This will be my next car.. 

Ford ressurected the Marauder name as a high-performance version of the Mercury Grand Marquis sedan. Although the Mercury division is most directly a competitor toBuick (and formerly Oldsmobile), the design of this Marauder drew many parallels to the 1994–1996 Chevrolet Impala SS in being a contemporary full-size “muscle sedan.”

The Mercury Marauder was based on an updated version of the Ford Panther platform that was introduced for 2003. The Marauder had a naturally aspirated 4.6 L V8 DOHC Ford Modular engine producing 302 hp (225 kW) and 318 ft·lbf (431 N·m) of torque; this engine had many parts — including heads, cams, block and rotating assembly — in common with the 2003–2004Mustang Mach 1 Automatic and the 2003–2005 Lincoln Aviator. The Marauder featured a dual exhaust system with unique tailpipe tips, with newly-developed chassis and suspension modifications – such as moving the rear shocks outboard of the frame rails, which were later made available for the Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis. The Marauder was fitted with the4R70W 4-speed automatic in 2003 and received the upgraded 4R75W 4-speed automatic for 2004. The limited slip differential with a 3.55 rear axle ratio was standard fitment for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, as was the aluminum drive shaft. 

I don’t know about you guys but I always have this headcanon about Sirius being a big fan of Queen and not the Beatles.

I mean, really. Imagine Sirius dressing up in Freddy Mercury’s yellow jacket and Marilyn Monroe t-shirt during a Halloween ball, complete with his royal cape and huge crown, and after a ton of Firewhiskey, the idiot would jump on top of the table and started to sing Bohemian Rhapsody or some shit.

Or Sirius growing out his hair as long as Brian May’s hair, and also curling them into crazy curls because Moony, this is what cool people do, for fuck’s sake.

Or Sirius using his wand (and/or other Marauders’s) as drumsticks and beating his table loudly in all of Roger Taylor’s difficult rhythm until all of his teachers were actually scared that one day he’d break his table - except for McGonagal who would just threaten Sirius that if he didn’t sit still, she’d Transfigure him into a flubberworm.

Or Sirius swore that he’d quit drinking in seventh year, unless it was water or greentea because James, we have to live healthily for now on like my hero John Deacon did. That lasted only eighteen hours before he started screaming that he would die if he didn’t have at least a drop of Firewhiskey.

Man, I want this to happen so bad…