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How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

First of all…what is a retrograde?

Retrogrades are astronomically an illusion where by a planet appears to be moving backwards across the sky, due to earth ‘overtaking’ the planet in their rotation around the Sun.

In relation to “As above, so below”, the energetic affect that retrograde planets conduct is an internalising of that particular planetary energies.

Some keywords for retrogrades are

  • Reassessment
  • Re-evaluating
  • Reorganising
  • Restructuring

The purpose of retrogrades are typically to 'tighten’ loose ends in different areas of our lives - the planet involved will indicate what aspect of ones personality will undergo the keywords, the sign of the retrograde will be how, the house area is what area of our life.

Mercury Rx - ¾ times a year: What it can bring + How to make the most of it

Mercury Rules: Communication/Thought Process/Technology/Short distance travel/Comprehension Ability/Local town area/Siblings

  • Update your technology prior retrograde
  • Keep a careful eye on your technology devices - DON’T LOSE THEM (in a cafe or on a bus for example)
  • Be prepared to walk into a room and completely forget what you went in there for (more than usual)
  • Get your car checked out
  • Don’t be surprised if your regular bus or train is late
  • Also don’t surprised if you hear from an old friend
  • …or an ex
  • Communications during this time have gone down the toilet so expect things such as:
  • Forgetting what you’re saying mid conversation
  • Confusion in understanding
  • Stuttering
  • Repeating yourself
  • People saying things they don’t mean
  • Or things that they do mean but didn’t want to say
  • And if it’s communication via technology:
  • Autocorrect may be acting more like a little shit than usual
  • Messages not sending
  • Phones crashing
  • And if you’re old school, letters in the mail may end up in Africa somehow (jokes - but things can get lost in the mail)
  • Don’t make big purchases at this time if you can, especially electronic equipment
  • DON’T START new projects, go back and tidy up the old ones
  • Make more lists than usual
  • Best not to start a job during this time either (but if you have to, make sure you read the fine print)
  • Wherever you have Gemini/Virgo in your chart, these areas of your life may go a little bit haywire and will need re-assessing 
  • If you’re a Gemini/Virgo Rising, your vitality may feel a bit low during this time (since the 1st house rules the physical body). Give yourself plenty of rest at this time.

Here’s some tips to take advantage of the Mercury retrograde

  • If you have a blog, go back to it and edit it
  • Clean out your technology such as deleting photos you don’t want anymore on your phone
  • Review all contacts and documents before signing them
  • Real all emails and important documents before sending them
  • Backup your digital data
  • Get in touch with old friends  
  • This is a time of closure of understanding things and communications with other people
  • Re-learn something or go back and study an old topic to refine it
  • Think about exactly how you want to phrase something before speaking it (is it kind? Is it for the highest good of another?)
  • Finish any project if you haven’t yet, especially if it’s a writing project!  

P.S: There’s nothing to fear about retrogrades, in fact, they can be quite amusing sometimes (when you know what’s going on!) and this is a great time for cleaning things up to perfect your life path ands mission.

Happy Retrograding! <3

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A Survival Guide to: Mercury Retrograde

Two days from now, Mercury will undergo through a retrograde period which will last for 3 weeks. Often people frown upon this period since it is known to bring slight misunderstandings and complications. But this period isn’t something one should fear. As long as you know what to do and embrace what this temporary challenge will bring, the duration of this retrograde should sail smoothly.   But before we continue on to that, exactly what is Mercury Retrograde?

Astronomically, when a planet is in retrograde, beliefs that say it moves backwards in its orbit is false. It only seems to look as so because of the opposite directions and position of the planets and how they revolve around the sun. Astrologically speaking, Mercury is known to be the planet of communication, expression, travel, and technology. So when this planet is in retrograde, which is essentially “moving backwards”, communicating and expressing ourselves is also “backwards” or reversed. 

First on the guide to survival is to hold that credit card. It is recommended that during this period, you should pause on making large purchases that could include major changes in your lives. This means purchases such as houses or cars. A good rule of thumb I can uphold is that if it includes papers to sign, maybe wait til later. Since Mercury is also the planet of technology, purchases such as a new phone, or a new laptop is also not recommended. 

Secondly, avoid arguments and think before you speak. In my opinion, this is a major reminder one should remember during the retrograde. For some reason and from what I’ve experienced, the Mercury retrograde can bring negative thoughts at times. So rather than voice out the negativity, find a good way you can express and let out what you feel during this time. It can be as simple as writing down your thoughts on paper. 

Third on the list is to remember to be kind to yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself during this time. Go do what relaxes you. Go out for a walk, work out, take a nap. Do what you think is necessary to find tranquility. Doing this will help you out a lot. 

The Fourth is to reorganize your life. This is what the retrograde is about anyways. To get back on track to what you’ve been putting on the back burner. This could be de-cluttering your homes, deleting people you no longer talk to in your contacts, anything that will help you renew and revitalize your life. 

Lastly, and an important note to remember, is don’t hide under a rock during this time! Don’t let the stigma of Mercury retrograde scare you. The more you embrace this period, the better that it will provide to you. 

Overall, keep it chill. Know that this retrograde will bring forth lessons that will refresh and help guide you in your daily lives. :) 

anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me this whole retrograde thing ? I don't get it lol why are people freaking about this ?

Hey hun,

Retrogrades can be kinda freaky but weirdly cool in their own way. I don’t think it’s something to lose your shit over though, rather something to appreciate. But a lot of people do lose their mind over retrogrades. For silly reasons that I shall now explain to you.
If you don’t know what a planet in retrograde is, it means that the Earth’s orbit overtakes the orbit of another planet, so that it appears to be moving backwards in the sky for a period of time, like in the photo above. 
In terms of astrology, this means that the energy of that planet also goes a bit backwards.
In the case of Mercury which rules over communication, intellect and travel, and goes into retrograde most often out of all the planets, this can mean some interesting thingies. Firstly, communication in relationships, the workplace, home, etc tend to go a bit haywire. You might experience negative thoughts, or struggle with something that requires a bit of deep thinking. You may experience trouble and set backs in your travel plans, even if you just go take a bus down the street.
A LOT of misinformed people here on tumblr sit there freaking out over retrograde planets, blaming them for bad luck, relationship failures, etc etc. Just look up mercury retrograde on tumblr and have a bit of a skim through the posts and their comments.
And this misinformation is usually because of two reasons. Firstly, if you just type “mercury retrograde meaning” into a google search, you get a ton of click bait saying “FIND OUT WHAT MERCURY RETROGRADE MEANS FOR YOU!” or “HOW TO SURVIVE MERCURY RETROGRADE!”, as if Mercury being taken over in it’s orbit by the Earth means we’re all going to die in a sudden zombie apocalypse, and that this sudden zombie apocalypse will happen every few months until we all become extinct.
The other reason is that sadly, a lot of people don’t bother to think for themselves but instead take things at face value. And I’m not pointing fingers or saying that everyone who worries about retrogrades does this, especially if their birthchart has a retrograde on it. But people are so quick to take things at face value, rather than just looking into something and learning about it before they figure out if they need to worry or not. Some people simply just read about retrogrades and say “Well. Fuck. That’s it for me. That’s why I’m crazy. Because Mercury is moving backwards. Hey random person on Tumblr?! Guess what? Your life is about to go to shit because Mercury is moving backwards in the sky.”
“NO! Mercury is moving backwards! Your phone is going to explode!” 
(LOL, imagine if Samsung blamed their Note 7 disaster on Mercury)

And my point was, that retrogrades aren’t really that bad all the time. And they don’t even apply to some people. Like I have no retrogrades on my birth chart, so whenever the dreaded Mercury retrograde comes around I’m just like….MEH.
The thing is, that astrology is so much more complicated than people think. It’s really amazingly interesting as well, and if you read a birth chart, you will find that it is crazy accurate in a creepy way. But retrogrades can bring some really cool energies to a birth chart. Like the example below. Jupiter and Pluto have a letter R next to their planetary symbols, and so do Uranus and Neptune. At the time this person was born, all of these planets were in retrograde. So what does that mean for them?
Well, with Pluto retrograding in Scorpio, in House 3, this means that this person will be spending that retrograde time probably in a lot of deep thought about how negative thoughts control their emotions and how they can transform that. But the retrograde of Pluto will only affect them when it falls back into Scorpio in the degrees of 26′58′. Which wont be for another 248 years after they were born, because that’s how slow Pluto moves. And they will be a skeleton by then.
Or Jupiter in retrograde in Scorpio on their birth chart, which means that this person will be reflecting spiritually on how they have grown in the last few months prior to the retrograde occurring in the present, and seeking to figure out how you may have been held back by their emotions or their actions.
Jupiter enters retrograde every 13 months and takes 12 years to move through all the signs. So in the end, this person in the chart below will only feel the effects of Jupiter retrograde every 12 years. 
That, my friend is why retrogrades can be actually a good thing. It’s not something to freak out over, and people need to read books.

Just like you, I too am equally confused by this freak out. JUST READDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Like calm the hell down and read.

For anyone interested in reading their birth chart, please go to: