the coffee shop au part 2
  • it’s a glorious day at overwatch cafe
  • mercy’s pissed because pharah won’t show her the sketchbook
  • pharah’s pissed because she’s not fucking done, okay, these things take time
  • widow’s pissed because widow’s always pissed
  • tracer’s pissed because there’s a customer bitching
  • the customer’s pissed because it’s five o’clock in the morning and classes start in five minutes
  • lucio is not pissed cuz he’s a cool dude and also because he’s listening to 6 inch heels and nobody can be pissed listening to beyonce
  • eventually the customer leaves and tracer is done
  • “fuck this” and then she flops down on the floor and falls asleep
  • mercy nudges her awake at rush hour
  • a half-asleep tracer is not a graceful tracer
  • actually, no tracer is a graceful tracer
  • anyways
  • things happen
  • things being boiling hot coffee scorching mercy’s hand
  • she yelps
  • makes some undignified noises of pain
  • and then rushes into the backroom, making tracer deal with the mess
  • she can handle it
  • some more bad shit happens
  •’s in a particularly bad mood
  • she starts ranting about proportions in engineering and how awful her professor is
  • a dog knocks over the sign not once, not twice, but six times
  • widow comes in and yells at tracer
  • and by the time pharah comes in scowling mercy is Too Tired To Deal With This Shit (or TTTDWTS for short)
  • “hey-” “no.”
  • “um, are you-” “no.”
  • at which point pharah’s anger fades away because she hates seeing her gf upset
  • “babe, what’s wrong?”
  • and mercy bursts into tears
  • pharah guides her to the backroom, shoots widow a look
  • widow nods in understanding, jumps smoothly over the counter- honestly, pharah doesn’t know why the door’s there, no one uses it- and starts helping tracer with the orders
  • tracer scrunches her nose gratefully
  • widow drops a kiss on her forehead that she later denies doing
  • pharah makes an ‘aw’ noise
  • widow glares at her
  • she salutes and ducks into the backroom behind mercy
  • “hey, ang,” and then she leans forward and wraps her arms around the doctor “tell me what’s wrong.”
  • “everything’s wrong,” mercy blubbers, “the shop’s a mess, and my hand hurts, and my head hurts, and my thesis is due in a week and i haven’t even written it yet,”
  • and she keeps talking until she’s all out and then she falls asleep in pharah’s arms because she hasn’t slept in three days and you can’t run on caffeine alone with a med student schedule and a part-time job
  • and that’s when pharah pulls out her sketchpad and flips through it
  • very, very quietly, so as not to wake the sleeping girl
  • it’s filled almost all the way, with just two pages left
  • she smiles down at mercy
  • and begins to draw
  • charcoal scratching softly against paper, thin, careful strokes of black, streaked across creamy white
  • somehow, mercy’s hair looks golden even when drawn in black and white
  • everything’s okay
  • it’ll all be okay
Tears for a Father
  • Tears for a Father
  • Seventh Wonder
  • Mercy Falls

“The son struggles with the absence of his father and his mother. The mother appears to be struggling with the guilt and turns to alcohol. The son refers to it as the "muddy water”

What’s going on inside of you…
Still wondering
If my voice is reaching through to you…
First day of school today
And I was late
‘Cause of the glass
By mama’s bed
I think she’s missing you

Miss Angel told us
Write some lines
About your families
I finish first…
I turned in blank…

Don’t want to play
Another day without you
Oh - daddy
Open up your tired eyes
Want you to watch my games
And say you’re proud of me
Want you to do what ever fathers do…

Today my best friend Tim and me
Stole apples from the Millhouse tree
Please don’t tell…
I know you won’t tell

If she finds out that I’ve been bad
She gets so sad and when she does
The muddy water helps her smile…
A while

But I won’t cry
No I won’t
I’ll be strong, goodnight dad
I will turn the radio on