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I Sing the Body Electric... (1/?)

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Summary: All her life, forensic pathologist Dr. Angela Ziegler has dabbled much with the dead. After a bout of self-realization, she decides it was time she learned how to deal with the living.

And maybe ask her colleague out for a date somehow.

Genre: AU, Romance. Dark humor. Oh, and ghosts and psychics (anyone a fan of pushing daisies?)

Characters/Pairings: Angela, Lucio, Fareeha (mentioned), Pharmercy

Rating: T, mentions of body gore and third party violence, dark humor.

Links: AO3

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700 followers?!?! Damn!!! Here’s a few pics of my NEW Ultimate Deadpool suit I debuted at Free Comic Book Day as a special thanks!!! You guys are the best!!!

Also, Gail Simone and BelleChere!!!


“Strange and Alone” - An original song written and performed by me. © 2011.

How strange and alone I have become,

When did I stop loving all the things I’ve done?

I am strange and alone; this change within me,

I don’t feel. I can’t heal.