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Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June 2

There is a Full Moon today, June 2nd, at 12:19pm EST. The Full Moon has the greatest energy of the lunar cycle - emotions are heightened and psychic intuitiveness abounds. Good luck falling asleep! This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, opposite the Sun in Gemini. This axis represents knowledge - Gemini being the lower mind, and Sagittarius being the higher. This Gemini season we have been keen on learning new subjects, conversing and communicating, taking in our surroundings. The Sagittarius Full Moon calls us to balance this type of cursory knowledge with something deeper - or more properly, something higher. True meaning, true faith - a worldview that will encompass all these little things we learn with the help of Gemini. With Mercury Retrograde, many of these things we have been learning have come from within - an inner understanding. This is a wise way to approach the truth of the universe, from the inside out. But we must be wary, as things may be confused and unclear at this time. Once Mercury goes direct on June 11, things may make more sense. But for the time being, we may rest, and continue exploring our inner worlds.

In Celtic lore the June Full Moon is called the Moon of Horses. This is a fitting name, as Sagittarius represents the centaur - half-man, half-horse. For some this is an image of the bridge between the human world and the animal kingdom. Consciousness versus the instincts. At this time we may want to balance our head in the heavenly clouds with our feet on the ground. Sagittarius has a tendency to get carried away - like a wild horse. It is a sign of idealism and grand schemes. Surely there is nothing wrong with dreaming big - but perhaps we should be more practical with our longings, only for the sake of manifesting them. But - with this in mind - do not temper your heart’s desires. For nothing is impossible. Neptune in Pisces is squaring this Full Moon - lending us either its shadow side (delusion, deception, confusion), or its lighter side (Oneness, unity, spiritual keenness).

Sagittarius rules over the archetypes and symbolic knowledge. This could be a good time to connect with something, or someone, higher than yourself. Through meditation or visualization you can enter into conversation with any particular god, goddess, animal, or historical character that sparks your interest at this time. Through this process you can learn to embody these characteristics you place higher than yourself. You can also explore other cultures at this time, opening yourself up to a grander view of the world. Sagittarius is all up expanding our sense of self. If you have been feeling lost, or ungrounded, the key to finding your path could lie in the various truths held by those that have lived long before you. Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom - do not be afraid to reach out to those that “seem” to hold more wisdom than you.

Venus will move into Leo on June 5th, making our love-styles more gregarious, prideful, and playful. Leo is the sign of romance, giving and receiving love from the heart. Do not be afraid to take pride in yourself, as it lends you the energy to take pride in others. Allow yourself to enter into a mutual exchange of admiration, adoration, and validation. Let your inner child play, and let your inner royalty reign.

While Venus is still in Cancer during this Full Moon, do not be afraid to embrace your feminine intuitiveness. This is a Full Moon for priests and priestesses, the Ancient Mysteries, the secret teachings. These things all lie within us, our innate knowing of the truth we hold in our heart, our emotional wellspring. Set yourself on course by believing in this, and in something bigger than your self. This is a time for faith, faith in all things, in the grander plan laid out before your incarnation. Accept the confusion and the unknowing at this time, as acceptance and surrender will bring you closer to your destination. And remember, it is the journey that truly counts.

Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until June 14, until it slides back into Scorpio. With Saturn in Retrograde, we may have internalized societal pressures. If we are able to bypass this, we may combine the energies of Saturn with Jupiter - and learn the balance of the worldly realism with otherworldly optimism. Perhaps this is a time for taking measures towards embodying your truth and your life-path. As I mentioned before, this is the Moon of Horses. Both Sagittarius and the horse represent freedom - freedom to follow your passions, your intuition, your sense of adventure. We may be battling internally the restrictions of Saturn, as a horse locked up in captivity. You must realize that within you there is always freedom, and that you hold the keys to the cage. Tap into the power of the horse and set yourself free, through the power of knowing the truth of the universe. Only the belief in your own limitations and in external powers will hold you back. Always remember there is a clear path, even when you are unable to see it. This faith will carry you on.

I wish I could quote the entire book of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, because it is so Sagittarian, but I will settle with this one:

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.”

And so believe in your dreams, believe in the ease of achieving them, and listen to your heart - for it speaks the language of the universe.

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🎤 - Top 5 favorite bands?

i’ll just list 5 more!! death cab for cutie, the postal service, sigur ros, regina spektor, pixies

🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?

rn.. hmm.. mercury bu sufjan stevens, wild horses by the sundays, francis forever by mitski, the luckiest by ben folds, and i’m still here from treasure planet

🌎 - A country you would visit?

england!!! to see meggles!!!!

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Thrilling Adventure Hour Fan Art: Expanding Color and Structure

Took me a bit of time but I finally finished The Red Plains Rider I was working on. Nothing like a busy weekend to keep you from finishing. I wanted to make sure each character has a unique style so I experimented a bit with the design before finalizing. I’m also including Mercury the Horse as I promised a few days ago. It’s my first attempt at a horse silhouette and I thing it turned out pretty well. Let me know what you think.


Brygarth Mercury

Born: 15th May 1998

Mother: Tilda

Father: Sprite

Known for: His chubby cheeks, always being the boss of the colts and stallions

Mercury is an extremely strong and tough pony. None of the boys like messing with him but he’s kind at heart. He hardly gets into fights as I think most of the others are too frightened to take him on. He’s always been a leader. He was born very dark and slowly gotten lighter and he’s now close to white like his father was.

Mercury is very kind to people. I’ve found that he doesn’t like too much attention but he wouldn’t hurt anyone at all. He’s a lovely natured stallion.