mercy roulette

Roulette certainly has been busy since we last saw her. Formerly the organizer of an underground fight club for metahumans, Dichen Lachman’s character returns in Supergirl‘s Jan. 23 episode (The CW, 8/7c) as the leader of a trafficking ring on a distant planet known as Slaver’s Moon. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the planet boasts a red sun, leaving Kara and Mon-El at Roulette’s mercy, as you’ll see in a new batch of photos released by the network on Tuesday. 

Alex is seen coming to her sister’s rescue, but it’s possible that her victory will come at a cost: Per the episode’s official description, Alex “blames herself for Kara’s disappearance, fearing she’s become too focused on her new relationship with Maggie and too complacent in watching out for her sister.” (Can’t anyone just be happy anymore?!) 

 And just as executive producer Ali Adler teased to TVLine earlier this month, it looks like Winn is starting to learn “what it means to be a hero,” getting a little taste of the action on Slaver’s Moon for himself.

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All right, here we go. Red Monika cosplay! On-site photos to follow, but here’s some lovely pictures taken by FirstPerson Shooter for Nerd Caliber at Dragon Con 2013! Made this whole thing from scratch, and boy, was this a far amount of work. From figuring out the sheer physics of the get-up to mapping out all the pieces I needed, I can’t even tell you where I began. But I ended up here, and I’m pretty happy with this! Reblog if you love Battle Chasers and Red! <3


“Strange and Alone” - An original song written and performed by me. © 2011.

How strange and alone I have become,

When did I stop loving all the things I’ve done?

I am strange and alone; this change within me,

I don’t feel. I can’t heal.