mercy st.clair

Gram Crackers - Grace Brisbane and Sam Roth
Wolves of Mercy Falls

“She loved all the wolves behind her house, but she loved one of them most of all.
And this one loved her back. He loved her back so hard that even the things that weren’t special about her became special: the way she tapped her pencil on her teeth, the off-key songs she sang in the shower, how when she kissed him he knew it meant for ever.
Hers was a memory made up of snapshots: being dragged through the snow by a pack of wolves, first kiss tasting of oranges, saying goodbye behind a cracked windshield.
A life made up of promises of what could be: the possibilities contained in a stack of college applications, the thrill of sleeping under a strange roof, the future that lay in Sam’s smile.
It was a life I didn’t want to leave behind.
It was a life I didn’t want to forget.
I wasn’t done with it yet. There was so much more to say.”

― Maggie Stiefvater, Linger

sinners; for the tragically beautiful cole st. clair and the frozen-hearted isabel culpeper (and, of course, their love.)

1. spectrum// florence + the machine 2. first day of my life (cover)// chase coy 3. at least i’m not as sad as i used to be// fun. 4. your ex-lover is dead// stars 5. drunk// ed sheeran 6. warm body// wild child 7. outta time// natalia kills 8. summertime sadness// lana del rey 9. i miss you (cover)// 5 seconds of summer 10. james dean and audrey hepburn (acoustic)// sleeping with sirens 11. little black dress// one direction 12. sad dream// sky ferreira 13. wake me up// ed sheeran 14. kiss and sell// the maine 15. overjoyed// bastille 16. nothing// lewis watson 17. marlboro lights// natalia kills

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I Can’t Change The Way I am - a fanmix [listen]

A Cole St Clair Fanmix.

Cole is a Maggie Stiefvater’s character, from The Wolves of Mercy Falls book series.

1. everybody loves me (onerepublic) // 2. lay me down and die (the blue van) // 3. alone together (fall out boy) // 4. dead and gone (the black keys) // 5. the mess I made (parachute) // 6. wake me up rock version (avicii) // 7. some nights (fun) // 8. nothing left to say (imagine dragons) // 9. teenage runaway (the blue van) // 10. wild country (wake owl) 


themusicourcollisionsmake  asked:

I read the bulk of Sinner in a day but had to stop several times to calm my heart. My brother was an addict and his choices have tormented nearly 20 years of my life (I am only 27). He and Cole share so many of the same qualities. It was difficult to read this magnified version of him. Painful and scary. What an untidy character: loud, selfish, charming... Cole was very well written and I was really impressed by how you handled his drug addiction and the effect it had, as well as Isabel's role.

Dear themusicourcollisionsmake,

This means a lot. 

This letter was tucked inside every advanced copy that went out:

A lot of readers think this is a novel about addiction; it’s really a novel about living beside someone with addiction. I said it was the truest novel I’d ever written, and I genuinely hope the optimism inside its pages is as true as the dark chapters. 

I hope you find a way to find peace with your werewolf brother, or apart from him. It’s harder to be a human, but, as I’m sure you already know, humans are where the happy endings are at.