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Moon: Your thoughts when you wake up in the morning and walk into school
Ascendant: What people think of you, how you act in public
Mercury: The way you talk and communicate with others
Venus: What you’re wearing, how you flirt with others
Mars: How you react to someone bitching at you
Jupiter: What your day is like; based on karma
Saturn: How you deal with homework and studying
Uranus: How you respond to an unexpected change in your schedule
Neptune: What you dream about, how often you daydream
Pluto: How the inner parts of your mind work, keeping secrets

♡ Your Field of Study ♡
  • Mercury in 1st House: I'm curious about my identity and role. I enjoy studying myself and others reactions towards me.
  • Mercury in 2nd House: I'm curious about values, money, and physical objects. I enjoy studying finances and interior or product design.
  • Mercury in 3rd House: I'm curious about ideas and opinions. I enjoy studying journalism.
  • Mercury in 4th House: I'm curious about the past and my family. I enjoy studying history, archaeology and reading old diaries or creating family trees.
  • Mercury in 5th House: I'm curious about arts and entertainment. I enjoy studying media, drama, and any creative field.
  • Mercury in 6th House: I'm curious about organization. I enjoy filing data, bookkeeping, editing, and accounting.
  • Mercury in 7th House: I'm curious about my significant other and equality. I enjoy studying my partner and law.
  • Mercury in 8th House: I'm curious about taboos and secrets. I enjoy studying psychology, alchemy, mysticism and conspiracy theories.
  • Mercury in 9th House: I'm curious about belief systems and world views. I enjoy studying philosophy and theology.
  • Mercury in 10th House: I'm curious about social systems and hierarchies. I enjoy studying politics and Public Relations.
  • Mercury in 11th House: I'm curious about society and the future. I enjoy studying sociology and anthropology.
  • Mercury in 12th House: I'm curious about spirituality, dreams, and symbols. I enjoy studying my own subconscious mind.
Julian Assange, July 3 1971

Julian Assange has been in the news a lot lately. I notice he is either on the receiving end of backlash or fondness. He is a figure applauded when he reinforces people’s bias, and so the opposite occurs. Assange’s Moon in Scorpio trine Sun Cancer in the 8th house lives very hidden depths, purging corruption and revealing truth. I think this Scorpio Moon in the 12th sitting by Jupiter in Sagittarius, with Neptune guarding the 12th house and ascendent, is telling of the nature of Assange’s hidden life, concealed in asylum by the Ecuadorian embassy, however forced to live in confinement. Sagittarius represents countries and cultures, so it becomes curious that Assange has been given refuge in a foreign country. It can be typical of an emphasised 12th house, metaphorically or symbolically, to face isolation, incarceration, or enclosure. There is a tremendous desire to instil moral virtue through powerful revelation. Jupiter in Scorpio indulges in everything mysterious, prohibited, and addictive. Everything about these energies are confrontational, riveting, and profound. There is a certain fearlessness and little hesitation associated with exposing truth and principle in all forms. 

Uranus in Libra in the 11th house squaring Sun in Cancer gives a focus toward social justice in radical ways. Libra seeks equality in all righteousness, however Uranus is revelatory, and tends to operate in shocking and unusual ways. Assange is known for using technology, (Uranus) to expose truth (squaring 8th house Sun) that gives justice (Libra) to humanity (11th house). Pluto sits apex on the chart, methodical in Virgo on the midheaven. This demonstrates a revolutionary, somebody whose purpose is to transform society in some form. Pluto makes a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 12th house, suggesting immense sacrifice (12th house) was made to evoke, reveal truth, and gratify (Pluto) the public (MC). There is a tremendous urgency to learn with Mercury in the 9th house, and the mind can direct itself toward expanding with knowledge, politics, and geography with a cruciality to explore, know, and understand. Mercury makes a sextile to Pluto’s midheaven suggesting a mind dwelling in dissemination that can form a hypnosis over the public, working relentlessly for the greater good. The nature here is compulsive and knows its purpose in life is significant. There is an inherent social responsibility, and everything must be abandoned for the sake of truth and virtue. Pluto on the midheaven forming a square to Neptune indicates some form of public disgrace or deception. The investigative capacity here is astounding, and it seems Assange is always working under the frequency, exposing and uncovering corruption in all forms. The morale (Virgo) is underpinned by the desire to reveal (Pluto) deceptive information (sextile Mercury) to the public (10th house). It suggests secretiveness, intense scrutiny, and operating in hiding. With Sun in Cancer in the 8th house forming a square to Uranus in Libra in the 11th house it is probable that to continue serving justice (Libra) to greater humanity (11th house) he will never have home (Cancer). 


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mercury in houses
  • Mercury in First: You are very verbal and communicative, quick-witted and personable. You may tend to measure your worth by the number of friends you have. Be aware of a tendency to talk too much and dominate conversations. You love to learn [and the way to learn is to listen]. You love new experiences and travel. You may feel there is some adventurer in your soul. You may be funny, you are nearly always good company.
  • Mercury in Second: You have a good mind for business. You tend to think along lines that are practical and conservative, always coming up with sound and productive ideas. You would do well in an occupation where verbal skills are required. Sales, especially of real estate or art, would be an excellent occupation for you. Gain through writing, speaking, communications, personnel or secretarial work. You place great value on intellect, learning and communication. You are very skilled with your hands, and may be talented in crafts and fine arts. You may have a good singing voice or be a gifted public speaker.
  • Mercury in Third: You love to study and question and are always inquiring and searching, using your mind for research. You enjoy communication in all its forms; spoken, written, via computers, etc. Your mind is active, always seeking new knowledge and experience. You like to travel. You relate well with young people, finding it very easy to communicate with them. You are probably an avid reader and a skilled writer.
  • Mercury in Fourth: Your mind tends to dwell on issues of security; home, family, and domestic affairs. Your thoughts have great substance and feeling, and you are high strung and over-anxious, often irritable. Need to learn to relax and not stress about the small stuff. An interest in history, the past, and nostalgia may be lifelong. Many changes of residence.
  • Mercury in Fifth: You can express feelings and put emotions into words. This could give you a flair for the dramatic, public speaking, writing, poetry, and the arts. You are proud of your mind and enjoy using it, solving puzzles or any creative mental outlet. Your mind is focused on love affairs early in life. Later it tends to dwell on offspring [whether of body, mind or emotions], with a tendency to worry about them.
  • Mercury in Sixth: You are skilled at using your mind in an analytical manner, always discriminating. An expert at quality control, you can spot defects every time. You may be skillful when it comes to health-related matters, either mental or physical, and would do well in a health related career, especially one using the hands, such as massage or physical therapy. Health could be adversely affected by negative thought patterns, nervous system needs special nourishing, especially the B vitamins. Restlessness in work situations may lead to many changes of employment.
  • Mercury in Seventh: Marriage may be based on compatible thought patterns rather than emotion. Likely to marry someone younger, or have a partner who is quick-witted, alert and intelligent. You love to communicate and discuss ideas with other people. Your ideas are always fair and impartial, especially when it comes to other people and keeping harmony. You are at your mental best when you are communicating with others.
  • Mercury in Eighth: You have a very analytical bent, and your mind excels at making practical decisions. Your ideas run deeper than superficial issues, which could mean an interest in depth psychology and occult and mystical subjects. Possibility of an inheritance, can be legal complications, or issues over shared resources. Smoking is not advised with this placement.
  • Mercury in Ninth: Your mind and thoughts always gravitate to what is lasting, true, or of the essence. Philosophy and religion are subjects that often occupy your thoughts. You may travel far and often. Your ideas are always to the point and candid, never superficial. Could be disagreements with in-laws.
  • Mercury in Tenth: Your mind is steady and alert, and you gain recognition through speaking and writing. When it comes to business and career, you have a mind that just can't help but take care of business. Your thoughts and ideas are practical, and your clear-sightedness makes some form of management or supervision very likely. The sign and aspects say alot about the overall effect of this placement, as Mercury takes on the energy of that which it connects with.
  • Mercury in Eleventh: Your mind runs to humanitarian values and thoughts of what could and should be. Ideas connected with group work and goals, making your inner vision real, are natural. You are good at putting your ideas to work in the world, making dreams real. Your friends are often younger than yourself, and often your connection with them is more mental than emotional. Objectives are gained through use of the mind.
  • Mercury in Twelfth: Your mind is subtle, secretive, naturally interested in all that is psychological and beneath the surface of things. You may have difficulty expressing your feelings, and lack self-confidence, but hide the fact. Relatives do not understand you, you are on a level they don't value or relate to. Ideas of self-sacrifice and compassion, and how to serve and help others, are what you tend to think about.

The Aquarius sign adds a personal flair to whatever planet they occupy, pioneering the qualities of the planets with futuristic traits. Majority of their focus also goes to the masses, large amounts of people

The Sun in Aquarius deals with smaller groups of people; they may mimic those surrounding them as a form of individual expression. Their futuristic traits include creativity and development of the ego.

The Moon in Aquarius personally relates to the struggle of large groups. They may verbalize this struggle in public settings. 

Mercury in Aquarius will also verbalize the opinions of large groups. Their intellect relies on the verbal expression of others, and they may speak and think in eccentric ways.

Venus in Aquarius exhibits strong love for groups. They personally relate to cliques; they are attracted to many different groups. Physical attraction to odd looking people is common, piercings, tattoos, coloured hair.

Mars in Aquarius relates to extreme drive to represent others. They acquire energy from the issues and struggles of others, and they use that to motivate their personal drive.