Piers, Golden Sun.

I don’t understand anything at his outfit. But I like him despise this.
The dude with a boat from GS2, loved his face when I saw him. Also, being a very old man led to a nice talk with Jenna and Sheba.

Also I thought before GS2 every Mercury adepts were thin people because of Alex and Mia but nope.

This portrait marks the end of the first batch. Let’s see if I’m brave enough to draw team #1 with Isaac and Garret’s crazy haircuts.

Yay! :D

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So I had to go really indulgent here and draw my fave character Piers because… you know I don’t know why he’s my favorite character, probably because he’s a Mercury Adept that wields fukkin’ maces YEAAAHH SO COOL!!!

(Fun fact I call Piers by his Japanese name Picard way more than his English name because I used to scour the internets for info on Lost Age SO MUCH when I was younger and the name stuck lol)

I think I found what games I wanna replay next *_* hahaa



Golden Sun series

Playable Characters
Venus Adepts ✦ Isaac - Felix - Matthew - Himi
Mars Adepts ✦ Garet - Jenna - Tyrell - Eoleo
Jupiter Adepts ✦ Ivan - Sheba - Karis - Sveta
Mercury Adepts ✦ Mia - Piers - Rief - Amiti
The Signs as Golden Sun Adepts
  • Aries: Proxian warrior. Looks scary ass, it's actually a fluffy dragon nerd. Cuddly flames.
  • Taurus: Your reliable healer+warrior Venus adept combo. Probably from a place in the middle of nowhere like Vale or some shit.
  • Gemini: The child of a Mercury and a Jupiter adept. Jupiter mage themselves, but they equip djinn CONSTANTLY to change the elements they can attack you with. They are not super powerful, but they are not predictable either.
  • Cancer: Mercury warrior. You probably carry an axe and speak in a pirate voice. You also like cats.
  • Leo: Mars swordsman! You like shiny armors. You probably wear shitty gold accessories.
  • Virgo: Venus mage. Super reliable. Sorta scary. Can probably break heads by smashing a Blessed Ankh repeatedly.
  • Libra: Super deep Jupiter adept. Probably able to read the future and use Reveal. You only equip MYSTICAL WEAPONS. You probably are from Anemos or Contigo.
  • Scorpio: Scary Mercury Clan member. You were trained to be a healer but you are basically Alex. Good luck with world domination, champ.
  • Saggitarius: Loud, boisterous Mars Adept that likes playing the Mom of the team. You can probably cast some healing spells too.
  • Capricorn: Venus WITH A THING FOR DJINNI. You say it's because of strategy but let's face it, you think they are super cute.
  • Aquarius: You are a Venus adept beastperson. You are probably scary under the full moon so I am not even going to say hi.
  • Pisces: Laid-back Lemurian sailor and Mercury adept. Probably in a class that mixes magic and physical attacks. P sure you keep a pet seal and draw shitty portraits of whales.

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If I remember correctly, you're a really big fan of Golden Sun (best game is best game. I really wish Nintendo would let it out of it's corpse grip so it could be a playthrough). Did you ever wonder what element you'd be if you were an adept?

Golden Sun is my JAM!

I adore the series so much, and it’s woefully under-loved and under-appreciated!

We actually MIGHT be able to do a Golden Sun playthrough sometime in the future, so hold onto that thought while I continue to work through some details!


Venus adepts are empowered by Courage and Love, and are aligned with Earth. Venus compliments Mars, is neutral towards Mercury, and clashes with Jupiter.

Mercury adepts are empowered by Compassion and Logic, and are aligned with Water. Mercury compliments Jupiter, is neutral towards Venus, and clashes with Mars.

Jupiter adepts are empowered by Curiosity and Mental Fortitude, and are aligned with Air. Jupiter compliments Mercury, is neutral towards Mars, and clashes with Venus.

Mars adepts are empowered by Selflessness and Physical Aptitude, and are aligned with Fire. Mars compliments Venus, is neutral towards Jupiter, and clashes with Mercury.

Given ALL that, I’d probably fall somewhere in the Mercury/Jupiter range.

…I love Golden Sun way too much.