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It was dead silent in the car on your way back to your apartment. You and Shawn just left the club after Shawn pulled you into the car with him.

You were just talking to an old high school friend of of yours when Shawn flipped and dragged you to the car.

“That was so rude Shawn.” you said not even looking at him. You were absolutely pissed at him.

“Rude? You made me look like a complete fool over there? What the hell Y/N.”

“Excuse me? I was just talking to an old friend of mine, since when was that a crime?” you exclaimed getting more pissed by the second.

“When you’re all over him then it is.” Shawn said not even looking your way, but you could see that he was tightening his grip on the car.

“I was not all over him you’re just extremely delusional.”

Shawn stopped the car. He finally looked you dead in the eye.

“Get out.” he simply said.

You looked at him and your jaw dropped he was actually being serious.

“You’re gonna leave me here, on the side of the road in the middle of the night? Shawn-”

“I said, Get. Out.” Shawn said and he clenched his jaw you got out of the car because you didn’t want to be in the car with him anyways and slammed it shut. Shawn immediately drove away.

You were in the middle of nowhere and you still had to walk like 30 minutes to get to your apartment so you decided to just walk on a normal path and not on the side of the road since that was even more dangerous with it already being past midnight.

You couldn’t actually believe Shawn, how could he be so heartless and just leave you on the side of the road in the middle of the night?

After like an hour, because you got lost a bit, you finally arrived at your apartment.

You locked the door behind you immediately because Shawn had the key and you didn’t want him coming in anytime soon. You were done with his shitty behavior.

Your phone died on your way back home so you put it in the charger in the living room and went upstairs, took a shower and immediately fell asleep. You were exhausted.

*the next day*

You woke up around noon and fell much better than the night before.

You went downstairs and made yourself some coffee and looked at your phone that you had multiple missed calls from Shawn and also a loads of texts.

You decided to just call him. He picked up after the first ring.


“Save it Shawn I just want to let you know that I got home safe. Not that you deserve to know that.”

“Y/N, listen to me-”

“No Shawn what could you possibly say that would make it okay to leave me at the side of the road? Are you out of your mind?”

“Y/N I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want to talk to you Shawn I’m fucking pissed and you telling me that you’re sorry makes me even more pissed. You decided to leave me there, I didn’t get out of the car because I wanted to!”  There were now tears rolling down your cheeks. This situation was really getting to you and it was frustrating you so much.

“I overreacted I’m so sorry just let me come over-”

“You overreacted? Well I don’t need any of that in my life right now I got enough going on. You’re not coming over, got it? I don’t want to see you bye.”

You quickly declined the call and turned off your phone because you didn’t want to deal with anyone right now.

Get a boyfriend they said, it’ll be fun they said. Yeah right.

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Does Shawn Mendes know I exist yet?

Day 17: No