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  • Symmetra: *Wakes up in a pool of blood* What... What happened? I thought we all...
  • Mercy: Died? *laughs* Heavens no! ... Well, yes. But only momentarily! Your hearts barely had time to stop beating! After Reaper broke my staff, he merely drained all of your blood. So! I just put it back in! *Pouring blood into Junkrat's chest*
  • Symmetra: I refuse to believe it's that easy.
  • Mercy: I know! Why do people even go to medical school?
  • Symmetra: Wait, how'd you separate out all the blood types?
  • Junkrat: Ha! "Different types of blood"! Sym came back stupid!
  • Mercy: Ha! Yes, what foolishness... *Whispering* Satya, I've been using my own underwear to sponge blood out of puddles. Trust me. The type is the least of your problems.
  • Symmetra: Oh God... Are we going to be okay...?
  • Mercy: I would drink plenty of water. Oh, and blood if you can find any.
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I love Mercy’s witch skin, but I also thought Symmetra would look amazing in it! She has a wand in place of her photon gun, and skeletal armor on her left arm. This was so fun to draw! 💖🔮

killing a mercy when i am not playing mercy: im so sorry to do this to u, pls forgive me for my terrible sin, you are beautiful and i am terrible, all u do is work so hard, no one protects you or appreciates you enough, i love u sm im s o sorry really i

killing a mercy when i am also playing mercy:  T̹̳H̳e̪̭̝͙͕R̳̪͕̬̼̝͙Ȩ̮̖̤ ̬̙̗̭̩C̷͉̻A̛̜̜͉n̝͚̯̗̤̻̺ ̹̭͟ͅO̧̮̝̗̰ͅN͏̖͖̹L̫̮͎͙̯̩͕Y̘͓ ̗̤̯̥͓B͙̘̰͉̠͘E̫͇̜͉̯ ̡͔O͟N͎E̤͖̹̥̱͔̟


Overwatch ladies put the ‘class’ in class.

These are a preview of the Overwatch set I’m making for my Artist Alley booth at Salt Lake Gaming Con! Wanna see if your favorite character got the classy class treatment? Come to Salt Lake Gaming Con (July 7-8) and pay me a visit to see the rest of the set! (booth # info is forthcoming)


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This series is on-going!

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왠지 정말 오래간만 인 것 같지만 맞는! 파라메르

Seems like it’s been a long time, but it fits! Pharmercy

큰 결심

나이치는 얼마 안 나지만,

적어도 동료나 관련 된 사람은 건드리지 않기로 했었잖아, 앙겔라 지글러.

더욱이 아나의 딸이라면…

난 참을 수 있다, 아자!!

그러나 상황은 그녀를 도와주지 않았다.


파리하 아마리는 몸을 아끼지 않는 군인이기 때문이었다.


자기 어머니랑 똑같아…

의무실에 출근하고 싶으신검니까, 파리하 아마리?

아니면 자신의 한계를 시험하고싶은 건가요?

펼요시에 사용할 수 없는 군인은 없느니 못하다는 걸 알고 계신지요?

저… 치글러 박사님.

제가… 원가 실수하였습니까?