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Virgo - Natural Nerves 

The nervous impulses in Virgo echo the flow of nature. Virgo may seem compartmentalised, but the dual forces in Virgo allow them to holler with the birds and hear the songs of the universe through earth forces, build blossoming gardens in their mind with intellectual Mercury, and understand the variation of life with the fluidity of mutable modification.
It’s like the wings of Mercury can fly them right into flowers, and they mentally dance as they soak up the geometric sequences, the language of petals, and the structure of seasons. The trees can teach them telepathy as they inquire into the nature of reality, through nature and its music. Virgos celebrate fertility and the exquisiteness of natural design. They pay homage to the earth by their humble, efficient service, their mineral healing abilities, and their mindful observation. Flowers bloom from their hands pouring with the most natural, magnificent form of medicine.


The Planets by Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite is a very cinematic-sounding piece, with each movement very different from the last, and it has inspired many film scores, particularly those about space movies.

1. Mars, the Bringer of War - if this sounds familiar, it’s because John Williams borrowed some of this for Star Wars. The skeletal sounding effect in the opening is col legno, a technique where the stick of the bow of a stringed instrument is bounced along the string. This movement has the feel of an army steadily approaching, or like a great warship moving through space. Clashes between different groups of instruments represent battles between opposing forces.

2. Venus, the Bringer of Peace - this movement is tranquil, lyrical, longing, and romantic. This is the sunlight that comes through the clouds after a battle in the rain, this is the sense of calm that envelops you after taking a deep breath. 

3. Mercury, the Winged Messenger - the bubbling notes seem to take flight, just like Mercury does with aid of his winged sandals. This is light and quick, and the melody jumps from instrument to instrument as fast as Mercury can flit from place to place. 

4. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity - this movement opens bright, vivacious, active, and very triumphant, like a proclamation of victory. The effervescent section transitions into a sweeping melody at 2:50, which you will probably recognize, as it has been adapted for various hymns and is the melody for “I Vow to Thee, My Country.”

5. Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age - the steady chords most prominently starting around 4:25 are like the hands of an enormous clock, and the later dissonant faster chords are like alarms - this movement represents the inevitable power of Father Time. 

6. Uranus, the Magician - this is the realm of the trickster, the cunning, the powerful yet unknown. A certain magical - yet not necessarily entirely benevolent - quality pervades the movement. This character has influenced the portrayal of magic in film scores such as Harry Potter.

7. Neptune, the Mystic - this movement has an otherworldly quality to it – one which has informed how the mysteries of space are represented in film scores today. Is this happy? Is this sad? It’s hard to pinpoint the exact emotion, and that is what makes Neptune so distinct. Additionally, this is one of the first pieces to have a fade out ending, with the sound of the women’s chorus gradually diminishing into silence.

Mercury in the 7th house - Angels in the Airways

Mercury in the 7th is a mental maze of mirrors. The individual has a mind like cosmic patchwork, it’s sewed together with the beautiful qualities of everybody they have ever met, so the individual can express with endearing mental decoration, lyrical and lovely. Mercury is comfortable in the 7th house. It’s another air house, and Mercury’s natural reflex is to reflect the body of closest contact, similar to the reflection of the handheld mirror ruling the 7th house. The confusion can be rife for the individual. The hunger for stimulation from other people can be impossible to satiate. Sometimes the mind can feel as though it completely vanishes. Something hollow and empty can seem to etch at the back of the mind. It is likely the individual will look to social contact to fill this void. The individual can make a natural mimic or impressionist. Often there is natural skill for anything involving natural law and order. The individual’s decisions are balanced by refined righteousness.

People with Mercury in the 7th enjoy teaching friends. Vitality in relationships is enriched by mental stimulation. The individual is seduced by cerebral brilliance, often worshiping great thinkers and writers. They must fall in love with someone intelligent. Someone who will read their writing. Someone who will consume their mind with conversation and experience soaked wisdom. The individual has a way of generating conversational fluidity with everybody, including immediate strangers. Socially, there is the chameleon. The mirror image of surrounding company, an individual lost and without an identity. It can be difficult for the individual to answer basic questions about themselves such as their interests, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. But the individual is brilliant at elevating the shared experience, but their likes and needs can change based on present company. When the crowd or the partner disappears, so does the mind, and the emptiness can be consuming. This ability to vanish the mind can come with tremendous benefit when the individual learns more about controlling their dependency. It can generate fascinating skill in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, and even criminal, forensic psychology because the individual can institute their own mind to vanish while letting somebody else completely open up. Mercury in the 7th can be a great mind reader for this skill. It can be impossible for even the most skilled liars to deceive them.  

Meeting of the minds is a sensual, artistic act with Mercury in the 7th. Words can form like poetry, formed in aromatic harmony. The individual is a good listener, and feels there are important things to learn from other people’s thoughts. It is likely that anxieties and fears are remedied after a lighthearted discussion with friends. Mercury is the intellect, and the seventh house governs the social life and relationships. The battle can be indecisiveness, lack of confidence in one’s own mental abilities, and the tendency to self sacrifice. Like the person can let their partner or friends do the thinking for them. The individual understands the conditions of human nature better than anybody. This is what makes them tremendously receptive and nonjudgemental. They will often praise original and different ways of thinking. They will caress and massage the mind, tracing every indent, searching for hidden thoughts and pieces of you. Life here brings contact with intellectual types. Dane Rudhyar believes that the cultivation of the mind will come from relationships more than books. The 7th house is a favorable position for Mercury because the winged messenger is free to fly under the sky of airy Libra. A voice of love for the people by their side, seducing with the sublime mind.


Hermes, an Olympian God [18/? Mythology Series]

Hermes was the second youngest Olympian God and God of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld.

Due to his cunning personality with which he often manipulated other Gods for the good of humankind or his own amusement, Hermes was considered a trickster.

To the humans, being one of three to safely navigate the border between life and death, he was also considered a luck-bringing messenger.

Blaster’s head appendages remind me of Hermes/Mercury. Who, among other things, is the patron god of messages and communication

Blaster, the Communications Officer…

He only has the “head wings” in MTMTE. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but people who work on MTMTE are a special kind of genius.

anonymous asked:

You were just writing about how Dylan really expressed his emotions best as the written word. Do you feel that still would have been the best way for him to express his positive feelings as well throughout a relationship?

Love notes and letters would have been a fantastic form of expression for Dylan - Virgo that he was, ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of intellect and communication.  It would be a safe and comfortable form of collecting his thoughts and feelings while in private and then communicating and commiting it  down on to paper on his own time in a quiet space.  It would be easier for him rather than having to verbally figure out how to say something directly to her because that would be more vulnerable, intense and risky.  He was shy as it was and known to be quiet and reserved and so he’d be uncomfortable in his skin and fearing judgment or a negative reaction talking about stuff especially with a new girl that he was getting familiar with.  So yes, writing his girl would be a wonderful expression medium for Dylan.  Plus, Dylan had a unique way with words and was a good writer.  His writing comes across genuine and pure - straight from the heart. Surpise notes and ongoing, back and forth convo notes peppered in her locker with inside jokes, terms of endearment <3 and invites on a date would be his forte.

human activity does not occur until the third sign, gemini. and we don’t meet a highly functioning, meticulous adult. two or three or four bouncing, fresh faced children blow through on mercury wings. this is the beginning of awareness. but it’s dizzying, loud, fun, chaotic awareness

Mercury in the 8th House - Tarot Twins

Hermes transported souls to the underworld and effortlessly glided into every state of consciousness. This makes the winged messenger Mercury very comfortable in the curious, deep and infinite eighth house experience. The eighth house is guarded by Scorpio and transports us to the depths of the unconscious, the dwellings of the soul, the process of life, death, and rebirth. It’s a state of limbo, and Mercury attempts to turn these visions, spirits, and symbols into language. Here consciousness and unconsciousness are fused and the mind enters a state where the ego is lost. There may be frequent overhauls of thinking and learning will trigger the individual’s tremendous transformations, largely occurring in the mind and the way the person thinks and perceives the world.

The individual may spend a lot of time contemplating the afterlife or taboo topics, like thinking about what dying will feel like or what will happen after they death. There will be a great urgency to uncover the truth and a halo antenna that reads invisible soul conversations and easily intuits if somebody is deceptive. It’s like they can instantly read ‘good’ or ‘bad’ characters. The individual will also be intensely private. Personal information is strictly guarded and a rare few people are let into the exclusive inner circle. Mental acuity is quite powerful with Mercury in the eighth. There can also be a silver tongue and so the individual may do well in politics or more ruthless business. The individual can be very charismatic and charm her way to the top, even with malicious intentions. Defenses are high with Mercury in the eighth. The individual may respond with severe wrath if her personal space is infiltrated or her integrity is under scrutiny.

Connection with the spirit comes with the use of voice. And it may be through conversations with others that ancestors and spirits converse with her. There is a spectacular degree of concentration with Mercury in the eighth. The individual has a fierce focus and becomes obsessed with topics for weeks on end, examining every spectrum and investigating every detail. Maybe there is a great skill for psychology, especially criminal profiling. The mind can feel like a haunted house here. Thoughts can detour down the darkest valleys, erupting vicious anxieties, paranoias, and imagined betrayals. The synapses of the brain reflect in tight, cosmic galaxies. These are the vessels that cross the borderline into the underworld and dance with the ethereal, the occult, the cosmos, and participate in conversation with dwellers of the other side. The winged messenger takes a turbulent descending spiral, lead only by the hand of a dark shadow. 


Mercury in Gemini - A Conversation with the Cosmos

A man speaking sense to himself is no madder than a man speaking nonsense not to himself.”  
 ―    Tom Stoppard

He speaks, moves, learns and thinks as quickly as two people at once. The Mercury in Gemini individual is easily spotted by his restless movement, dazzling darting eyes and flailing arms as he speaks his mind. He enjoys thorough conversations with himself and others, and uses communication to figure out what it is exactly he thinks and believes. His insatiable, childlike curiosity spans across a broad range of topics and his mental acuity is rapid and unmatched. It is almost impossible to keep up with the Mercury in Gemini person who exudes playful intelligence, startling wit, quick humor and encyclopedic knowledge. He is like a child who forever asks ‘why?’, a textbook that detests admitting ‘I don’t know’ and an adult that begins his sentences with ‘I think…’

Mercury in Gemini people resonate in any field that requires communication. His articulate and well written disposition makes him a natural star in journalism, public relations, blogging, radio, media, and teaching. The joy of learning compels him to remain in school for as long as possible, and most of your permanent students have their natal Mercury in Gemini. He typically feels as though life is stuck in motion and not moving forward if he is not learning or involved in study. His quicksilver temperament and mercurial nature makes him terminally impossible to pin down, and he changes his opinions as quickly as the news cycle. I know a Mercury in Gemini person who, as a young child created her own news paper and magazine, and printed it out for her family - all for the fun of combining creativity with literacy. His house will likely be adorned with a clutter of books, colourful trinkets, documentaries, course outlines, phones, iPads, laptops, and the echo of the news in the background. He will likely be doing two things at once - such as watching a movie and researching the character background online at the same time.

The Mercury in Gemini person thinks so quickly and accumulates so much information he tends to forget the more practical elements of life - such as paying the bills and remembering appointments. For Mercury in Gemini, the facts are always more important then the mundane daily routine. Despite his cleverness, multiple words and thoughts fight for his mind and he becomes easily distracted, scattered and air headed. He is an avid reader who enjoys dabbling into any piece of the written word he can lay his hands on, from novels to magazines. He becomes saddened and despondent in environments that fail to stimulate his intellect and sees debate as fun loving mental play. Mercury in Gemini are usually surrounded by a crowd of engaged listeners who revel in his rollercoaster wordplay. His mind is brimming with sparkling wit and diamond clarity and his soul, mind and body is nourished by the simple exchange of ideas. He travels through stars and galaxies riding the thinking wings of Mercury.