You are the whispers of my mind at 4 am, 
I hear them softly talking in the corner, 
You were the one, who invited a storm,
Thanks to your grace, my madness is born. 

I felt the taste of your words on my lips,
I hear my heartbeat recognize the scars,
My innocent sanity trips, 
As I pray for mercy upon the falling stars. 


Small story behind this!

This comic idea came to me when I thought that Genji would find troublesome walking in public again, not feeling like his old self anymore. They all struggled and tried to convince him to go out, but found himself one day taken downtown by Mercy, who needed an extra hand to help her with some grocery shopping. She used as excuse the fact that many of those at the base were either resting after missions, away in missions or just home, enjoying some free days. (everyone needs to relax once in a while XD) Genji always appreciated her care for him, how much time she always spent making sure he did his daily exercises during the recovery period (McCree also helped, and Gabe whenever he had time to spare), and of course the very fact that she made him “exist” again, so he couldn’t refuse her small wish, even if this meant going outside the base. (he was still fresh after recovery.. no missions or such things yet)


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

I like large hoodies! One of my weak points XD

Made this one quick, before leaving work.

I fell for her in summer, my lovely summer girl,
From summer she is made, my lovely summer girl,
I’d love to spend a winter with my lovely summer girl,
But I’m never warm enough for my lovely summer girl

  • Pharah: Your eyes are beautiful, they remind me of the ocean...
  • Mercy: Thank you, it's silly but they remind me of my-
  • Pharah, softly in the background: ...and I'm lost at sea.

Good morning bookstagram! Okay okay so I’m a little more than halfway through with The Night Circus already and OMG things are getting really intense now, I LOVE IT. ❤️❤️❤️ So anyway! Here’s the #blackandblue tag tagged by @signourney, thank you! I really like how this photo turned out. 💙💙💙


but… what if Spock and Kirk’s cover story in Errand of Mercy was actually true? Spock is a shy merchant from Vulcan and Jim is the brave villager. They find themselves becoming closer to one another as the otherwise placid population is put under Klingon occupation, and they eventually create a daring resistance plan.

I finally did it! Praise the weather for giving me snow I could work with! Now these two happy cinnamonrolls are sitting side by side like they should be! (Ford lost his leg – snow plows in my neighborhood are vicious creatures! - but he’s a survivor and now fixed)

The dusk always manages to crept upon me… And because of the backlight, all the details won’t show up in the photos. 

…I just realize I’m going to have a heartbreak when weather turns warmer….