mercy fc help

anonymous asked:

hii! you're on a roll with the names tonight! since you're already doing some, could you please list some feminine names with deathly, morbid, or dark associations? or just feminine names that SOUND kind of dark/creepy/witchy lol.

i can definitely try my best, babe. i hope at least one of these suggestions will fit with what you’re looking for. if not, come back and i’ll see what else i can find. the name’s i believe fit your description include: tabitha, samantha, tamsin, juno, tempest, artemisia, diana, samara, ophelia, octavia, portia, morgan, sabrina, zelda, millicent, luna, raven, theodora, rowan, sage, ursula, matilda, andora, siobhan, bellatrix, allegra, nimah, odessa, esmeralda, sage, rue, blair, crimson, maleficent, scarlett, victoria, mallory, adrienne, ramona, katherine, and mercy.