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Astrology symbolism

Libra - Snow White

  • 7 dwarves / Libra rules the 7th house
  • Venus mirror glyph / Evil Queen’s Mirror 
  • Commanded to cut Snow White’s heart; Venus the lover is the ruler of Libra
  • Evil Queen wanted to be the most ‘beautiful’ symbolised by Venus 

Gemini - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 

  • Trickster theme: deceit with winner of 5th Golden ticket, Slugworth, Willy Wonka entering with a cane and throwing it away to fool the crowd
  • Wonka’s ‘split personality’ on display in his room full of half figures - a half bench, mirror, ornament etc; to symbolise half of himself

Peter Pan

  • Peter and his ‘shadow’
  • Neverland, retaining eternal youthfulness 
  • “Lost Boys” being multiple personalities 
  • Wings of Mercury 
  • Hook’s hand cut off by Peter Pan, Gemini ruling the hands 

Sagittarius - Aladdin

  • The Genie of fortune symbolising Jupiter 
  • The essence of Sagittarius being ‘truth’ and Aladdin attempting to deceive this (masking himself as sovereignty). Genie instructs Aladdin that he must tell the ‘truth’ 
  • Use of various culturally rich items 
  • The carpet that can fly anywhere like the Sagittarius who travels everywhere

Capricorn - Cinderella 

  • Born into an early life of reprimand and duty like that of Capricorn
  • The evil stepmother, the critical side of Saturn who is oppressive and obstructive
  • The fairy godmother, the eventual blessings of Saturn, granting every wish, the Saturn alchemist  
  • The strict timing of the clock striking midnight, Capricorn being the ruler of chronos 

Cancer - Wizard of Oz

  • “Theres no place like home” 
  • The fairy godmother reflecting the Cancer archetype 
  • Meeting the Scarecrow without a brain, as she attempts to retain Gemini’s memory and the cowardly lion as she prepares for Leo in the next sign 
  • The ‘wizard’ being Cancer’s sister sign Capricorn, greatly feared and revered in the shadow 
  • The Dark Mother archetype of Cancer reflected through the wicked witch


The Planets Suite 

by Gustav Holst (21 September 1874 – 25 May 1934), an English composer

Listen to the pieces by clicking on the Planet’s name.

♂  Mars, the Bringer of War

♀  Venus, the Bringer of Peace

☿   Mercury, the Winged Messenger

♃   Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

♄   Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age

♅   Uranus, the Magician

  Neptune, the Mystic

Mercury in the 7th house - Angels in the Airways

Mercury in the 7th is a mental maze of mirrors. The individual has a mind like cosmic patchwork, it’s sewed together with the beautiful qualities of everybody they have ever met, so the individual can express with endearing mental decoration, lyrical and lovely. Mercury is comfortable in the 7th house. It’s another air house, and Mercury’s natural reflex is to reflect the body of closest contact, similar to the reflection of the handheld mirror ruling the 7th house. The confusion can be rife for the individual. The hunger for stimulation from other people can be impossible to satiate. Sometimes the mind can feel as though it completely vanishes. Something hollow and empty can seem to etch at the back of the mind. It is likely the individual will look to social contact to fill this void. The individual can make a natural mimic or impressionist. Often there is natural skill for anything involving natural law and order. The individual’s decisions are balanced by refined righteousness.

People with Mercury in the 7th enjoy teaching friends. Vitality in relationships is enriched by mental stimulation. The individual is seduced by cerebral brilliance, often worshiping great thinkers and writers. They must fall in love with someone intelligent. Someone who will read their writing. Someone who will consume their mind with conversation and experience soaked wisdom. The individual has a way of generating conversational fluidity with everybody, including immediate strangers. Socially, there is the chameleon. The mirror image of surrounding company, an individual lost and without an identity. It can be difficult for the individual to answer basic questions about themselves such as their interests, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. But the individual is brilliant at elevating the shared experience, but their likes and needs can change based on present company. When the crowd or the partner disappears, so does the mind, and the emptiness can be consuming. This ability to vanish the mind can come with tremendous benefit when the individual learns more about controlling their dependency. It can generate fascinating skill in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, and even criminal, forensic psychology because the individual can institute their own mind to vanish while letting somebody else completely open up. Mercury in the 7th can be a great mind reader for this skill. It can be impossible for even the most skilled liars to deceive them.  

Meeting of the minds is a sensual, artistic act with Mercury in the 7th. Words can form like poetry, formed in aromatic harmony. The individual is a good listener, and feels there are important things to learn from other people’s thoughts. It is likely that anxieties and fears are remedied after a lighthearted discussion with friends. Mercury is the intellect, and the seventh house governs the social life and relationships. The battle can be indecisiveness, lack of confidence in one’s own mental abilities, and the tendency to self sacrifice. Like the person can let their partner or friends do the thinking for them. The individual understands the conditions of human nature better than anybody. This is what makes them tremendously receptive and nonjudgemental. They will often praise original and different ways of thinking. They will caress and massage the mind, tracing every indent, searching for hidden thoughts and pieces of you. Life here brings contact with intellectual types. Dane Rudhyar believes that the cultivation of the mind will come from relationships more than books. The 7th house is a favorable position for Mercury because the winged messenger is free to fly under the sky of airy Libra. A voice of love for the people by their side, seducing with the sublime mind.


The Planets by Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite is a very cinematic-sounding piece, with each movement very different from the last, and it has inspired many film scores, particularly those about space movies.

1. Mars, the Bringer of War - if this sounds familiar, it’s because John Williams borrowed some of this for Star Wars. The skeletal sounding effect in the opening is col legno, a technique where the stick of the bow of a stringed instrument is bounced along the string. This movement has the feel of an army steadily approaching, or like a great warship moving through space. Clashes between different groups of instruments represent battles between opposing forces.

2. Venus, the Bringer of Peace - this movement is tranquil, lyrical, longing, and romantic. This is the sunlight that comes through the clouds after a battle in the rain, this is the sense of calm that envelops you after taking a deep breath. 

3. Mercury, the Winged Messenger - the bubbling notes seem to take flight, just like Mercury does with aid of his winged sandals. This is light and quick, and the melody jumps from instrument to instrument as fast as Mercury can flit from place to place. 

4. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity - this movement opens bright, vivacious, active, and very triumphant, like a proclamation of victory. The effervescent section transitions into a sweeping melody at 2:50, which you will probably recognize, as it has been adapted for various hymns and is the melody for “I Vow to Thee, My Country.”

5. Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age - the steady chords most prominently starting around 4:25 are like the hands of an enormous clock, and the later dissonant faster chords are like alarms - this movement represents the inevitable power of Father Time. 

6. Uranus, the Magician - this is the realm of the trickster, the cunning, the powerful yet unknown. A certain magical - yet not necessarily entirely benevolent - quality pervades the movement. This character has influenced the portrayal of magic in film scores such as Harry Potter.

7. Neptune, the Mystic - this movement has an otherworldly quality to it – one which has informed how the mysteries of space are represented in film scores today. Is this happy? Is this sad? It’s hard to pinpoint the exact emotion, and that is what makes Neptune so distinct. Additionally, this is one of the first pieces to have a fade out ending, with the sound of the women’s chorus gradually diminishing into silence.

Music Keys and Zodiac Signs

C Major: Aries
(Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C Major
Franz Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 60 in C Major “The Distracted”
Gustav Holst: “Mars the Bringer of War” from The Planets)

C Minor: Scorpio
(Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata K126 in C Minor
Niccolo Paganini: Caprice No. 4 in C Minor
Carl Maria von Weber: Concertino in C Minor Op. 26)

D Major/Minor: Leo
(Claude Debussy: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun)

E Major: Gemini
(Antonio Vivaldi: “Spring” from the Four Seasons
Edvard Grieg: “Morning Mood” from Peer Gynt
Igor Stravinsky: “Augurs of Spring” from Rite of Spring)

E Minor: Virgo
(Antonin Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 “From the New World”
Gustav Holst: “Mercury the Winged Messenger” from The Planets)

F Major: Aquarius
(Antonio Vivaldi: “Autumn” from the Four Seasons
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 12 in F Major
Franz Schubert: “Das Wirtshaus” from Winterreise
Gustav Holst: “Uranus the Magician” from The Planets)

F Minor: Capricorn
(Antonio Vivaldi: “Winter” from the Four Seasons
Alexander Scriabin: Nocturne No. 1 in F-Sharp Minor
Gustav Holst: “Saturn the Bringer of Old Age” from The Planets)

G Major: Libra
(Franz Liszt: Liebestraum No. 3 in G Major
Gustav Holst: “Venus the Bringer of Peace” from The Planets)

G Minor: Taurus
(Antonio Vivaldi: “Summer” from the Four Seasons
Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance in G Minor
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: “Arabian Dance” from The Nutcracker)

A Major/Minor: Cancer
(Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 6 in A Minor
Ottorino Respighi: Pines of Rome)

B Major: Sagittarius
(Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 in B-Flat Major
Hector Berlioz: “Le Spectre de la Rose” from Les Nuits d’Ete
Jean Sibelius: Tapiola
Gustav Holst: “Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity” from The Planets)

B Minor: Pisces
(Frederic Chopin: Prelude No. 6 in B Minor “Homesickness / Tolling Bells”
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: “The Kalandar Prince” from Scheherazade
Gustav Holst: “Neptune the Mystic” from The Planets
Maurice Ravel: “Lever du Jour” from Daphnis et Chloe)

Gemini Risings

Those with Gemini on the Ascendant experience their individuality through their ability to communicate and learn information. Collecting words, drawing parallels, assembling phrases and inventing new meanings. These are all essential activies for this Rising. Their presence feels very young and light. They bring some kind of electrical freshness into the room, and their traits tend to be sharp, delicate and lightweight.

Gemini Risings communicate easily and playfully, as if it were a game. They’re versatile, and we never stop being impressed by how smoothly they shift from  one chore to the next, much like air drifts from here to there in a gentle wind blow. Information is everything. Gemini is a sign of mutable air, and thus Gemini Risings love learning new things, for learning expands their horizons; they become able to convey their ideas and points of view through brand new perspectives much more freely and effortlessly. The human mind has no boundaries.

For these people, Mercury has lent his wings to their thoughts and body, making them masters of swiftness and cleverness. They’re very curious and move lightly from one group of people to the other, always gathering information and broadening their views.

Because of that, there may be some kind of difficulty with details. Gemini Risings are at ease doing and knowing many things at a time, but it may be difficult to actually focus on a particular matter, so they may convey superficiality, specially if Mercury is receiving challenging aspects.

Much like Aries Risings, those with Gemini on the Ascendant may appear restless and very active. But with Gemini, this field of activity is all about their own minds and hardly expresses itself as an urge to actively do something or manifest materially.

Let’s take a look at Mercury positions by house to better describe how this ascendant may manifest:

Mercury/1st house: a youthful turist shares their travelling experiences with locals to better adapt to the place they’re visiting. There’s a strong appetite for communicating one’s thoughts and ideas. Words come out quickly. This is someone who wishes to do many things at a time and always adapts to their circumstances. Being considered by others as intelligent and well-informed is what makes them feel “them”.

Mercury/2nd house: a young executive contemplates a board full of graphs and thinks of innumerable possibilities for the future. There’s great ability in analyzing and administrating businesses and money through logic and practicality. This is a humble and supportive person who is loved by many; well-known for their graceful voice.

Mercury/3rd house: a new teacher at school has everyone’s attention when they start talking; anyone around is impressed. This is someone who talks with charm and fascinates using words. Deceiving people may be easy. Dealing with exchanges and shopping is also effortless. There’s an interest in talking with literally anyone and gather information from that. This Mercury may be quite popular among their friends, neighbours or workplace.

Mercury/4th house: a teenager student pretends to read fiction by a marble fountain, but is instead, inspired by the book, thinking about their own thoughts and feelings. There’s much interest in getting to the bottom of all things, specially that of behaviours and feelings of one’s self or of others. This Mercury has more specific interests compared to other positions. This is someone who is sensitive, loving, patient and likes staying inside more than other Mercury positions. Where do all things come from, after all?

Mercury/5th house: a glowing politician talks to an audience of stupefied listeners. Everyone’s attention is drawn to the voice of this Mercury. This is someone who seems very commanding and charms people through their voice and ability in expressing themselves lightly and joyfully.

Mercury/6th house: a young mathematician considers the floor, thinking of logical patterns in their lives. This is someone who adapts easily to any situation and has also such an amazing ability in deepening their knowledge, specially if serving another’s needs. This Mercury is more private than the others and is liked by many for their loyalty and humbleness.

Mercury/7th house: a charming scholar listens carefully to their two resentful friends and tries to solve their argument. Urges to talk are restrained, and the attention is drawn to the other who talks. This is someone who excels at bringing peace to debates and disagreements. This Mercury will talk only when it is time.

Mercury/8th house: a young apprentice draws ten tarot cards for a Seeker and speaks their intuition and hidden meanings from the cards. This is someone drawn to dark subjects and occultism; it is possible that this person fluctuates between states of being easy-going and episodes of being more private and kept to one’s self. Dealing with someone else’s financial affairs may be easy. There’s much curiosity about motives and origins of other people.

Mercury/9th house: an exchange student considers a fascinating monument, thinking of the history behind it. This is someone very curious and questionning, always thinking phylosophy or religious matters. This Mercury is an idealist, speaks many languages, is more attentive to details and deep meanings than other Mercury positions.

Mercury/10th house: a youthful writer reads their own book published for the first time and wishes people will appreciate it. This is someone who is well-known for how they communicate and think; someone who worries much about being recognized for their efforts and career.

Mercury/11th house: a young activist lectures to a large applauding audience. This Mercury is commanding and has great leadership skills. This is someone who initiates social projects and maybe is on a search for acknowledgment.

Mercury/12th: a drama student cries upon a stage; the audience melts. This is someone with a beautiful imagination and that maybe loves talk to themselves. Feelings are effortlessly expressed and communicated. There may be a constant calling to arts or religion in their lives.

Hermes, an Olympian God [18/? Mythology Series]

Hermes was the second youngest Olympian God and God of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld.

Due to his cunning personality with which he often manipulated other Gods for the good of humankind or his own amusement, Hermes was considered a trickster.

To the humans, being one of three to safely navigate the border between life and death, he was also considered a luck-bringing messenger.


real quick doodles for Freddie’s birthday oml
Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury I miss you

Virgo thoughts from a Virgo

Virgo is often thought to be very critical and logical and helpful but maybe not as emotional as its sister sign Pisces. The thing is that Virgo IS the sister sign to Pisces, Virgos have the ability to be self sacrificing and can be sensitive, they just keep it controlled and reserved. Remember that virgos are ruled by the moon in esoteric astrology, shadow side of emotions. A lot of times virgos do not show what is underneath, as they are the 6th zodiac sign and concerned with self and others improvement. They are so dedicated to service that they often put their feelings aside to take on other issues and to not feel like a burden on anyone including themselves. Virgos hate feeling they are imposing themselves on people and will do everything they can to avoid that. Nobody really offers up virgos a lot of help as they are usually seen that they can take care of themselves. But if you ask a Virgo genuinely how they are feeling and if they need any help, they will be ever so grateful, even if not shown on the outside.

Since they tend to keep their emotions on the inside, sometimes they can be repressed emotionally and ways that they feel comfortable expressing themselves-are in writing or singing or even art(if other aspects are present). A lot of virgos write-being ruled by Mercury the winged communicator and the moon in esoteric, they have to have a outlet and writing is a common form. People can be suprised by the amount of emotion and expression that can be found in the lyrics written by a Virgo or a poem written by a Virgo. They don’t like a lot of recognition but do like to feel validated. If they open up to you, they must feel like they can really trust you with the depths of their emotions. Just remember virgos are capable of great emotion they just try to keep it very controlled.

Also virgos especially Mercury virgos usually have extremely keen senses, like their eyesight, hearing and smelling are usually very good. It adds to their ability to be very observant and their attention to details.

Virgo - Natural Nerves 

The nervous impulses in Virgo echo the flow of nature. Virgo may seem compartmentalised, but the dual forces in Virgo allow them to holler with the birds and hear the songs of the universe through earth forces, build blossoming gardens in their mind with intellectual Mercury, and understand the variation of life with the fluidity of mutable modification.
It’s like the wings of Mercury can fly them right into flowers, and they mentally dance as they soak up the geometric sequences, the language of petals, and the structure of seasons. The trees can teach them telepathy as they inquire into the nature of reality, through nature and its music. Virgos celebrate fertility and the exquisiteness of natural design. They pay homage to the earth by their humble, efficient service, their mineral healing abilities, and their mindful observation. Flowers bloom from their hands pouring with the most natural, magnificent form of medicine.


peter pan is a gemini and wendy is a cancer

her temperament was nostalgic, nurturing and motherly :: she chose home, comfort& familiarity in the end, things that make a cancer feel safe

his character was witty, excitable, spirited :: he chose to fly free among friends and magic with everlasting youth, things that make a gemini feel safe

cancer is imaginative, full of midnight dreaminess, and gemini is whimsical and fairy-like; and so wendy was whisked away in peter-pan’s ageless world, a realm of innocent excitement. Still, both lunar and mercurial forces fluctuate, mother moon calls for roots, the safety of the internal womb and mercurial wings always call to the skies

Virgo - Natural Nerves

The nervous impulses in Virgo echo the flow of nature. Virgo may seem compartmentalised, but the dual forces in Virgo allow them to holler with the birds and hear the songs of the universe through earth forces, build blossoming gardens in their mind with intellectual Mercury, and understand the variation of life with the fluidity of mutable modification.
It’s like the wings of Mercury can fly them right into flowers, and they mentally dance as they soak up the geometric sequences, the language of petals, and the structure of seasons. The trees can teach them telepathy as they inquire into the nature of reality, through nature and its music. Virgos celebrate fertility and the exquisiteness of natural design. They pay homage to the earth by their humble, efficient service, their mineral healing abilities, and their mindful observation. Flowers bloom from their hands pouring with the most natural, magnificent form of medicine.


[art: Mab Graves]