warning: smut!

Request by @winsmut : I have an idea for a dirty fanfic/story. It involves slightly drunken karaoke (because of the nerves), the reader singing Duffy’s “Mercy” and surprising Dean with her badass talent. It makes him realize the feelings he’s had for them. You get where I want to go with this?

A/N: Hope you like it! This is written from Dean’s perspective. Enjoy!!

Y/N slammed another shot before turning to the stage. “Y/N, come on, it was a joke! Come on, don’t do this.”

“I can sing Winchester, just you watch.” Leaning back in your seat you just shook your head. No use trying to stop her now.

Stumbling just a little she picked out her song and jumped on stage. “This, this is for a grumpy old man who says I don’t have talent.”

As ‘Mercy’ by Duffy started up she closed her eyes, bobbing her head to the music. Grabbing your beer, you walked over by the stage. Might as well get a good spot right?

I love you but I gotta stay true

My morals got me on my knees

I’m begging please

Stop playing games

Y/N hadn’t been wrong, the girl could sing

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Scarlett was meeting new people all the time now, the feeling of paranoia fading as she settled in, but there was still a lot on her mind. Leaving with a stranger, who she had an obvious connection with, to go on road with a carnival. She cursed as she bumped in a stranger, not looking where she was going. “Oh, sorry!”