I have only one hope in life and that is to be used by God. The more highly we think of ourselves and our abilities and our talents, the less God can use us. I pray that God might humble me so that I understand that I am just an instrument in His hands.
—  A. W. Tozer
We all joke a lot about muse but I think we can all appreciate all the things they taught us:
  • stand up for what you believe or no one will
  • always break free out of toxic situations / don’t let toxic people control you
  • let out your frustration
  • be kind
  • love is powerful
  • we are only people but we always have a say in what happens, we may be small but we are not insignificant
  • if you make a mistake you always get a chance to start over and be a better person
  • you’re never lost, you’re just searching, and you will find whatever you’re looking for
  • it’s ok to believe in aliens

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Some reminders for today...

There’s a lot of huge things happening around the world today, especially in America. It’s easy, as bible-believing Christ followers to get upset about what has happened today. And I write this post with love in mind, and a heart that wants nothing more than to see people come to know Jesus - regardless of who they are. My mind is kind of all over the place right now - and please don’t jump to assumptions about why. I can’t really sum it all up, but here are some thoughts I have today, which I write and put out there for others who are trying to process their own thoughts…

  • Jesus is our focus.

- This should be obvious, but I too, forget it often. As Christ-followers, our ultimate responsibility is to lead people to Him. We are all sheep that have gone astray. At the end of the day, He is the only message that truly needs to be heard.

  • The Bible stands true.

- God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His Word is flawless, and remains truth regardless of what the world wants to do with it. Stick to the Word, always. And don’t only pick the parts you want out of it. Know what it says, and learn how to love people by studying it (this goes with my next point).

  • When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor,” He meant it.

- Jesus said this, and He meant it. He calls us to love people differently than you and me, and people who are different are not far. Everyone is different from you, therefore we are called to love EVERYONE. Our sins differ, but God sees them the same. We all need to be saved. We all need love, and Jesus wants you to get past your differences and LOVE like Him.

  • Don’t be “that guy.”

- Hate is not of God. “-Phobias” are not of God. Don’t be the guy on the corner shouting that God hates people. That’s not healthy for anyone - and it isn’t true either. You may feel frustrated, and unsure of how to cope with stuff that’s happening in our world but you need to fall down on your knees and ask Him what to do. It only takes one Christ follower to lead people astray, and turn them off from God altogether. Jesus loves you unconditionally and died for you, and I pray that THAT truth humbles you to see why each person (no matter who they are or what they believe) needs Him in their life.

Last but not least,

  • We are called to be a reflection of our Father.

- We have strong beliefs, and the world will shake them all the time. But those who are in Christ, are God’s kids. We need to think, speak, and act like Him. We are flawed, and nowhere close to being exactly like Him - but why not strive for that? Why not wake up every morning and ask Him, “Lord, make me more like You.” God shapes us ya’ll… He is the reason we breathe. Lets make sure that every breath we take honors Him, reflects Him, so people may come to know Him better.

I wish you ALL the very best, may today be a happy day for you - because God is on the throne and He loves you so much. :) xox - Linds